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(NCBuy)   High school students build rocket that reaches height of 1,500 feet towing two raw eggs, then parachutes them back unbroken. N. Korea surrenders   ( divider line
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51 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Mar 2003 at 9:02 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-26 03:32:26 AM  
Not. That hard. To do.
2003-03-26 09:04:58 AM  
Eat those eggs, North Korea!
No, seriously. Eat them. They're delicious.
2003-03-26 09:05:59 AM  
Hans Blix unavailable for comment.
2003-03-26 09:06:43 AM  
what no picture??

I think the students are trying to compensate from something they personally lack
2003-03-26 09:09:55 AM  
Office of Homeland Security will deal with there subversive commie bastards!
2003-03-26 09:10:12 AM  
"Unfortunatley the rocket casing fell on hit a civilian apartment complex killing 14..."
2003-03-26 09:10:37 AM  
Sounds like an Iraqi biological weapons program, as soon as those eggs start to go bad.
2003-03-26 09:13:34 AM  
humanitarian aid?
2003-03-26 09:13:43 AM  
Which is probably about at potent as the Iraqui bioweps program...
2003-03-26 09:13:45 AM  
Um, they did this in an episode of Junkyard Wars. In 10 hours. With junk. Well, one team did, at least. And maybe not to 1500 feet. Ah who cares.
2003-03-26 09:15:03 AM  
What the hell are "raw-eggs"?
2003-03-26 09:17:59 AM  
1500 feet? Dang, that's over a 1/4 mile! Today, a city block, tomorrow, Pyongyang.
2003-03-26 09:18:36 AM  
so what
2003-03-26 09:19:39 AM  

Seriously though isn't one of the things that was banned under the home land security act was these hobby rocket egine thingys?
2003-03-26 09:20:24 AM  
I can't remember the last time I built a rocket. It has probably been ten years. I used to love buying the little ones and trying different ways to turn them into missles instead of rockets.

*I am not a terrorist
2003-03-26 09:20:44 AM  
Chickens surrender.
2003-03-26 09:28:48 AM  
Of course this will prepare these students for the growing Egg Parachuting Industry.
2003-03-26 09:40:21 AM  
It was immediately shot down by a Patriot missle
2003-03-26 09:44:12 AM  
I agree with Dish guy: Not. That hard. To do.
2003-03-26 09:47:18 AM  
I remember in HS we were supposed to do that in Physics class. My partner and I decided that it would be more fun to take the engines and mount them to a model car. Know what? It was more fun.
2003-03-26 09:50:48 AM  

Not banned, but restricted. The extent of that restriction depends on from whom you hear the story. I stocked up anyway.
2003-03-26 09:50:58 AM  
Being a Virginia native and since they are holding the finals somewhere in the state here, I might head out to watch the fireworks. Should be lots of fun if we get any of the rockets to explode halfway up.
2003-03-26 09:51:40 AM  
I watched rockets launched this past weekend..... unfortunatly the one with 6 $350 engines and standing about 15ft tall wouldn't have been safe for those eggs. Nor was it safe for bystanders, vehicles, and the dry lake bed dirt. One engine didn't fire which sent it spirling out of control and straight into the ground. $15,000 later.....
2003-03-26 09:53:20 AM  
Keep it up guys! I loved my Estes rockets when I was a kid.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-26 09:53:21 AM  
Estes used to make a rocket that did just that called the Eggspress.
2003-03-26 09:53:29 AM  
Really? How much is that in metric?
I'm guessing at 4.5 meters.
2003-03-26 09:54:55 AM  
Forsythe P. Jones

You kinda beat me (same idea) by 1 fricken second :^P
2003-03-26 09:58:44 AM  
Bark_atda_moon: You had the original,though.:)
And of course,model rocketry leads to using the engines for more nefarious schemes,like strapping them to Tonka trucks and letting them go nuts.
2003-03-26 10:00:45 AM  
Thats nothing, my 8 year old son broke 2,000, but he didn't waste an precious eggs, he used a traditional green plastic soldier with a parachute.
2003-03-26 10:02:25 AM  
AnthraxRipple, I see... stock piling huh? I'm calling the ATF and FBI!

2003-03-26 10:02:53 AM  
eh, 1500 ft does seem like nothing when I just watched some go up to 10,000ft.
2003-03-26 10:05:18 AM  
remember those little red rockets (shuddap) that we had back in the early 80's? they were filled with water-to a point, then air pumped into them.. man, those things were a..wait for it..blast.
2003-03-26 10:07:00 AM  
We did some dangerous things with them too... Attaching them to a skateboard for example. Needless to say no one was seriously hurt.

I always liked taking a small rocket meant to have A or B size and shoving in a C size booster and waiting for a flock of birds to fly above... Never hit one though.

I gave it up after my Heliocopter was destroyed.

2003-03-26 10:07:30 AM  
hehe... Dr.Knockboots, I saw o few similar... they were filled with Nitros then lit.
2003-03-26 10:13:49 AM  
Wow. I used to have that Astrocam one that took pics,until my little brother took it apart.
2003-03-26 10:17:24 AM  
The engines were expensive enough.... I don't know if I could have afforded film too... I know someone that had that one but wouldn't launch it because it was TOO $expensive$. I hate people that keep toys in the box.
2003-03-26 10:18:52 AM  
i always liked those stupid little eggercises in school. a nice break from the usual fake history and other useless crap. and you got to be like macgyver - here, take a rubber band, a styrofoam cup, some popsicle sticks and a paperclip and design a container to put your egg in, then stand on a chair and drop it and see if it breaks! neat-o!
2003-03-26 10:21:44 AM  
My buddy and I attached a couple model rocket engines to a model of a C-130 that he had... the result was far less satisfying than we'd anticipated... the model just sort of tore apart...

now... firecrakers, sparklers, roman candles and our entire army of G.I. Joe figures and vehicles... -THAT- was a party.

Incidently, packing a quarter stick of dynamite into the engine well of the G.I. Joe Sky-striker, produces a special effect not at all unlike the F-5's blowing up in Top Gun.
2003-03-26 10:23:08 AM  
Forsythe P. Jones
Keep it up guys! I loved my Estes rockets when I was a kid.

Estes rockets? Testes rockets? Testes rockets with eggs?

Wow, this all makes sense now.
2003-03-26 10:23:25 AM  
Whoa wait a second...the Estes model rocket engines are banned? Where can I get some info on this? This year is the 3rd annual Rocket Car race at my work. We build "cars" out of whatever will roll, in order to transport unopened beer bottles safely down the track. The preferred method of propulsion are those rocket engines. If those things are not avalible, I need to know now.
2003-03-26 10:26:23 AM  
When I was a kid, we used to replace the wadding for the chute charge with regular toilet paper, which promptly caught fire. Parents were not amused.
2003-03-26 10:27:47 AM  
WE used to take out the parachute and fill the tube with talc powder, then glue the nose'd get a big pretty white cloud.

Or just glue fins to the engine...

Dr.Knockboots: yeah those were great.
2003-03-26 10:48:03 AM  

You can still get them. I bought one the other day for about $4 at a local "educational" toy and book store.

They still rock
2003-03-26 10:51:50 AM  
ManRay: If you can't get rocket engines, you can use other propellants - CO2 cartridges work reasonably well. If you can't get that, get a *rigid* bottle with a screw-on top. Puncture the screw top with a hole about the size of a pencil eraser. Fill it 3/4 full of tap-hot water. Put some dry ice in it, and screw the top on. You gotta be quick though. Not too much time, but it will provide a surprising amount of thrust.
2003-03-26 11:01:15 AM  
Fenster - fins? Who needs fins? Just use a little electrical tape to attach the engine to a dowel rod and you're ready to go. WHOOOSH!

I had a whole setup inside a tube meant for blueprints. Pop the top off, plug in the ignition system (9v NiCad) and you were ready to rock. Good times, good times.

Looks to me like you can buy all the Estes engines you want. I seem to remember reading that the things had fewer shipping restrictions than lighter fluid.
2003-03-26 11:02:15 AM  
...and I screwed up the HTML. Link to rocket engine source:
2003-03-26 11:07:55 AM  
LordArgent: Freudian,eh? Hehe.
2003-03-26 11:12:12 AM  
(Sunset Rocketry) High schoolers build advanced carbon fiber rocket (28)

Hey mods, this should be listed as follow-up, this link from Sunday 3-23-2003 is directly related. Please correctly label your posts. (just a little request)
2003-03-26 11:15:40 AM  
Back in Houston, July 4th was equivalent to a border skirmish (especially out in the sticks were we lived). Fireworks were legal in Harris county, but not in the city limits (the local federales used to fatten their larders getting schmoes who crossed the line right after patronizing one of the approximately 15,000 fireworks stands just over the border).

I'd spend months building the coolest (air-brush-detailed)
Estes-type kit rockets, all modified for a one-way trip: gluing on the nosecone after packing the payload areas with 4XXXX Herculene black powder, chromium oxide, cupric oxide, potassium dichlorate, permangantes, etc. oxide (for that nifty technicolor effect) and jamming a gob of E-sized clustered rocket engines in the business end.

Fired electrically, we figured we got some up to around 1000 m or so before detonation. It was a real "ooh", "ahh" for the locals.

If only I used my genius for good instead of evil...
2003-03-26 11:33:53 AM  

And in other news, children are playing with dinky cars, and have watched hours of Barney..

This is news?
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