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(Chicago Breaking News)   Imagine seeing *that* flying out your window   ( divider line
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12710 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Sep 2001 at 12:26 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-19 12:35:55 PM  
Before you shoot down the plane...give me a fighting chance to take control. Fer chrissake.
2001-09-19 12:38:23 PM  
Actually, That's really comforting to here. I'd freak out If I were one of the passengers seeing how they might be thinking about blowing the plain into thousands of bits, but at least the security is working.
2001-09-19 12:41:13 PM  
That would be a pucker factor 10 for those aboard the plane. Here on the ground, I feel a lot better.
2001-09-19 12:43:43 PM  
I think I'd rather take my chances with the terrorists than with the F16's.
2001-09-19 12:47:27 PM  
Bonobo62: I already have a pucker factor of 10 when I fly...this is a sphincter blow-out for me. Pops my o-ring.
2001-09-19 12:51:39 PM  
Attention, passengers, we've got some lovely scenery out the left side of the airplane, now including an F-16 escort. We wanted to get F-22 stealth fighters, but those had already been reserved... Ah, and here comes our second escort off the right wing...

Everyone wave, and maybe we can get them to fire off a missle or two.

You know, I'm leaving for the airport in two hours, and I would count getting a fighter escort a very, very cool experience. The feeling of safety is really nice as well, knowing that something as simple as a radio problem (even with a transponder beacon activated explaining the problem) resulted in an immediate fighter escort. That just plain rocks.
2001-09-19 12:55:42 PM  
Will they fly upside down and give the pilot the finger?
2001-09-19 01:09:17 PM  
F-16s, the State Patrol cars of the skies.
2001-09-19 01:13:21 PM  
I'd feel much safer if Louis Gossett Jr. was flying one of these.
2001-09-19 01:15:50 PM  
Hot Damn! Now this is security! Laugh if you want, but I feel MUCH safer knowing that the ATC and the military are taking this seriously. (Especially since I'm working a contract in Chicago now.)
2001-09-19 01:24:04 PM  
aren't those sidewinder heat seeking air to air missiles on the f16's wingtips dad?

...they sure are son. aren't they just the coolest?
2001-09-19 01:25:43 PM  
Glenlivid:I already have a pucker factor of 10 when I fly...this is a sphincter blow-out for me. Pops my o-ring.

please send me money for a new keyboard... i spat dr pepper all over the farker
2001-09-19 01:29:52 PM  
The problem with the escort in this situation is that you may soon be hurtling towards the ground in a ball of flames.
2001-09-19 01:34:00 PM  
Personally, I would rather see the Blue Angels out side my window on a plane.
2001-09-19 01:42:14 PM  
Stebain: I steal some money from Drew's beer fund...before he lops of my hand.
2001-09-19 02:10:35 PM  
You might not get to see the F-16s if the planes already been taken over, you won't see the jets, theyd be behind the plane tailing, running procedures and launching before you knew it.
2001-09-19 02:16:36 PM  
Good to see those fighter pilots doing something other than just burning fuel to keep their skills up. I'd love to see one of those in the air next to me.
2001-09-19 02:44:56 PM  
Kick ass! I think its great that our airways are well patrolled now.

Before you shoot down the plane...give me a fighting chance to take control. Fer chrissake.

I couldn't agree more. I think we need a new policy that says that passengers will be given as much time as possible to take over a hijacked plane, but once the plane begins to approach a city... just an accepted fact of modern commercial flight. We should consider it our duty like how a prisoner of war is called to attempt to escape.
2001-09-19 02:51:52 PM  
Unfortunately we mainly see this out the window.
2001-09-19 04:05:56 PM  
That might reassure me if I knew they were friendly inside the fighters, but until i knew what was happening I'd be ready to jump off.
2001-09-19 04:29:20 PM  
better than seeing William Shatner on the wing
2001-09-19 04:34:50 PM  
Didn't they make mention that the plane was having control problems? Then say, normally plane just flys on to destination.

Well, this hasn't changed my mind about flying, I still won't.
2001-09-19 04:34:59 PM  
How long do you think this will continue to happen?
would be nice if it were standard procedures.I just hope that when this all blows over, things will still be this secure.
2001-09-19 05:30:11 PM  
Comunications problems and problems with the plane's controls. it was probably some damn Yuppy that wouldn't turn off their laptop cell phone and portable capucino maker during takeoff hehe. I always worried a little bit about being 30,000 feet in the air in a machine that could be thrown out of whack if I decided to listen to a cd or play on a gameboy at the wrong moment.
2001-09-19 06:43:22 PM  

They should have used one of their new AKG-23 Backwards Planes.

[image from too old to be available]

2001-09-19 07:07:22 PM  
oh man, that was a quality SA article
2001-09-19 07:19:46 PM  
I was once escorted to my Senior prom by an F-16, it was pretty romantic. He only got to Defcon 2 that night if you know what I mean.
2001-09-19 11:39:03 PM  
"Daddy daddy Tom Cruise is out there and he's giving me The Finger!"
"Now look what you've done, John!"
"YOU were the one who thought he was mature enough for that Top Gun movie, Eleanor..."
"Billy, you're so retarded! That's an F-16, not an F-14
"Timmy, leave your brother alone!"
"Ah, roger Base. We see what appears to be some sort of commotion going on inside the airliner."
"Copy that Cop 1. Take down that mutha!"
"Ahhh, negative, Base, I don't get into domestic disputes."
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