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(Den Of Geek)   Roland Emmerich's 2012 reviewed: "After two more hours of skyscrapers collapsing, tidal waves consuming cities and the ground generally being torn asunder, the slightest sniff of one trick pony-ism does start to permeate"   ( divider line
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2009-11-09 04:58:05 PM  
No, they're not gonna have a plot. But the point in this thread is right on - they do go with the "OMG he JUST made it!" shots way too much. No one is that lucky. That's one of the reasons that a film like Jurassic Park was better than some of these disaster movies - a lot of people buy while some make it.

\will probably wait for the download, a bit too busy coming up for me....
2009-11-09 05:20:12 PM  

Brown Sauce: Soooo, smoke a joint before the movie? Will do.

Just remember to smoke two joints before you smoke two joints.

/And then you smoke two more.
2009-11-09 06:43:58 PM  
I saw an ad for this movie one night and then had a dream where I was almost hit by a giant block of CGI.

2009-11-09 07:27:48 PM  

drewkumo: Too bad he was too much of a pussy to destroy the Kaaba.

This. What a load of shiat.
2009-11-09 10:41:24 PM  
I need a 2012 bunker, just to hide from the dumb people for the next three years.
2009-11-09 10:58:50 PM  

icebergcomics: I still remember seeing independence day on July 2nd at a sneak preview. The whole audience was absolutely silent after the alien attack. It's the last time I remember being in a movie theater and having the entire audience riveted.

What's even weirder is when 1/2 the theatre starts clapping when the president fires the dumbass advisor guy (zomg we can't defeat aliens). Only time I seen that happen.
2009-11-10 12:47:18 AM  

Heroic Poser: Spade: I demand to know why they show USS JFK crushing the white house whilst hornets slide off her deck.

Especially considering the JFK isn't in the Navy anymore.

Because an earlier article said he was reading a book about JFK and wanted symbolize JFK returning to the White House.

That really would be a disaster, I suppose.
2009-11-10 02:05:05 AM  

BEER_ME_in_CT: LATER MOVIE SNOBS! Stay home with a Box of tissues and watch The Notebook again.

more room at he theater for me. Cant Wait!

This. A tip of my hat to you, sir.
2009-11-10 07:03:03 AM  

notmtwain: ////I have to wonder what the joy is in trashing something you haven't seen

So you're saying Roland Emmerich has never been to the Vatican, Paris, or Rio?
2009-11-10 11:15:37 AM  

cluelessguru: schattenteufel: jdog71: schattenteufel:

The "McDonald's of movies" needs to be shut down before they ruin the industry for everyone.

Let me get this straight. Everyone should stop seeing fun movies so there's more money for independent films? 90% of "independent" films are not very good. And you can't force everyone to go watch "art" by minimizing their choices.

Truth is: people just want to be entertained. And if people like "low-brow' stuff (I'm looking at you Scary Movie fans), it doesn't mean that they have no taste. It just means that they like different things.

I like independent films. I also wish more of them had explosions. I like explosions.

So 2012, has explosions? I'm there. And when I'm home I'll turn on IFC and see what's cookin'.

But don't judge me. I like to be entertained. And that doesn't always mean I like to be challenged.

Some people do crosswords for fun. Some people ride rollercoasters.

I like both.

The problem is: the "rollercoasters" aren't fun anymore; they're just the same old loops & hills over & over. There's nothing new to them. They're not interesting. They're not challenging, they're just stupid.

You can't tell me that "Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen" was fun, I mean honestly. It was stupid. It was like torture watching it. Had I not been at the theater with friends, I would have walked out. It was like it was written by a couple of 13 year old boys. The special effects were an assault to the senses, flashing by so fast & blurry it was nearly impossible to make heads or tails of what was going on.

This new 2012 movie is the same; special effects ad-nausium shouldn't cover for the lack of worthwhile plot. It's sad.

I'm not against blockbuster films, I'm against *bad* blockbuster films that make so much money that studios want to make nothing but.
I liked District 9. I liked Batman: The Dark Knight. I liked Casino Royale. They were fun AND still well-written good films.
2009-11-11 12:29:57 PM  

eagles95: Mugato: eagles95: I personally like Catholic High School Girls in Trouble.

And the copious amount of boobies don't exist in today's movies, rated R or not. The violence in PG-13 movies however has been ramped up. What's happening to our society?

5/10....i was almost all the way in

Huh? I wasn't trolling. I don't troll. There are almost no bobbies in movies anymore. Violence in non R rated movies is way up. Now I don't mind the increase of violence but what happened to the boobies?
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