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(   President Bush attacked Iraq because he was scared Saddam Hussein would use technology from crashed alien spaceship   ( divider line
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2003-03-21 12:29:31 AM  
Alternate opinion:

At least WE'LL be in control of the StarGate when the Annunaki return in May to re-assess their copper mining operations.

2003-03-21 12:29:49 AM  
Okay, they explain how GW jr found out, but then how did Clinton know about the aliens.

2003-03-21 12:30:21 AM  
The war...
It's all about Alien Technology.

There... I said it.
2003-03-21 12:30:55 AM  
finally CNN took a break from the 3 hour tank ride.. Are they using a Quick Cam and Net Meeting for that?
2003-03-21 12:31:17 AM  
Just when I thought my life couldn't possibly become surreal, I am enlightened to the fact that Saddam has UFO weapons and fighting capabilities. America, you've misled me!
2003-03-21 12:32:37 AM  
I can't wait until archeologists can get in there. A wealth of info is waiting.
2003-03-21 12:32:52 AM  
Has anyone noticed how royally farked up these alien starships are? They're constantly crashing. Siberia, 1906 -- Roswell, 1948 -- now Iraq -- I'm sure there are others.

So think about it: you've designed ships capable of safely and quickly navigating the unimaginable immensity of interstellar space. They don't explode and when they go beyond c, they don't destroy the universe.

And yet once they get here, BAM! It's like the Libyans were packing the luggage.

2003-03-21 12:34:45 AM  
Has the whole world just gone stupid, or is it just me?

Nice little double entendre there.
2003-03-21 12:34:53 AM  
Looks like Dubya and I get our military advice from the same source:
[image from too old to be available]

2003-03-21 12:35:34 AM  

Well, just as we get crappy cars, sometimes you get a lemon spacecraft.

Shti happens.
2003-03-21 12:35:39 AM  
I love how easily swayed the moderators are. With hardly any evidence at all, they go ahead and change the tag from "unlikely" to "obvious." Ahh, if only it were the Fark Moderators who had veto power on the UN security council....
2003-03-21 12:36:52 AM  
Of course.. its so obvious now!
2003-03-21 12:37:24 AM  
I used to buy the Truth to get the WWF poster of the week... ummm when I was a kid. I could imagine a Truth reporter would find this an "interesting" guy to write about... let alone finding the guy had anything "meaningful" or/and "truthful" to submit. I would rather read the Daily Planet.
2003-03-21 12:37:41 AM  
Said the frazzled Mr. Bush: "I overheard Saddam talking about Uranus!"
2003-03-21 12:37:55 AM  
You mean it's NOT true?
2003-03-21 12:38:20 AM  
extract from Saddam's Xbox diary that explains his superiority complex:
"You can also get the strangest insights into other people's lives.

During one midday session of a game I heard one gamer in the United States talking to his young daughter, saying: "Honey, go and wake up mommy and tell her she has to get up for work."
2003-03-21 12:39:34 AM  
You know, that's just about the most sensible thing I've heard yet on the subject. And that's really sad.
2003-03-21 12:39:35 AM  
tell us something we don't know.
2003-03-21 12:40:14 AM  
AhGodUSmellThat I spent the summer of 1995 in Safut, Jordan on a dig. The big deal always was "It's such a shame we can't go to Iraq to find ..." or "to excavate ... " Can't wait for a liberated Mesopotamia.
2003-03-21 12:42:06 AM  
Even My dog was laughing at that one.
2003-03-21 12:42:22 AM  
I'm wearing my AFDB as we speak.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-21 12:43:34 AM  

who is that chick??
2003-03-21 12:44:16 AM  
eh? Sounds more believable than what Bush is saying.
2003-03-21 12:45:49 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

The Iraqi statement said it was an expression of Iraq's "firm determination to teach the criminal invaders, hard lessons and make them taste bitter pain."

..doesn't this sound like something an alien would say? maybe saddam and his henchmen ARE aliens!
2003-03-21 12:45:50 AM  
Duh! Thought this was common knowledge.
2003-03-21 12:49:01 AM  
Ohhhhh... okay... everything makes much more sense now...
2003-03-21 12:49:45 AM  
No Blood for Alien Technology
No Blood for Alien Technology
No Blood for Alien Technology
No Blood for Alien Technology
No Blood for Alien Technology............oh well I tried.
2003-03-21 12:50:08 AM  
This makes more sense than anything I've heard from the peace movement.
2003-03-21 12:51:40 AM  
maybe saddam and his henchmen ARE aliens!

You know, I thought there was something weird about Saddam's speech broadcast video. Now that I think about it, I can recall seeing antennae sticking out of Saddam's head... Now everything makes perfect sense. Trippy.
2003-03-21 12:53:07 AM  
If you stare long enough at any of these talking heads, they all start to look like aliens.
2003-03-21 12:55:26 AM  
Finally someone is making some sense out of this war.
(starts talking to a broom)
2003-03-21 12:59:50 AM  
Weird, wild, stuff.
2003-03-21 01:00:40 AM  
The journalistic integrity of makes me want to cry. And then suffer from explosive diarrhoea.

(... and I live in NZ)
2003-03-21 01:03:10 AM  
03-20-03 06:05:07 PM Suebhoney
That sounds more like Reagan to me. I mean come on, aliens? Angels, well then, that would be different for GWB.

[image from too old to be available]

I got nothin.
2003-03-21 01:05:10 AM  
It will be incredible when we can dig in that area, I just hope he hasn't built his "palaces" on some really rich grounds.
2003-03-21 01:06:29 AM  
best use of obvious tag ever.
2003-03-21 01:06:51 AM  
wow. this should have gotten a scary tag. i really pray that our troops don't get any alien technology used against them.
2003-03-21 01:06:55 AM  
Sadam.... reverse engineer this...

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-21 01:10:37 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

I couldn't resist.
2003-03-21 01:10:53 AM  
it sure could explain why every guy in iraq seems to be a large swarthy man with a thick black moustache; theyre all clones...
2003-03-21 01:11:46 AM  
well I for one welcome our new alien masters and look forward to proving my usefullness as a worker in the salt mines of uranus and a breeder for future human worker drone stock.
2003-03-21 01:18:46 AM  
sounds about of as good as a reason as the one thats being used.
2003-03-21 01:18:56 AM  
Best use of Obvious tag ever.
2003-03-21 01:20:19 AM  
I just appreciate that this story got the "obvious" tag :)
2003-03-21 01:22:55 AM  
I heard Saddam was also trying to get his hands on the Ark of the Covenant. Good thing Indiana Jones stopped him.
2003-03-21 01:25:16 AM  
All I asked was for a story without a liberal or conservative agenda and this is what I get! Ah paranoid tinfoilhat-donners, the always forgotten third option.
2003-03-21 01:25:29 AM  
Big deal. The alien weapons are more powerful, but they overheat WAY too fast and ammo is a biatch to find. I like to stick to the basics.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-21 01:25:33 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-21 01:28:02 AM  
Dreadnaught That is Katherine Heigl
2003-03-21 01:30:43 AM  
This is funny because it makes more sense than the reasons given to us. IE, Saddam is a threat, We care about WMD, Its not about oil or Israel.

You believers are the real Tin-foil hat wear'ers!
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