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(Washington Post)   Coors Light it ain't: More "extreme beers" come on the market, including an IPA that aged for two months on a mackerel trawler and an ale with 225 bitterness units but only 1.1 percent alcohol   ( divider line
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2009-11-18 10:49:30 PM  

squidgod2000: Luthiel: VetteLT193: I'll take my Coors Light any day over any of the fag-fest beers that only yuppies would pay for. Coors Light is a constant in my Kegerator.... 1 of the 4 kegs in it anyway.

Keep your fizzy yellow piss-water... it means more real beer for the rest of us.

What he said.

We have Arrogant Bastard, and Smutty IPA on draft..

(as well as Boddington's, Switchback, Smutty Imperial Stout, Old Speckled Hen, Otter Creek Vermont Lager and Trout River Rainbow Red.)
2009-11-19 12:38:28 AM  
Everything that I intended to say has been said.
Well done.

zuce, my wife owes me a kegerator since I had to get rid of my old tri-tap because it would not fit in the new condo. (Happy wife, happy life).

And for you IPA folks, here is my Stellar IPA
2009-11-19 02:03:20 AM  

BKITU: an ale with 225 bitterness units but only 1.1 percent alcohol


To quote Yatzee

"As the leper's wife said 'where's the bloody point?!!'"
2009-11-19 07:31:16 AM  

TheOtherOne79: Sapper_Topo: This thread fails for not enough pics of the BEST beer in the world... Delirium Tremens


/there was a vote
//or something

Hey, I'm drinking one right now.

/Not that I have a problem or anything.
//It took way too many attempts to type that first sentence out.
///Stop moving the keys you idiot
////What do you mean, valid login?
2009-11-19 08:54:59 AM  

sarasotarockstar: OMG THIS. I would KILL to get some of that. I import Great Lakes down here to Florida from a place in Chicago.

Other beergeek notes on the thread...

- Southern Tier is my favorite all around brewery. Nice to see them make the thread. Wish we got it down here

- Founders Kentucky Breakfast is yummy too. I imported a four pack for me and my groomsmen to have as breakfast "coffee" the day of my wedding

- Cigar City Brewing here in Tampa is FANTASTIC. Starting to branch out...if you see it, check it out

Finally, this is the best beer I've ever had. Extreme, black as night and DELICIOUS.

Indeed, those sound like some good stuff. I'll keep an eye out.
Have you ever tried Alesmith's Speedway Stout? It's a heavy coffee/chocolate stout that's 12% ABV, and comes in a champagne bottle. They also make a version of it in bourbon barrels (Brewer's Reserve Speedway Stout) which is just incredible.
2009-11-19 11:12:25 AM  
My brother and I started brewing a few years ago, but have not done one yet this year and it's November, sigh. Used to live a few blocks from him and now live about 45 minutes away. Oh well. The wife and I are building our first house, and she wants me to put in a bar with a tap, and she doesn't even drink that much beer, Happy Times. Anyways, my brother and I tried Sam Adams Triple Bock and Chocolate Bock last year. We couldn't finish the triple, both thought it was terrible. Has anyone tried the Utopias? Is it worth the price?
2009-11-19 11:58:24 AM  

laars: zuce

I use wyeast #2035 (american lager). I ferment at room temp (65).

Be warned. This beer goes down like a light, crisp beer with a hint of honey, but its more like a barley wine than a beer. Introducing friends to the honeybrew is always fun. Last guy we found the next morning 3 miles away from the house walking the wrong direction. Still plastered.
2009-11-19 12:55:40 PM  

zuce: Dual tap independent regulators so I can force carbonate 1 while serving on the other.

Right now I have hard dry cider and honeybrew on tap. The dry cider is from an apple orchard close by. Buy 5 gallons and add champagne yeast. Only get to make it during the fall. The honeybrew is an adapted recipe I gave earlier. It is a legend among my friends for its ability to get people on their ass drunk.

/loves beer (and cider), proud of it.

That "hard" cider is probably only about 5.5-6%. Plus champagne yeast takes forever to clear.

Apple juice- 2lbs corn sugar- Sweet Mead yeast. .996- still carbs and is deadly at over 9%
2009-11-19 01:57:45 PM  

An-Unnecessarily-Long-Name: That "hard" cider is probably only about 5.5-6%. Plus champagne yeast takes forever to clear.
Apple juice- 2lbs corn sugar- Sweet Mead yeast. .996- still carbs and is deadly at over 9%

5-6% is what I am going for. 9% sounds more like apple wine or the precursor to brandy.
Sweet mead yeast would probably work better but pasteur red champagne is $1 a packet and hasnt failed me yet. It does take awhile to clear tho, but I condition for a few months anyways.
"Hard" cider is the term I use because cider is a non-alcoholic beverage for most people in the US. The rest of the world would call it dry cider.
2009-11-19 02:10:14 PM  
ahh true enough. The rest of the world Cider is always alcoholic.
2009-11-20 01:25:22 PM  
my favorite beers are: McSorley's Dark, Smithwick's, Abita Amber, Negra Modelo, and Budweiser.
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