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(Yahoo)   Clear Channel admits to having controversial song list   ( divider line
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3707 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Sep 2001 at 2:42 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-19 02:46:21 PM  
I can't believe "Imagine" is on that list. Dumb-farks.
2001-09-19 02:47:29 PM  
Why isn't Wonderwall on that list? No one knows what it means anyway.
2001-09-19 02:49:06 PM  
what about Tom Sawyer? what does that song mean?
BTW I'm not bothered by this anyway. I hate music. Got too many notes.
2001-09-19 02:52:29 PM  
Why not 'Bye Bye Bye' from the farkin' n'stynk boyz ?!
2001-09-19 02:54:46 PM  
Wonderwall is a movie from the late 1960's. It's about a man who has a hot chick move next door to him, so he drills holes in the wall to stare at her all day, thus it becomes his "wonder wall" because through this wall, he sees the most wonderful thing ever.

Oasis most likely came across this movie because George Harrison (the Beatle) wrote the soundtrack, which is actually sort of a techno record featuring lots of the first electronic keyboards and moogs and stuff.

And the band Travis likes Oasis. They toured with them recently.
2001-09-19 02:58:32 PM  
Whew! I didn't see Big Black's "More Songs About farking" Or the Meatmen's "We're the Meatmen and you Suck!" on that list. So I guess it's still cool.
2001-09-19 03:00:13 PM  
Well atleast they just suggested not to play the songs.
2001-09-19 03:00:31 PM  
Oh my, that crushes me. I like Travis alot, why do they have to be even associated with Oasis? I'd love to give those brothers the good ol coont punt.
Also, YEAH, why isn't Bye, Bye, Bye on that list? Some of this stuff is silly. Just don't play the songs for a while. Don't release a list saying you're not going to do it, that's just a publicity stunt in my opinion. Honestly, give me a real reason why you RELEASE this list?
2001-09-19 03:05:23 PM  
Farking figures... ClearChannel is already pretty bland... farkers...
2001-09-19 03:06:38 PM  
This is moronic. Because of national tragedy we're going to suggest that every single Rage Against the Machine song not be played? [image from too old to be available]
2001-09-19 03:14:36 PM  
I suggest they ban any and all country music, (it's just too damned depressing), We are already depressed.

Don't need some warbling voiced whiner and the "twang & fiddle band" telling me how depressed he is.
2001-09-19 03:15:11 PM  
Clear Channel can lick the insides of my Canadian ass, quit farking with fark and let's get to the real farking headlines.

QAT is a word. Anyone up for some scrabble?
2001-09-19 03:17:22 PM  
and what about that Sting song, Russians... Shouldn't that be banned too?
2001-09-19 03:33:49 PM  
What, nothing from MDC (Millions of Dead Cops) made the list. What an outrage. The Dead Kennedys song 'Kill the Poor' should have at least go an honorable mention.

Efficiency and progress is ours once a more
Now that we have the Neutron Bomb
It nice and quick and clean and gets the job done.....

Those are all the lyrics that I can remember off hand but the chorus goes

Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill the poor
Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill the poor
Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill the poor
Tonigh igh igh ight.
2001-09-19 03:38:44 PM  
im with cyberpunk

just cause they hate capitalism and american government doesn't mean they, no, wait....
2001-09-19 03:51:13 PM  
A few days before I saw some video a man traveling to see his girlfriend/wife by any means possible after leaving the scene of a plane wreck... It starts out with her answering the phone. As the video unfolds you find out the call was him from the phone as the plane was going down and he wasn' really going back to her, his spirit was.

Doubt that will be on anytime soon. Anyone know what it is? It was a whiny R&B guy singing, so I can't say I liked the music or remember who it was...
2001-09-19 03:52:57 PM  
Yeah, I finished my nice list of banned songs. Good old playlist. Well with the exception of like all rage songs, I only have about half a dozen on my hd which I started. But, short of that I've got em.

Imagine - "Imagine there is no Heaven." CR is overly naziesque this is my pick for the least objectional of the list. Even "Ironic" at least has something to do with crashing.
QAT is a word in Funk & Wagnals. Other dictionaries such a as wouldn't put something that stupid in. Qoph, Qintar, Qindarda and Qs are the good words with
2001-09-19 03:55:42 PM  
what a bunch of pussies.

I've been listening to nothing but Fear Factory, Nothingface and Slayer for a week now.
2001-09-19 03:58:31 PM  
drew's source was right, snopes was wrong, gyah
2001-09-19 04:06:29 PM  
Rage Against the Machine is on the list because they suck. Why listen to make-believe politics when there's some real politicking going on? I for one don't want to listen to "Blah blah blah we're so angry blah blah we're white Americans and we're so oppressed blah blah boo hoo hoo"

Now I'll sit back and wait to get flamed. God, I hate that band. Probably because I used to like them, found out they were full of shiat, then felt like a major dumbass.
2001-09-19 04:12:05 PM  
I'm gonna have to agree with Bonobo
2001-09-19 04:14:35 PM  
i like their music
i dont pay attention to lyrics much, anyway
2001-09-19 04:27:01 PM  
Bonobo - Rage rules! As long as you don't listen to the lyrics nor realize that all of their songs sound the same. And avoid any interviews with the group in print or on television. And don't look at any of their cover art. And have a severe hearing disorder. And are masochistic.
NM, they suck. I forgot.
2001-09-19 04:28:53 PM  
All I can say is FARK the US Government!!!! This is just the begining of the infringement on your rights in this country under the excuse of national security. All I can say is get ready, maybe people should put their pretty little flags down and pick up their guns now.
2001-09-19 04:32:33 PM  
i dont spend much time listening to rage against the machine cuz they all about politics. they need to lighten up. :P

well, maybe since chris cornell joined, that'll happen.. if he follows the same path as zach de la rocha, i'm gonna be so depressed.
2001-09-19 04:33:25 PM  
er... cuz all they talk about is politics.. i need to learn how to type
2001-09-19 04:42:16 PM  
Digipimp, I'm not sure which article you read, but Clear Channel Communications is most definitely not the US government.

(Incidentally, why the hell is "Walk Like an Egyptian" on that list?)
2001-09-19 04:45:11 PM  
I called the ClearChannel studio in Louisville yesterday, and I left a messagge for the general manager. They own like 12 stations here, and I told him how stupid their list was. The receptionist that fielded my call before directing me to his voice-mail was commenting on how farking stupid the list was. I can't wait for satellite radio to be available, so I can discontinue listening to this local bullshiat.
2001-09-19 06:12:03 PM  
What are "lyrics". I have never been able to make out what that incidental noise is ;)
2001-09-19 06:12:23 PM  
I am sure that "Walk Like an Egyptian" is considered racist. Imagine the gall to suggest a race off people actually walk like that.
2001-09-19 06:36:13 PM  
Clear Channel affiliates are suck-ass top 40 stations anyway. NYC's Q104.3 bills itself as NYC's only classic rock stations. Yeah. Right. As though the 100 or so tunes they play comprise classic rock. Nothing but the same shiat, over and over.

fark Clear Channel, fark their worthless content. Assholes.
2001-09-19 06:40:15 PM  
heh, RATM annoys me too, try too hard to be intelligent and political and a lot of their opinions suck (in my opinion, so there ;P )
2001-09-19 08:15:10 PM  
pbsaurus: Remember, we're dealing with songs played by ClearChannel, which seems pretty mainstream by the look of that list. I'm guessing 107.7 out here isn't a ClearChannel station, since they've been known to play a bit of DK from time to time.

Kill the Poor
Efficiency and progress is ours once more
Now that we have the Neutron bomb
It's nice and quick and clean and gets things done
Away with excess enemy
But no less value to property
No sense in war but perfect sense at home...

The sun beams down on a brand new day
No more welfare tax to pay
Unsightly slums gone up in flashing light
Jobless millions whisked away
At last we have more room to play
All systems go to kill the poor tonight

Kill kill kill kill Kill the poor...Tonight

Behold the sparkle of champagne
The crime rate's gone
Feel free again
O' life's a dream with you, Miss Lily White
Jane Fonda on the screen today
Convinced the liberals it's okay
So let's get dressed and dance away the night

While they...
Kill kill kill kill Kill the poor...Tonight

(I just whaped it off some website and didn't check for accuracy. Not sure if I've even got a lyrics sheet around here)
2001-09-19 09:00:31 PM  
Yea, they know what comforts me. If something bad happens to me I always go to the radio for comforting songs.
I would love for them to continue to issue "requests" for what they think pleases us and what does not.
Maybe they can pay my bills too.
They sure seem to think they know alot.
2001-09-19 10:22:34 PM  
I can't complain, I haven't listened to the radio in who knows how long. It all bites my ass.

Hopefully more people will stop listening to the crap on the radio and things will change.... *sigh*... in my dreams...
2001-09-19 10:23:37 PM  
BTW, college radio is mostly good... I used to listen to that back in Cleveland (WBWC and WRUW), but alas, no more...
2001-09-22 11:28:00 PM  
Yeah, as if Clear Channel played anything good... No loss there.

MojoMonkey: College radio the only radio that has the balls to play most of the stuff I like. Check out for my fav station. Friday and Saturday nights are real fun there, lots of good stuff, ranging anywhere from Rotting Christ to The Dayglo Abortions...

I have some nagging suspicion that someone will take the words of "Kill the Poor" literaly and write some "Oh what a nasty song!" response, so as resident DK fanatic (see handle) I'll reassure the ignorant masses by reminding them it's SATIRE. I hear a lot of people bashing DK for their lyrics because they fail to see that some of their songs are just tongue in cheek. In fact, I've been listening to ALOT of Dead Kennedys ever since this happened, and would love to see a queerchannel station play something like this to freak out the sheep...

Stars and Stripes of Corruption
By the Dead Kennedys
lyrics: Jello Biafra

Finally got to Washington in the middle of the night
I couldn't wait
I headed straight for the Capitol Mall

My heart began to pound
Yahoo! It really exists
The American International Pictures logo

I looked up at that Capitol Building
Couldn't help but wonder why
I felt like saying "hello, old friend"

Walked up the hill to touch it
Then I unzipped my pants
And pissed on it when nobody was looking

Like a great eternal Klansman
With his two flashing red eyes
Turn around he's always watching
The Washington monument pricks the sky
With flags like pubic hair ringed 'round the bottom

The symbols of our heritage
Lit up proudly in the night
Somehow fits to see the homeless people
Passed out on the lawn

So this is where it happens
The power games and bribes
All lobbying for a piece of ass

Of the stars and stripes of corruption

Makes me feel so ashamed
To be an American
When we're too stuck up to learn from our mistakes
Trying to start another Viet Nam
Whilke fiddling while Rome burns at home
The Boss says, "You're laid off. Blame the Japanese"

"America's back," alright
At the game it plays the worst
Strip mining the world like a slave plantation

No wonder others hate us
And the Hitlers we handpick
To bleed their people dry
For our evil empire

The drug we're fed
To make us like it
Is God and country with a band

People we know who should know better
Howl, "America rules. Let's go to war!"
Business scams are what's worth dying for

Are the Soviets our worst enemy?
We're destroying ourselves instead
Who cares about our civil rights
As long as I get paid?

The blind Me-Generation
Doesn't care if life's a lie
So easily used, so proud to enforce

The stars and stripes of corruption

Let's bring it all down!

Tell me who's the real patriots
The Archie Bunker slobs waving flags?
Or the people with the guts to work
For some real change

Rednecks and bombs don't make us strong
We loot the world, yet we can't even feed ourselves
Our real test of strength is caring
Not the toys of war we sell the world

Just carry on, thankful to be farmed like worms
Old glory for a blanket
As you suck on your thumbs
Real freedom scares you
Because it means responsibility

So you chicken out and threaten me

Saying, "Love it or leave it"
I'll get beat up if I criticize it
You say you'll fight to the death
To save your worthless flag
If you want a banana republic that bad
Why don't you go move to one

But what can just one of us do?
Against all that money and power
Trying to crush us into roaches?

We don't destroy society in a day
Until we change ourselves first
From the inside out

We can start by not lying so much
And treating other people like dirt
It's easy not to base our lives
On how much we can scam

And you know
It feels good to lift that monkey off our backs

I'm thankful I live in a place
Where I can say the things I do
Without being taken out and shot
So I'm on guard against the goons
Trying to take my rights away
We've got to rise above the need for cops and laws

Let kids learn communication
Instead of schools pushing competition
How about more art and theater instead of sports?

People will always do drugs
Let's legalize them
Crime drops when the mob can't price them
Budget's in the red?
Let's tax religion

No one will do it for us
We'll just have to fix ourselves
Honesty ain't all that hard
Just put Rambo back inside your pants
Causing trouble for the system is much more fun

Thank you for the toilet paper
But your flag is meaningless to me
Look around, we're all people
Who needs countries anyway?

Our land, I love it too
I think I love it more than you
I care enough to fight

The stars and stripes of corruption
Let's bring it all down!

If we don't try
If we just lie
If we can't find
A way to do it better than this
Who will?
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