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(BBC)   Lost moonlanding tape found   ( divider line
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5376 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Sep 2001 at 12:26 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-19 12:31:32 PM  
I don't want anybody else, but when I think about you I touch myself...

[image from too old to be available]
2001-09-19 12:31:54 PM  
Sorry, I just thought that picture from the article was hysterical...
2001-09-19 12:48:06 PM  
Uh, why didn't they attempt to have it professionaly restored before they "played" it? If the tape is already falling apart, running it through a machine isn't going to be the best thing for it.
2001-09-19 12:56:02 PM  
Fooshnik-Because then it would be clear that the moon landings were faked and actually conducted in Arizona.
2001-09-19 12:58:04 PM  
Bad tape, bad! Go sit in the corner!
2001-09-19 01:01:05 PM  
hmm, I get:

Network error
Unable to request URL from host Connection refused

can anyone post a summary of the article? or better yet, fly me over to the UK and let me use a machine over there?

btw - my boobies... my parents are proud.
2001-09-19 01:05:00 PM  
aparently the words first and post together form the word "boobies"... finally NOW I understand.
2001-09-19 01:05:33 PM  
What about your boobies, Ansiz?
J/K...I'm sure your parents are very proud of them.
2001-09-19 01:06:38 PM  
btw - my boobies... my parents are proud.

Ahahahahahaha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!

That gets me every time!

Gotta love the Boobies filter!
2001-09-19 01:25:45 PM  
It's the tape where the cardboard Earth cutout in the background's string snaps and it falls behind the paper mache mountains!
2001-09-19 01:31:08 PM  
Yeah but this whole thing was faked on a NASA soundstage!! Did I mention the Earth is flat, too?
2001-09-19 01:31:21 PM  
This is our Governments response to Fox's Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory. It's more lies!!!
2001-09-19 01:34:54 PM  
Crill: friggin hilarious...I can't stop laughing.
2001-09-19 01:36:02 PM  
Wait, they lost an eight track on moon?
2001-09-19 02:02:26 PM  
"Tense moments before the touchdown..."
2001-09-19 02:51:47 PM  
Maybe the Nigerians found it when they went to the moon. I bet they found a flag too!
2001-09-19 02:58:32 PM  
It was scheduled for release back in the 70s, but you know how post-production goes on Skywalker Ranch...
2001-09-19 03:05:52 PM  
This sounds like photoshop fodder!
All we need is a few good moonlanding pictures....(!)

Don't look at me, I don't have photoshop.
(*sniff sniff*)
2001-09-19 03:18:37 PM  
boobies = boobies

2001-09-19 03:37:04 PM  
Disregard this post...trying to make sense of this much talked about boobies filter.

2001-09-19 03:39:37 PM  
OK, how did Demosthenes get around the filter? Is he l33t or something? Not that I know what that means either.

I feel like such an outsider :(

boobies boobies boobies
2001-09-19 03:50:01 PM  
He interposed a transparent font tag. Very clever.
2001-09-19 04:05:54 PM  
&ltevil laugh>


</evil laugh>

On a more serious note, at first glance, I thought the headline for this farkticle read "Lost Moonlighting tape found".... I was expecting to read an article about Cybil Shepard and Bruce Willis.....
2001-09-19 04:07:33 PM  
Martin Luther: Ahhh... "view source" strikes again!

I thought it was clever too...
2001-09-19 04:51:08 PM  
So uhh... did anyone at NASA actually make a copy of this recording?
2001-09-19 05:04:37 PM  
edit from the "missing moonlanding tape":

"mr. kubrick wants to do another take!"
"okay, take 93, actors into positions!"
"action, neil!"
2001-09-19 05:07:27 PM  
I thought it said, "lost moonlighting tape found"! Who gives a fark, i thought...
2001-09-19 05:31:40 PM  
Grasshopper:What do you mean Arizona? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Everyone knows it was filmed in Sudbury, Ontario.
2001-09-19 07:04:34 PM  
What in tarnation is an interposed transparent font tag!?
2001-09-19 07:17:14 PM  
It means "l33t".
2001-09-19 07:17:41 PM  
2001-09-19 07:27:13 PM  
So where was the tape the whole time, the nase space couch?
2001-09-19 07:30:59 PM  
if you see one, make sure you edge away from it very slowly and carefully...and whatever you do, DON'T look it in the boobies..
2001-09-19 07:32:43 PM  
2001-09-19 08:34:25 PM  
He used an html font tag in between the two filtered words, so the filter didn't pick it up.

A font tag changes the font of the html. This font tag is "transparent" because it said "color=black", but the color is already black, so you can't see the difference. Nothing that you see was changed.

Again, I say, clever.
2001-09-19 08:36:46 PM  
Like this:

First post!!!
First post!!!
First post!!!
First post!!!

2001-09-19 08:38:10 PM  
After a while, you get so used to typing random invisible HTML tags inside of "verbotten" Fark-words, you don't even realize you're doing it.... I catch myself doing it on other forums, where I don't even need to.... ;-)
2001-09-19 09:45:05 PM  
demosthenes is a he?

you can also do this:
(Grumman or someone w/similar name was running around w00ting about that)
2001-09-19 09:45:33 PM  
2001-09-19 09:46:24 PM  
Boobies is generated by doing :


but not worth the effort, and boobies is funnier anyhoo
2001-09-19 09:47:40 PM  
therefore :

2001-09-19 09:49:06 PM  
nice misuses:

I had to get something off my chest, so read my boobies

my boobies, my parents are so proud
2001-09-19 10:17:42 PM  
I hear ya, Stebain.... those two both farking killed me.... it makes the filter all that much more worth it....

And yes, I am a "he".


Not that there's anything wrong with that....

2001-09-19 11:48:33 PM  
I was thinking of Demosthenes42_0 when I questioned your gender.
terribly sorry
2001-09-19 11:49:02 PM  
for any others clicking the link, she is on the right w/HATT on
2001-09-20 09:51:31 AM  
That's all right, I get that a lot, Stebain. You should see some of the e-mail I get.... sheesh.

I hate it when people take names that are basically the same as mine....
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