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67 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Mar 2003 at 6:46 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-25 07:47:06 PM  
Is it true that the US plans to install Master Blaster as the interim leader of Iraq.

Desert, oil wells, apocalyptic landscape - the setting sure suits......
2003-03-25 07:48:00 PM  
Australia already runs on pig shiat, this man produces most of it.
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-25 07:48:55 PM  
wow, does this mean George Miller gets credit and royalties for this?

And I guess they are just thinking of the future, looks like George Bush might start the apocolypse, better safe than sorry.
2003-03-25 07:49:37 PM  
No, Darth_shatner!! Masterblaster needs some incredibly industrial/dungeon looking basement with lots of pigs and convits shoveling shiat! And it has to be pigshiat. If it was bullshiat, we could prolly ship in some from a few senate or congress meetings...
2003-03-25 07:57:03 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-25 08:03:10 PM  
Yumpin yaisers!
2003-03-25 08:06:57 PM  
Gelatinous. Yep, she runs on pig shiat.
2003-03-25 08:19:31 PM  
David Spade (getting a tattoo from Penn): So did you ever see the talking pig movie?
Sean Penn: No
David Spade: You didn't see The Net?
2003-03-25 08:20:42 PM  
Always new aussies were full of sh!t... There's enough to power the whole country!
2003-03-25 08:41:29 PM  
Not a bad idea, here in the US Landfills are outfitted with Methane collection devices which then burn it and transfer the electricity to the local grid. No point in wasting it.
2003-03-25 08:46:32 PM  
X, that was simcity3000.
2003-03-25 09:02:08 PM  
(starts singing)

Weee don't neeeed another heeero!
Wee er yah yah er whatever whatever
all we need to be bummed
on thunderstorm

Oh well it's close enough for government work.
2003-03-25 09:02:11 PM  
Where the hell is Ironbar????
2003-03-25 09:04:36 PM  
I cant belive they would burn up perfectly good pig manure. There are starving children in Mississippi!
2003-03-25 09:28:56 PM  
are you serious?
2003-03-25 09:37:10 PM  
dammit Chtorrthulhu, you beat me to it!

/Laserblast, episode #706
2003-03-25 09:42:55 PM  
Ex Prime Minister of Aust. Paul Keating used to own a pig farm....

shiat happens
2003-03-25 09:53:51 PM  
bah...thats bullshiat...


...thats pig shiat...
2003-03-25 10:13:22 PM  
You can make strawberry jam out of pigshiat.
2003-03-25 10:17:14 PM  
Powered by schit...Australia. Man, you know...I'm pretty sure I saw this sort of thing in some movie or tv show.
2003-03-25 10:49:48 PM  
2003-03-25 11:17:16 PM  
In Snatch, Pigs were used for a whole different reason. Great movie tho, Brad Pitt was perfect for that role.
2003-03-26 12:52:42 AM  
Two men enter one man leaves?
2003-03-26 01:13:11 AM  

hahahahahhahhah nice!!!

on another note, I have a piece of cardboard stuck in my window at work saying "Who runs bartertown!?!?!" along with another one that says "Will fix SAN for food".
2003-03-26 05:06:35 AM  
Obligatory non-madmax comments:

1) Australia wasn't already run on pig poo?

2) Has anyone alerted Anna Nicole Smith? She might be worth something now.

3) Bd-Bd-Bd that's all until you feed me more folks...
2003-03-26 05:51:36 PM  
okay - finish this one (because i can't remember)
that my vehicle...
2003-03-26 07:49:15 PM  
Have fun in Black Rock last year?
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