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(ABC News)   Dog comes home after seven-month absence, refuses to explain itself   ( divider line
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2003-03-25 07:13:23 PM  
My rhesus monkey came home after seventeen years in the desert behind my house. He died shortly thereafter.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-25 08:07:15 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-26 12:07:48 AM  
Shoot, my friend had crabs that returned after three weeks!
2003-03-26 12:08:12 AM  
Doggie-stylee = just do it, no explanation given
2003-03-26 12:08:25 AM  
The fact that the dog was Mormon made it more likely to run away.
2003-03-26 12:08:31 AM  
and by "my friend", I don't mean me!
2003-03-26 12:10:35 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Saddam Hussein will soon be returning to Bealzabub after 68 years on earth.
2003-03-26 12:13:06 AM  
Pets are cool.
2003-03-26 12:15:23 AM  
Maybe your dog can't, TriXXX
2003-03-26 12:16:06 AM  
at least the dog seemed to be with someone who took good care of him for those 7 months.
2003-03-26 12:16:48 AM  
I have pet sea monkeys. Just thought you all should know. As of yet they have not gone missing.
2003-03-26 12:17:06 AM  
+dog+ ??? double-plus dog!
2003-03-26 12:18:51 AM  
Bad dog! Why, if my dog did that to me, I'd take her and....weep into her fur and buy her a big chewbone. Then I'd hogtie her so she couldn't do it again.
2003-03-26 12:20:33 AM  
It just needed some money.
2003-03-26 12:22:40 AM  
Dogs speak human just fine.

/David Berkowitz
2003-03-26 12:23:21 AM  
If the dog wanted to be found, why didn't he try to get away?
2003-03-26 12:24:30 AM  
Returned on her birthday, eh?

Something is afoot. Maybe someone should care... not me tho
2003-03-26 12:26:08 AM  

d@mn fine Boobies!
2003-03-26 12:26:29 AM  
I bet he was running aound with that little biatch from down the block.
2003-03-26 12:28:38 AM  
I bet he was running aound with that little biatch from down the block.

You mean J-Lo right? Good ole Jenny from the block. You think the stole this old womans dog and shagged it? Me too.
2003-03-26 12:29:37 AM  
gotta love that anti slash dot filter...
2003-03-26 12:33:29 AM  
Poor dog was strung out on Scooby snacks in the bad side of town, but has since been through rehab. Came back to do the 7th of twelve steps: hump their master's leg.
2003-03-26 12:37:47 AM  
recommended reading
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-26 12:43:50 AM  
Dogs have nothing but love, exceot for when it comes to Cats, do Dogs somehow know that Cats get attention without doing all the work that Dogs do?
2003-03-26 12:47:50 AM  
I heard that the dog was lured away by animal rights activists over the internet.
2003-03-26 01:02:21 AM  
i heart doggies.
2003-03-26 01:08:02 AM  
Still reporting on the Elizabeth Smart case?

/runs away and hides
2003-03-26 01:15:22 AM  
My cat ran away for 8 months and then the following year for 7. He came back as soon as it started to snow. However I saw no need to inform a national news service about it. Shouldn't ABC be making up reasons to go to war or something?
2003-03-26 01:15:24 AM  
03-26-03 12:26:08 AM Neb

dmn fine Boobies!

I looked. I actually checked out Dishwasherrat's bio.
And I know I'm not the only one...
2003-03-26 01:41:12 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Why can't I have a normal dog like everyone else?
2003-03-26 01:46:53 AM  
He had to take care of his bone (r).

/nevermind. everyone else seems wittier than me these days.
2003-03-26 01:47:41 AM  
He went to sniff out the real killer (s).
2003-03-26 01:51:03 AM  
We had a dog which dissapeared for two weeks once and one day my dad was going to work and there she was at the front door waiting to come in... I knew he shouldn't have been going out the back for two weeks...

But seriously, that did happen. And her paw pads were raw as if she'd been running for a long time on the road. We think that one of the teens in the neighborhood took her up to the mountains or something and left her there. I have no idea how she made it home though if she was taken that far away.

Of course someone could just have been keeping their house, but then that couldn't have been one of the local teens.

Speaking of which... my grandmother had this little dog show up at her door without a collar and she took the dog in and kept it for a couple weeks or something and became really attached to it, and then one day she was out in the yard letting it do it's thing and one of her neighbors was walking by and she's like "Hey that's our dog!". So she had to give it up. :-)
2003-03-26 01:59:15 AM  
those dog orgy parties can really get to some people...
2003-03-26 04:39:26 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-26 04:47:35 AM  
had a cat when i was a kid.ran away from home. five months later i saw the farker on a porch like five blocks away and he acted all remorseful and sorry. i just turned and walked away
/no kitty this is my pot pie
2003-03-26 05:19:30 AM  

I'll admit it. I looked as well.
/caught ya looking
2003-03-26 05:29:57 AM  

See how much better things would be if we all worked together.
2003-03-26 05:31:42 AM  
HTML, don't fail me now...
2003-03-26 05:36:16 AM  
All right, I suck, and I quit.
2003-03-26 05:45:22 AM  
I prefer the garden gnome story.
2003-03-26 06:50:33 AM  
Pray tell, exactly what color is taffy? I only know salt water taffy and I've certainly neer seen a pink or purple dog. (aside from the dumbass people who dye their poodles)
2003-03-26 08:53:07 AM  
Lazz - caramel color. butterscotch-y. Light brown
2003-03-26 09:31:02 AM  
2003-03-26 09:35:54 AM  
Taffy, is that you?

Bark! Bark! = "Thou Sayest"
2003-03-26 10:25:22 AM  
Awesome... a similar thing happened to one of my college professors. His dog inexplicably disappeared for 6 months, somehow survived the North Dakota winter, and showed up again out of the blue. The dog looks like hell now - huge patches of fur missing and the rest of it growing all scraggly - but it's cute in a so-ugly-it's-cute kind of way, and it's a sweet story.
2003-03-26 12:46:32 PM  
Sooo... along this line of thinking.... all the pets that run away and DON'T return really don't like the homes they live in?

Guess they found a better place to live...

Had a girlfriend (no she wasn't a dog!) that did the same thing once.. I closed the door....
2003-03-26 02:07:53 PM  
Oh no!!!! That troll from Salt Lake took a dog too?!
/Donny Osmond surrenders
2003-03-27 02:14:05 AM  
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