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(Boston Globe)   Ten of the Sweet 16 schools graduate less than half of their basketball players. Oklahoma has a zero-percent graduation rate   ( divider line
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2003-03-25 02:08:31 PM  
Why doesn't Texas fall into the Gulf of Mexico?

Because Oklahoma sucks.
2003-03-25 02:12:04 PM  
If we wanted to see the smart kids, we'd be watching a spelling bee or the debate team, not the silly basketball players!
2003-03-25 02:20:05 PM  
Duke sucks! Your welcome, people.
2003-03-25 02:34:45 PM  
Yeah, you may have a national title run under your belt, but you'd better start learning how to properly fry McNuggets. Al Bundy surrenders.
2003-03-25 04:05:27 PM  
If this actually surprises you, feel free to smack yourself in the face.
2003-03-25 04:39:58 PM  
I am shocked, just SHOCKED beyond belief. You mean they didn't go for the education, and a little basketball on the side for fun?
2003-03-25 06:08:17 PM  
There are times I feel sorry for these kids. They are pushed so hard by their coaches, it is nearly impossible to do the studying needed to get through college. After 4 or 5 years, their basketball days are over, and all of the sudden, they have to get a real job with 6 years less expirience that other non college graduates.
2003-03-25 07:12:53 PM  
Here we go again. The annual rehashing of the NCAA's bass-ackwards gradution calculation. According to the NCAA, a player who transfers never graduates. Same goes for JUCO transfers. Until the NCAA redoes the way it calculates graduation rates, this whole this is like pissing into the wind.
2003-03-25 07:27:37 PM  
Fvcking jocks.
2003-03-25 07:27:40 PM  
And that is not just for the last 5 years more like 12. Least the football team graduated somebody, can't remember his name.
2003-03-25 07:27:54 PM  
Pogopogo is 100% correct.
2003-03-25 07:28:55 PM  
*gasp* Say it ain't so.

2003-03-25 07:29:12 PM  
But ... Duke is one of the good schools here -- how can that be?
wil [TotalFark]
2003-03-25 07:29:50 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-25 07:30:47 PM  
So they're stupid. Who didn't know that?
2003-03-25 07:31:16 PM  
Pogopogo is right. Let's say State U has a freshman basketball class of four.

If two players transfer to other schools and the other two graduate, State U's rate for that year is 50% even if the other two players graduated from wherever they transferred to.
2003-03-25 07:31:22 PM  

*grammar nazi time* you're, not your, idiot.

go sooners go! i just realized that the background of the asinine label is an ass. what a revelation
2003-03-25 07:31:41 PM  
Pogo is right about the NCAA calculating these things in dumbass ways.

Besides, isn't the point of going to college to acquire skills to land you a job? If someone went to an engineering major after their freshman year and said "psst...hey kid, want to quit school and make 3 million a year for 3 years guaranteed?" don't you think that kid would bolt? So who cares if athletes leave school early?
2003-03-25 07:32:11 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Looks like the stereo-type is true: Jocks are stupid.
2003-03-25 07:32:52 PM  
Job at Taco Bell and a Dodge Shadow....and my laughter
2003-03-25 07:33:30 PM  
Looks like the stereo-type is true: Jocks are stupid.

I'm not.
2003-03-25 07:34:40 PM  
The NCAA's system of tracking this is complete crap.

If a player transfers from Oklahoma to Oklahoma St. and graduates from Oklahoma St., that player counts against Oklahoma as NOT graduating, and counts FOR Oklahoma St. as graduating.

The system is complete BS and needs to be reworked.

Not saying that Oklahoma had all its players transfer, but...
2003-03-25 07:35:21 PM  
If you take a look at schools like U. Cinci they have a graduation rate of 0% too. But if you take into account the year AFTER the stop playing basketball, they go up to 100% graduation rate and actually have a GPA of like 3.6.

Now, they should probably be getting done sooner, but they are completing their education. We've had some ex-UL players come through our work and they've been very bright guys, and TREMENDOUS workers. Athletics taught them that.
2003-03-25 07:36:56 PM  
Darrr...Oog like basketball.
2003-03-25 07:37:09 PM  
That's what you get for imitating John Belushi.
2003-03-25 07:37:25 PM  
So who cares if athletes leave school early?

I think the issue is that colleges don't even try to hide anymore that college athletes are at their schools to help the schools make money from their sport programs. The NCAA basketball leauge is essentially the Jr. NBA and colleges own the teams and players. It's becoming too obvious for comfort.
2003-03-25 07:37:29 PM  
That's just something you can't coach.
2003-03-25 07:38:25 PM  
What? I cannot believe this..I thought those guys were all about studying. Give me a break. It is a business and leave it at that. When the school is done with these guys they will sink back to their hometowns and talk about when they were something.
2003-03-25 07:40:46 PM  
Don't you know? They're not there to learn. They're there to PLAY WITH THEIR BALLS!
2003-03-25 07:41:24 PM  
Here's the article about UC's graduation rate being 100%​.htm

"But Huggins isn't too fond of some new NCAA academic initiatives that would tie tournament bids or scholarships to graduation rates. He particularly takes issue with how the rates are computed, not crediting a school if a player returns more than six years after his playing days to finish his degree.

'I never graduated, according to the NCAA,'' Huggins said. ''I have two degrees, but the NCAA wouldn't count them because I was a transfer student.' "
2003-03-25 07:44:19 PM  
But how do we feel about Duke?
2003-03-25 07:45:18 PM  
But how do we feel about Duke?

Why, Duke sucks, of course!
2003-03-25 07:46:02 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
NCAA all the way, Baby!
2003-03-25 07:57:47 PM  
Well, at least the OU football program has a 6% higher rate than basketball.
2003-03-25 07:59:18 PM  
2003-03-25 08:00:41 PM  
What pisses the hell out of me about all this is that they do two studies: one for "basketball players" and one for "black basketball players." Why in the hell should that make a difference. By including that criteria in their studies, these people are perpetuating the stereotype that black people are stupid and only go to college to play sports. Sure that's the case with a lot of guys who play, but their being black has nothing to do with it. Jay Williams is a hell of a smart guy, graduating from Duke in 3 years, and there's a whole lot of white guys who can't spell their own names. I'm not preaching black power here or anything, being white myself, but I just think the thing that is really asinine is that race is taken into account in a study of a program's graduation rate.
2003-03-25 08:03:38 PM  
I think the black basketball player studies is trying to track whether or not schools are recruiting "inner-city" kids to play ball, and gip them out of an education. Not a stereotype of african americans, just a stereotype of what the average boster/AD/coach stereotype of african americans. Follow? :)

This type of stuff is close to my heart because I thank being an athlete in getting me into the school where I got my degree, so seeing all these people saying that athletes will server french fries to their kids just pisses me off, even if it was meant in jest.
2003-03-25 08:09:10 PM  
Repeat after me:

"Would you like to try a combo meal?"
2003-03-25 08:28:41 PM  
Butler Grad and fully employeed in a job that pasy way too much! Who cares if we lose this week? Those guys will end up cleaning our pools!
2003-03-25 08:29:55 PM  
this is retarded, the best teams usually have the best players...thus have more of a chance of playing professionally(nba or not) and obviously recruit kids whose lives ARE basketball. And the methods of calculation are ridiculous, the transfer thing, especially since they are working with a very small sample size(teams have only 13 players a year), two guys transfer for whatever reason, and a kid leaves for nba money, suddenly 3 legitimate departures severly lowers the 'figures'. And it seems to be commonplace that for obvious reasons it takes the players longer to complete grad. reqs, and they come back later to do so(also not counted if enough time has elapsed). The ones who don't, i guess they aren't worried when they make 3 million a year.
2003-03-25 08:32:37 PM  
Are you trying to say that getting a degree isn't the top priority for these kids????? I am SHOCKED!!!
2003-03-25 08:33:38 PM  
Ahem...Rooooooooooooooock Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalk Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaayhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawk Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.

That is all.
2003-03-25 08:38:05 PM  
I'm SOOOOO glad I'm going to a school that doesn't give athletic scholarships. Athletics is strictly extra-curricular. :D
2003-03-25 08:38:22 PM  
"Butler Grad and fully employeed in a job that pasy way too much!"

Tell me, is English part of the curriculum at Butler? If those are the standards, maybe that explains the high graduation rate. :P
2003-03-25 08:39:04 PM  
"Graduation rates"

Lets further qualify that as "Graduation rates of freshmen who enrolled in 1995-1996 that did not transfer-in or transfer-out to a another D-1 school or did not transfer in from JUCO or 4 year players that did not earn a degree in 6 years."

That leaves OU with Bobby Joe Evans who received a degree beyond the 6-year scope.


That is a very misleading % if you take into account the transfers OU has and the number of players that have graduated under Sampson since the 95-96 freshmen (1) that meet the NCAA criteria.
2003-03-25 08:42:24 PM  
The myth of the Student Athlete has just burst. I'm so disillusioned. Ptttth!

In high school in civics I sat behind a heavily recruited basketball player (senior) for North Carolina. The kid could barely read. He passed civics by turning around and copying papers from other kids during tests, that way he actually had work with his name in his writing. No shame, no effort to hide things.

Civics is a required course for Michigan HS graduation. The football coach was the civics teacher. Coincidence?
2003-03-25 08:45:08 PM  
Personally, I say we take professional sports out of the hands of schools altogether. Make private companies run the games. That way schools don't have to dump tons of money into atheletics programs, the kids won't have to worry about pesky degrees, and they can learn the true essence of money-making in sports: product endorsement.
2003-03-25 08:48:11 PM  
Hmmm...Can I bring up the question of where Duke stands in all of this...or does Duke suck?
2003-03-25 08:51:44 PM  
What bothers me is that these kids are getting paid to go, even when their academic qualifications are dubious at best.

Seriously, someone getting a 2.2 GPA with a schedule involving nothing but basic general ed requirements and humanities has no business being at any decent college, let alone getting a full ride.

Silly me, I thought SCHOLARships were for scholars. Let the hard working academically capable students have their rewards, but if all you want to do is play basketball for four years, you can pay for the privlege of tuition and housing.
2003-03-25 09:09:36 PM  
[image from too old to be available]All the way to the Final Four baby! Oh, wait ... nevermind.
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