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(ABC News)   Woman robs house, forgets where her car is, calls 911   ( divider line
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2003-03-24 03:21:50 PM  
Wow, that's a lot of twists indeed. She must've been high.
2003-03-24 04:03:19 PM  
How sad...

who am I kidding--Bwaaahaaahaaahaaahaaaa
2003-03-24 04:03:32 PM  
Well isn't today just the day for classy, intelligent people in the news? 'Isn't' being the appropriate word.
2003-03-24 04:04:20 PM  
In the words of Nelson "Ha-HAH!"

that is my comment for the month. Till next.
2003-03-24 04:04:34 PM  
Best use of dumbass tag.
Go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.
2003-03-24 04:04:41 PM  
She will be judged and face burnination!
2003-03-24 04:08:25 PM  
In about 3 - 5 years, she'll just look back on this and laaaaauugh!!!!!
2003-03-24 04:08:43 PM  
She confessed to lying about her car being stolen, but how stupid do you have to be to tell them at the time you lost it you were committing a burglary? Make up something else you were doing.

Too bad she has already bred.
2003-03-24 04:09:27 PM  
same thing happened in arkansas a couple of years ago. man had his car stolen so he calls the police and says his child is in it (he doesnt have a child) they find it rather quickly but charge him with filling out a false report
2003-03-24 04:09:38 PM  
Ahhh... if there is one thing you can count on in this crazy, mixed up world, its the stupidity of members our species.

Holy cow... I've heard of stupid criminals, but that one might just take the cake.
2003-03-24 04:09:46 PM  
I'm surprised she got through. I thought she would have gotten stuck looking for the eleven on the telephone
2003-03-24 04:10:50 PM  
I wonder if Hallmark cards has something for this type of occasion.

"To my loving son,
Do you remember when I went to rob a house when you were three months old, then left you in the car, and I forgot where the car was ?
Well, neither do I ! Happy Birthday !"

2003-03-24 04:12:45 PM  
No better way to make a quick getaway than by leaving your getaway car a far distance from the crime. I guess she thought the baby could come pick her up. The person that stole her wallet is a hero.
2003-03-24 04:14:28 PM  
Skinink LOL, funny!
2003-03-24 04:16:29 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2003-03-24 04:20:15 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-24 04:22:48 PM  
Just another example of why you can't send a woman to do a man's job.
2003-03-24 04:23:10 PM  
I wouldn't be suprised if she burglarized her own house and called the police saying someone broke in. Bad case of split personality...indeed
"My wallet wasn't stolen, I just left it in my house"
2003-03-24 04:23:53 PM  
i did somthing like this, cept nothing was stolen, i didnt' rob anywhere, and i didn't have a kid...and it was in a mall parking garage.
2003-03-24 04:28:47 PM  
An additional bizarre twist to the story, while Kelly was allegedly burglarizing the Glenville home, her wallet was stolen from her unlocked car.

Attention people: this is an example of irony!
2003-03-24 04:30:35 PM  
now, i'm lost, when do the aliens come into play in this story?

and another thing, why is it that twists can only be bizarre or ironic? (excluding lemon and lime twists of course, which have no place in journalism.)
2003-03-24 04:32:04 PM  
Think about this.. most civilized nations have a birth rate lower than 2.0... meaning that the "educated" of the world are actually decreasing in numbers. Which means that we're slowly being over-taken by the baby-prolific unclean masses!! The plebes are coming! Run for the hills!
2003-03-24 04:36:49 PM  
It's like raieeeane
On your wedding day1
2003-03-24 04:36:55 PM  
Seize the child.
The mother is unfit.

And I am one of those college-educated members of a "civilized" nation who refuses to reproduce.
2003-03-24 04:43:53 PM  
This type of story is what fark is all about.
2003-03-24 04:51:53 PM  
How do you forget where you parked your car with your baby inside? She had to have been wigged out. Bigtime.


Me too.
2003-03-24 04:56:22 PM  
funny shiat, I tell ya...just funny
2003-03-24 04:57:06 PM  
Wow, this inspires me to start a pool. Place your bets, people: given the complexity of the situation, and her stupidity, there must be a connection to Florida. The question: what is her connection to Florida?

My money's on her being born and raised through early childhood there. Anybody want odds on that?
2003-03-24 04:59:21 PM  
i bet she's a single mother, has 2 other kids at home and another on the way. just a hunch, but i'd be willing to bet money on it.
2003-03-24 05:02:20 PM  
I'll thank all farkers for having read all the posts in this thread (or as few as there are on this thread so far), for not one of you having made a reference to "Dude, where's my car?". That is all.
2003-03-24 05:13:58 PM  
dude, where did i leave my car?
2003-03-24 06:18:09 PM  
Is my movie reference lost on everyone? I just want to know cuz it gives me another reason to drink.
2003-03-24 06:29:20 PM  
Riddil sez:
Think about this.. most civilized nations have a birth rate lower than 2.0... meaning that the "educated" of the world are actually decreasing in numbers. Which means that we're slowly being over-taken by the baby-prolific unclean masses!! The plebes are coming! Run for the hills!

Is this really a concern? This dumbass was likely born and raised in a civilized country... I'd love to see her stay well below 2.0 (although it seems she's already halfway there).
2003-03-24 06:39:12 PM  
Oh dem crazy crack heads.
2003-03-24 07:31:44 PM  
And to translate for ABC's poor spelling and lack to use spellcheck, 'seach' = search. So a dumbass wrote a story about another dumbass...interesting
2003-03-24 07:46:44 PM  
its like a black fly in your chardonnay....shiat, wait nevermind.
2003-03-24 08:28:42 PM  
Forget irony..more like karma.
2003-03-24 09:44:33 PM  
I am really suprised this woman isn't from around here, because I swear we have had people exactly like her living around us in various neighborhoods from day one.
2003-03-24 11:23:59 PM  
My town makes Fark!
2003-03-25 12:05:18 AM  
At times like this it seems the
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tag is not strong enough. How about 'Double dumbass' on you.

[image from too old to be available]
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