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2173 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Sep 2001 at 9:02 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-19 09:09:29 AM  
As a Canadian I can confirm this. However, the best fuel is bull-shiate, which only comes from politicians. So, if your elected representative starts talking, just ask him/her to speak into the fuel intake. Ta-da, free fuel.
2001-09-19 09:12:24 AM  
I was picturing something from Mad Max Thunderdome. *sigh*
2001-09-19 09:15:09 AM  
Hard part is making a cow take a dump in your gastank though.
2001-09-19 09:15:27 AM  
MCV is full of shiate, huzzah!
2001-09-19 09:16:31 AM  
How does the car know it cow manure. What if i took a dump in there??
2001-09-19 09:51:35 AM  
Domo-kun could be the mascot for this car, and do commercials for it(not unlike that lawn gnome)
2001-09-19 10:09:13 AM  
From the folks who brought you Le Car - it's Le Poop!
2001-09-19 10:09:38 AM  
Run this by me again...Canada has a car company?!!!

My world is shattered!
2001-09-19 10:09:39 AM  
i can just see the marketing campaign for Hindus:

"powered by your GOD !!"
2001-09-19 10:35:51 AM  
"The CH4 has the engine in the middle with real wheel drive, just like many other racing vehicles. However, if this were designed as a street car you'd want the engine up front to help provide traction and keep the wheels on the ground."

Bah. Tell that to Porsche, or Ferrari, or Toyota....
2001-09-19 10:39:05 AM  
So does the exhaust smell like farts?
2001-09-19 11:01:32 AM  
bull shiat
2001-09-19 11:07:56 AM  
(_8(|): I think the author was brought up on front-wheel drive cars. Or maybe he doesn't know about downforce. Meh.
2001-09-19 11:08:45 AM  
(_8(|): Was there any porsche besides the 914/6 that was mid-engined?
2001-09-19 11:18:19 AM  
from the article:

"I only add this as a rumor because I have been unable to validate it."

but yet it makes the headline on fark
2001-09-19 11:41:11 AM  
Come on - running on methane is not the same as running on cow manure - which happens to contain methane.
2001-09-19 11:42:19 AM  
"I GOT to get me one of these...!"

is it made by Gateway Computers? Looks like a spotted cow paint job.
2001-09-19 12:39:24 PM  
Same fuel that powers their health care system.
2001-09-19 03:55:11 PM  
I'd rather see some fuel cells...
2001-09-19 04:55:22 PM  
We have a car company?

And is the author sure it's methane, and not methanol?
2001-09-19 05:31:21 PM  
Baron: The current Boxter is mid-engined
2001-09-19 05:31:46 PM  
No more waiting to use gas station bathrooms! You can go in the car, and you'll be all filled up for the trip to wherever you need to go!

Well, horse manure and people poop is sorta the same, isn't it?
2001-09-19 05:57:36 PM  
...ain't technology great?...
2001-09-19 08:36:54 PM  
Liam Gallager sniffs exhaust..
2001-09-19 10:11:36 PM  
Chinese farms have been powered by methane for years.
Just think; free energy.
2001-09-20 05:05:19 AM  
I think this one has something to do with the rapists, and the cattle rustlers in the other post. The rapists rape the cows, the cows produce better manure. The rustlers rustle them off to *Cow Stations*, where you fill up...

Now aint dat nice :-)

We're finally all getting along as a team.
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