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(Sydney Morning Herald)   It looks like Walken won the Oscar last night after all.   ( divider line
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2003-03-24 01:19:59 PM  
GOOD! He deserved it!
2003-03-24 01:20:11 PM  
Jigga wha? How can this be?
2003-03-24 01:20:16 PM  
2003-03-24 01:20:26 PM  
About damn time.
2003-03-24 01:20:48 PM  
Those wacky Aussies.
2003-03-24 01:21:09 PM  
Ahem, this is dated February 24th...
2003-03-24 01:21:36 PM  

How about a "Our picks for..." or "In Bizarro World" you crazy .au'sies...
2003-03-24 01:22:29 PM  
That would be cool if Christopher Walken was nominated and he went on stage with a Fark Off! T-shirt.
2003-03-24 01:22:37 PM  
Cowbells are ringing all around the world in celebration.
2003-03-24 01:23:25 PM  
Are the film awards in Australia also called the Oscars, perhaps?

There are plenty of differences: Philip Glass winning for score, Daniel Day-Lewis for Best Actor, etc.
2003-03-24 01:24:16 PM  
Now I can finally break out that cham-pahn-yeh!

Look at my beautiful art. I bought it from Target.
2003-03-24 01:25:55 PM  
That'll be the list of BAFTA winners then?

British Academy of Film & Television Awards
2003-03-24 01:26:01 PM  
The Pianist won best film? Wow, I guess the Aussies love their child-raping directors.
2003-03-24 01:26:33 PM  
And the winner in the category "I don't give a farking rats ass about the Oscar's is"......
2003-03-24 01:27:07 PM  

Are the film awards in Australia also called the Oscars, perhaps?

Huh? Yes, That must be the answer. I would hope so anyway.
2003-03-24 01:28:13 PM  
Must have been awarded by french judges originally
2003-03-24 01:28:17 PM  
That's the British Academy Awards they were reporting on. FYI.
2003-03-24 01:28:20 PM  
These are the British Oscar winners from last month.
2003-03-24 01:28:36 PM  
Also curious that this comes from FEBRUARY 24.
2003-03-24 01:29:57 PM  
It is sad but he didn't win...sorry...

Best Film: "Chicago"
Best Director: Roman Polanski ("The Pianist")

Best Actor: Adrien Brody ("The Pianist")
Best Actress: Nicole Kidman ("The Hours")

Best Supporting Actor: Chris Cooper ("Adaptation")
Best Supporting Actress: Catherine Zeta-Jones ("Chicago")

Best Foreign Film: "Nowhere in Africa"
Best Animated Film: "Spirited Away"

Best Original Screenplay: Pedro Almodóvar ("Talk to Her")
Best Adapted Screenplay: Ronald Harwood ("The Pianist"),

Best Art Direction: "Chicago"
Best Cinematography: "Road to Perdition"
Best Editing: "Chicago"

Best Costumes: "Chicago"
Best Make-Up: "Frida"
Best Visual Effects: "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers"

Best Documentary Feature: "Bowling for Columbine"
Best Documentary Short: "Twin Towers"
Best Short Film: "This Charming Man"
Best Short Film (Animated): "The ChubbChubbs"

Best Sound: "Chicago"
Best Sound Editing: "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers"

Best Music Score: "Frida"
Best Song: "Lose Yourself" by Eminem ("8 Mile")
2003-03-24 01:31:46 PM  
You know, I saw both of those movies (Adaptation, Catch Me if you Can) and Cooper and Walken were both terrific. I think I would give a slight edge to Walken, but Cooper winning isn't anything like "Forrest Gump" beating "Pulp Fiction," and "Shawshank Redemption" " in the same year...
2003-03-24 01:34:44 PM  
This is just the kind of Historical Revisionism, I'd expect from the Fascist Australians.

In other news Adrien Brody won last night's "I hit it in front of 1 billion people" award.

You're welcome Ms. Berry.
2003-03-24 01:38:48 PM  
Hey, Solcofn, thanks for needlessly repeating info found in an earlier thread. And thanks for reading earlier posts in this thread, so you'd know it's the British Academy Awards.
2003-03-24 01:39:38 PM  
can someone a little more familiar with the law explain how roman polanski hasn't been extradited from france or wherever he lives now?
2003-03-24 01:39:43 PM  
see the date at the top of the page? Feb 24th... must've been predictions...
2003-03-24 01:40:05 PM  
Musicals should be barred from consideration of "Best" anything. Other than "Best excuse to gather a crowd of talentless hacks in hopes the building will collapse and strengthen the gene pool."
2003-03-24 01:40:12 PM  
My bad...I suck.
2003-03-24 01:41:54 PM  
It's been a bountiful week of Walken. SNL last week, 2 of his previous SNL appearances on Comedy Central over the weekend, and last night Mystery Channel ran Prophecy. Delicious.

Is there Centaur Pornography? Tell me, if you saw a horse from behind, a beautiful horse, but couldn't see the neck or head because it was hidden, maybe behind a piece of cardboard or say, a door, and you really couldn't tell if it was another centaur or just a regular horse, would you have sex with it?
2003-03-24 01:43:33 PM  
speaking of mistakes.. does cuba gooding have the worst agent in the world??? he wins the oscar and goes on to make 'snow dogs', 'rat race' and the gay cruise movie thats out now...
2003-03-24 01:45:34 PM  
At least the aussies love the Cowbell!!
2003-03-24 01:50:06 PM  
2003-03-24 01:56:56 PM  
I think the Iraqis got at it.
2003-03-24 01:57:50 PM  
February 24 2003

Dare to dream...
2003-03-24 01:59:50 PM  
You gotta hand it to Polanski...from his controversial technique of getting over his wife's murder by medicating and humping slutty teens to Best Director. Bravo!(?)

No wonder Jacques Chirac loves him. Explains much....
2003-03-24 02:00:11 PM  
Sorry, but the award went to Christopher Cooper for "Adaptations".
2003-03-24 02:00:36 PM  
What did Chris Cooper play in Adaptation? Was he Larouche? If he was, then that was a damned good role and he deserved to win.

I'm still happy that Spirited Away won animated feature. It deserved it more than the other movies.
2003-03-24 02:00:50 PM  
As for Polanski, I'm going to speak out of my behind on this one. Extradition is based on both countries having the same criminal laws; for instance, draft dodgers in the Vietnam War couldnot be extradited to the USA because Canada does not have a draft. Polanksi, though committing statutory rape in the United States, fled to France, which may very well have had an age of consent of 12 or so, putting him in the clear there.

Then again, the USA might simply have never tried to extradite him.
2003-03-24 02:02:20 PM  
>> There are plenty of differences: Philip Glass winning for score

[image from too old to be available]

Best composer evah.
2003-03-24 02:02:44 PM  
Is this Fox News???? ;D
2003-03-24 02:05:04 PM  
Walken deserved an Oscar for "Country Bears" but he wasn't even nominated for that movie. I smell a Hollywood conspiracy.
2003-03-24 02:05:12 PM  
>> There are plenty of differences: Philip Glass winning for score

Best composer evah.

Well, Mozart is spinning in his grave, but damn, Philip Glass' music is hypnotizing. Did you listen to Akhnaten?
2003-03-24 02:06:01 PM  
2003-03-24 02:07:09 PM

Dated "tomorrow"...
2003-03-24 02:07:42 PM  
ClamboyVinyl: It was a horse!
2003-03-24 02:21:57 PM  
Has anyone here seen "My Wrongs 8245-8249 and 117"'s Chris Morris's short film..I've been hearing good stuff about it.

And yes, Philip Glass rocks. His score for the Hours seems a little generic for him, but generic for him is still leaps and bounds over others.
2003-03-24 02:43:00 PM  
DeathOfRats you can get it for £7 on DVD in the UK and it is very good. Chris Morris is a genius
2003-03-24 03:21:00 PM  
I heard that someones boobie popped out last night, can anyone confirm/deny this?
2003-03-24 03:21:32 PM  
Pope_Urban: yep, he got one heck of a bonus prize to go with his Oscar. Adrian Brody got the Best Actor Oscar, got a nice long liplock with Hallie Berry, and spoke out against the horrors of war. How cool is that?! Deserves the Hero tag!
2003-03-24 03:22:03 PM  
Anyone else think it was total bullshiat that Brotherhood of the Wolf wasn't even nominated for Best Foreign Film?
2003-03-24 03:32:26 PM  
Yeah i guess those were predictions.. if you go through the normal procedure to get to the oscar list you get a different page. This is the original link:

And this what we should have actually seen :)
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