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(SacBee)   Man finds a baby in a laundry basket on his doorstep   ( divider line
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36 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Mar 2003 at 1:28 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-25 08:39:27 AM  

Sorry. It had to be said.
2003-03-25 08:40:07 AM  
2003-03-25 08:40:43 AM  
Is there a "F.b.- i.s. t.h.e. f.a.t.h.e.r. filter?
2003-03-25 08:49:59 AM  
Talk about cliché! And good try, Rjd2. Fark has some funky filters, doesn't it?
2003-03-25 08:53:16 AM  
Yes, it does... <sigh>
2003-03-25 09:03:53 AM  
Lame that they just replace it with a "." - but I guess the mods want that cliche to die.
2003-03-25 09:18:49 AM  
The stork farks up yet again.
2003-03-25 09:20:29 AM  
It's a changeling! Run!
2003-03-25 09:21:06 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Jerry Lewis surrenders?
2003-03-25 09:21:36 AM  
At least this baby will have a chance at a good life.
2003-03-25 09:33:20 AM  
Better a doorstep than a dumpster.
[image from too old to be available]
The above picture is of the Garden of Angels. It is a area of a cemetary in California that currently has 31 graves of abandoned babies.

At least 20 babies have been legally abandoned in California since the law went into effect in January 2001.

This law saved 20 babies who might otherwise be dead. We should thank Debi Faris for pushing the legislation. She is a hero.
2003-03-25 11:37:23 AM  
I'd like to think that perhaps the anti abortion zealots with their right-wing, "Christian" agenda would consider using their energies toward helping those women who DO decide they will continue through with their pregnancies & work toward means of helping the children born into unwanted homes.
I'd LIKE to think that, but more times than not the mentality isn't about "saving" anyone but to moralize and cast judgement on others to try and elevate themselves. Unfortunately they usually believe that a right to life begins at conception - and ends at birth.
2003-03-25 01:06:40 PM  
"Christian" agenda would consider using their energies toward helping those women who DO decide they will continue through with their pregnancies & work toward means of helping the children born into unwanted homes.

There are zealots on both sides of the abortion issue. Many pro-lifers quietly and anonomously provide for pregnant women who want to continue with their pregnancies through adoption or keep their babies. The media has given the image that most pro-lifers are gun-toting religious nuts who hold up in-your-face signs of aborted fetuses, and unfortunately, some of the are. There are also just as many asshats on the other side.

IMO, women who abandoned their infants to dumpsters and trash cans are disconnected from reality. Many are often in denial to themselves and others about their pregnancy and are emotionally incapable of considering their options and making a choice. Little could probably be done other than to offer a "safe haven" with no questions asked.
2003-03-25 01:40:50 PM  
in the place formally known as the U.S.S.R., the father of fb- is you!

/beating 2 pointless filters in one
2003-03-25 01:45:20 PM  
Hey! Free baby!
2003-03-25 01:46:32 PM  
"Safe haven" law? That sounds like a bunch of bullshiat to me. Any woman who would leave a baby, ANYWHERE, is farking sick and ought to be jailed.
2003-03-25 01:46:57 PM  
Two suggestions for Fark improvements:

- A "Cliché" tag (maybe with Kitty's eyes in the background)
- A Filter FArQ so people at least have a chance to not make asses out of themselves :P That way, when they try to type anyway, they'll look even more stupid. Heh.

2003-03-25 01:47:50 PM  
Bugs Bunny and Baby Faced Finster surrender!
2003-03-25 01:49:55 PM  
And I'm not gonna touch the debate side of this thread. Not with a ten-foot coat hanger.
2003-03-25 01:53:10 PM  
Sudie, I'm with you; Debi Faris is truly a hero. I don't know how she has the strength to do the work she does, but I certainly am grateful to her for bringing this issue to light.

A woman (or girl, more often than not), who ditches a baby in a dumpster or elsewhere is desperate, confused, and feeling trapped. Safe haven laws are a wonderful way to allow these women to "walk away" without fear of prosecution. A baby's life is saved, a woman is not trapped with an infant she doesn't want, and eventually, a family will be able to adopt a baby that they weren't able to have. Lots of winners in this situation. Sadly, we will probably never totally eliminate the problem of babies being left in dumpsters, drowned in toilets, or dumped on roadsides, but safe haven laws ARE saving the lives of babies. Thank goodness the mother in this article left her infant on a doorstep, even if it wasn't a designated safe haven, instead of a potentially fatal alternative.
2003-03-25 02:02:41 PM  
Shiat...I thought losing a sock was bad!
2003-03-25 02:06:30 PM  
Ny10709, Best.Episode.Ever.
2003-03-25 02:17:12 PM  
Way to accuse people of being judgmental while judging and stereotyping them.

Also, I think you're looking at it from the wrong angle. It's not exactly difficult to avoid getting pregnant these days (unless you were raped). People should take responsibility for their own actions and wear/demand a condom. They're pretty cheap and easy to find after all. I have very little sympathy for people who say that it "just happened" and have an abortion. That's disgusting and a blatant lie.

On the other hand, I fully endorse "safe havens" because they save babies' lives. I know people who have waited years to adopt a child. There are places for these children.
2003-03-25 02:22:22 PM  
Man, if I had a buck for all the times this has happened to me... I'd still be broke, actually.
2003-03-25 02:29:29 PM  

A woman who ditches a baby in a dumpster or elsewhere is a farking ASSHOLE. By creating safe havens we're just encouraging more young girls to do the same. Although I'm not 100% in favor of abortion, I think it's a better alternative than just leaving a child somewhere. This type of nonsense is like having a "safe ground" for corpse-dumping, no questions asked.
2003-03-25 02:50:37 PM  
Women's equality takes a giant leap backwards.
2003-03-25 03:15:10 PM  
What Sudie said. I read about the Garden of Angels in Reader's Digest.

BTW if a woman HAS to abandon her baby, it's good if she at least gives the child a chance at life, like leaving the baby in a hospital or a doorstep.

I might add that we have legalized abortion to thank for Dumpster babies. Because of legalized abortion people have this attitude that children are just property to do what we want to with. How would you like it if your mother said to you, "You know, I COULD have killed you before you were born and it would have been perfectly legal!"

I'm a pro-lifer but I don't go around bombing abortion clinics. I think abortionists are (legal) criminals; unfortunately what they do is legal and even if it wasn't legal you should give them due process. THEN string 'em up! Sudie's right, there are asshats on both sides, you just see the asshats on the pro-life side. It's called media bias.
2003-03-25 03:24:55 PM  
The flame rating of this thread is:

-Threads are rated for flameitude on the following scale:
1: Liquid Oxygen
2: Dry Ice
3: Goth Chicks in Bed
4: Tepid
5: Jerry Springer
6: Duck and Cover
7: Burninator
8: Bevets
2003-03-25 03:47:41 PM  
03-25-03 02:02:41 PM TGIFgrl
Shiat...I thought losing a sock was bad!

The worst is when you lose a sock AND a baby. I hate when that happens! :p
2003-03-25 03:51:55 PM  
Was there a lighting bolt scar on her forehead?

Harriet Potter, perhaps?

2003-03-25 04:55:05 PM  
As a father of one and someone who over the last weekend lost a 20 week old fetus I can not amagine just giving up a child. I do agree with the safe haven idea because it does give people an out and it will give that baby a home that will love and charish them. I understand that giving women the chance to give up the child might not be the most healthy option for the mother but I could careless... If a mother thinks about killing there baby then they are not in the right frame of mind.. I would hope that they might see a safe haven and maybe,,, just maybe choose that route....

Sorry for my rant but I guess this just hit a little close to home today.
2003-03-25 05:58:49 PM  
"We don't think she had been there very long because she was still warm,"'s moving, it's conclusion: It's alive!
2003-03-25 05:59:38 PM  
Its always important to seperate your babies from your whites when sorting your laundry. And be sure to use a color-safe bleach.
2003-03-25 06:07:45 PM  
Hmm....I wonder if this connected to the guy caught sleeping in a commercial dryer?
2003-03-25 06:18:49 PM  
Next on the state's agenda: a safe murdering zone, a safe rape zone and a safe robbery zone.
2003-03-25 06:19:59 PM  
Umm_Sure: I know what you must be going through - I've been there before. I am so sorry for your loss.
2003-03-25 06:24:43 PM  
By the way, before anyone else berates me for being anti-woman, I'd like to state for the record that I'm a feminist.
2003-03-25 06:31:02 PM  
Am I the only one who immedietly thought of this?
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-25 06:37:03 PM  
Safe havens are a wonderful option to otherwise horrible alternatives: 1)being abandoned to die elsewhere - or -
2) being raised by a mother who never wanted you / resents your existence / hates you - (yeah, that that would be a great life!)
No matter what anybody thinks about mothers who abandon their babies, unfortunately unwanted teen pregnancies are still going to happen, and desperate young girls are still going to be too scared to tell their parents and do anything to hide their pregnancy and get rid of their babies without anyone ever finding out - and to me, the safe havens are the ONLY alternative where everyone gets to LIVE and have a chance at a better life.
2003-03-25 06:50:37 PM  
He was expecting a lobster.
2003-03-25 07:22:38 PM  
I might add that we have legalized abortion to thank for Dumpster babies

Are you really that naive??

Here's a little tip for ya: Abortions took place even when it was illegal. Do a little research at your local public library, the estimated number of illegal abortions that took place the year prior to Roe vs Wade were as high or higher then they are now. The primary difference: Women who sought out abortions in that day were risking the possiblity of never having children and in too many cases their own lives. Oh, and lets not forget the women who were literally forced to cary a child to term that they didn't want. Yes that did happen, like I said above, do a little research, it will (should) scare the hell out of you.

Furthermore if you do a little research into the history of abortion in the US you find a couple of interesting facts: Abortion was made illegal for two primary reasons. The first being that they were primarly performed by female midwives, and male doctors of the time didn't like it. The second reason was that at the time abortions were made illegal, Irish catholics were immigrating to this country in record numbers, and being that abortion was a sin in their eyes, they were having large numbers of children, the rich in the US at the time were afraid that the Irish population would take over.

Don't get me wrong. Abortion is never a "good" thing. But sometimes it is the only thing a woman can to do get herslef out of an untennable situation. In any event it is the hardest decision that any woman could ever face. The last thing she needs is someone like you telling her she doesn't have the right to do with her body as she chooses.
2003-03-25 07:52:59 PM  
The "Safe Haven" or "Secret Safe Place" thing has been around for a while. Alabama passed a law a few years ago.

On the surface, it is a great thing. However, Alabama's law says that you can drop off a child less than 72 hours old. At 73 hours, it's criminal.

I'm all for the program. If it saves one kid, which it has, it's worth it. Several people very close to me were adopted. One of them just found her birth family. And it leaves me no doubt that that mother did the right thing to give her up.

This asshat, however, has seen too many cartoons. She should be prosecuted, and ridiculed. Yes, the baby ended up in what turned out to be a safe place. But she had no way of knowing that.

Here's problems with California's law:

The 72 hour limit - The kid in the story was 3-5 days old.
Law was passed in 2001 - Has not yet been publicised

Very few "safe places" in that particular county (check the original story)

BTW, The Sac Bee evidently is not impressed with the law. Here's a story from Mar 10.

It looks like whoever the mother was realized she was in over her head, got scared, knew the baby was too old to be accepted as part of the state program (if she even knew about it, or could get to a place that could take the child) and looked for a nice place to leave the kid. She evidently checked to make sure there were people there. My guess is she was hiding nearby to make sure, then took off when they found the baby.

On second thought, maybe she should be given a break. At least it wasn't in a crackhouse. And at least the guy had the decency to call the cops. You'd be surprised how loathesome people can be.
2003-03-25 07:55:14 PM  
2003-03-25 08:35:59 PM  
DaCricket, I love that kitten pic in your bio. And I concur with most everything you said. Women need options.

Guiness, since I'm a mother, I am also aghast that any woman would abandon their child, but what's more important, prosecuting the mother or saving the life of the infant?

Xj14y, thanks for links. It seems to me that if this law isn't working (although, with 20 babies alive, I believe it is), it's because women aren't aware it's an option.
2003-03-25 10:40:43 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-25 10:59:02 PM  
DaCricket: You didn't read my post, did you? I KNOW abortions took place before they were legalized, but they tended to be hush-hush back then. You HAD to give birth, which is good. Now illegitimacy rates have risen because of, not in spite of, Roe. So has child abuse.

Now you have legalized murder of the unborn. Now you can treat your child as property and it's legal before birth. But then that attitude carries over onto children who have been born. I find it ironic that a mother who kills her newborn sees no difference between a child that's been born and one that's not.

It all goes back to the mindset that children are property. Now please read my previous post carefully, mmmkay?
2003-03-26 12:21:42 AM  
Alexandra good greif. Yes I did read your post and it says absouletly nothing about the history of abortion, except as I indicated before. Maybe you should go back and read your post, mmmkay?

As far as you other comment "illegitimacy rates have risen because of, not in spite of, Roe." If that's so wouldn't indicate fewer women are having abortions, and instead they are chosing to have a child (OMG!!!) "out-of-wedlock"???

And child abuse has RISEN since Roe vs Wade?? I doubt that. In fact I'd say odds are its just being REPORTED MORE. People used to turn a blind eye to a lot of things, spouse and child abouse being a couple of them. But if you really want to go that way with it, see my earlier comments (fewer women having abortions instead they are having the children).

And how, how, how, for the love of mike, is it "good" to tie a woman to a bed and force feed her for nine frickin' months so she has to carry a child to term??? How is it good to force women to go to back alley butchers where at best they may lose their ablity to EVER have children, and at worst they die leaving behind the families they already have??

You really do need to study your history. Wives and children were for many many years considered little more than the property of their husbands/fathers. Which is why the rich, white, male leaders of the US could make abortion illegal with out a single thought to the women this law would affect.

Oh yeah,

I don't know anyone who see a child as property. The fact that you could even suggest it is frightening. A child is a precious gift and and awesome responsibility, and if a woman knows she is not capable of dealing with one then she should have the option to do what she feels comfortable with.
2003-03-26 12:23:10 AM  
Thank you, Nemesmith! That was exactly what I thought when I saw the headline... I'm such a dork.
2003-03-26 12:26:48 AM  
If you don't want your child, get an abortion or put it up for adoption. Abandoning a child is a heinous crime, and the fact that it's done in a "safe" place doesn't make it any less so.
2003-03-26 03:37:56 AM  
Wow....true story..

When I was about 10, a lady left a baby on our doorstep. My mom took it in. It was a little tiny 3 mo. old baby. My mom reported it to social services and they actually asked her if she could care for the child for up to a year....(In case the mother came back and I'm sure because of their backload) my mom said of course! Well....six months went by and after days and days of care of this child by my mother, the real mom came back. She politely asked for her baby back, and said she had been going through a hard time. She said she noticed that my mom was a good mother because she lived in the neighborhood and saw how she actually played with her kids outside. Devastated, my mom gave the baby girl back to the mother.....

I hope my short lived little sister we named "Lil' Sally" is doing fine today.............
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