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(Fox News) NewsFlash Iraqis light up two oil fields   ( divider line
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213 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Mar 2003 at 10:51 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-20 10:55:02 AM  
farking morons..."If we can't have it, no one will"
2003-03-20 10:55:04 AM  
Well, here we go. GO US. We are in for it now.
2003-03-20 10:55:42 AM  
Unoriginal bastards.
2003-03-20 10:55:46 AM  
Yea, who didn't expect this. They pulled this same crap before. What do they think this will do, lower our morale?
2003-03-20 10:55:50 AM  

Two for the pink, one for the stink.
2003-03-20 10:55:59 AM  
Fire bad!!
2003-03-20 10:56:46 AM  
How can we dance when the Earth is turnin'
How can we sleep while the oil is burning
2003-03-20 10:56:46 AM  
No, really. Why? Even from an Iraqi point of view that must be just plain stupid.
2003-03-20 10:56:50 AM  
Something to keep our boys warm at night
2003-03-20 10:57:01 AM  
Everyone knew this would happen.
2003-03-20 10:57:08 AM  
Oh no! We get all our oil from Ira-- wait, we don't get any oil from Iraq!
2003-03-20 10:57:09 AM  
2003-03-20 10:57:14 AM  
Gee..........look at the look of surprise on my face. :| really.....look at it............. :|
2003-03-20 10:57:16 AM  
To the victors go the spoils of war.

If you're losing, I guess you spoil the spoils...
2003-03-20 10:57:21 AM  
Haha, oh man, Cheney must be pissed now. Break out the Defibs y'all, we may have a kicker!

Anyway, here's hoping Fox News makes a rare mistake in this case. First time for everything, right?
2003-03-20 10:57:28 AM  
WARNING: Burnination in progress!
2003-03-20 10:57:36 AM  
So what, I've already lit up two doobs this morning, and I don't see FOX News beating down MY door! Oh shi.... oh no, it's okay, that was just my mom.
2003-03-20 10:58:06 AM  
I'll wait until I see this on CNN
2003-03-20 10:58:11 AM  
Weaps, we get a lot of oil from Iraq. They're one of the top ten exporters to the US, even with the sanctions on.
2003-03-20 10:58:12 AM  
They're only hurtung themselves
2003-03-20 10:58:16 AM  
How do they sniff panty?
2003-03-20 10:58:28 AM  
Great, just great. Why stop at pissing off the world when you can go for broke and piss off nature?
I give it another 4 years before the ecosystem makes a virus that will knock the shiat out of our over-medicated, over-protected and sheltered society.
2003-03-20 10:58:52 AM  
Is red adair dead yet? send in the old geezer.
2003-03-20 10:58:57 AM  
That took way longer than execpted.
2003-03-20 10:59:17 AM  
Well, at least the Cheney and Bush families won't go broke because of this war. The rest of us will, though.
2003-03-20 10:59:29 AM  
Actually, the page says 2 Oil wells, not fields.

2003-03-20 10:59:31 AM  
Those aren't oil wells!!!! It's......TROGDOR!
2003-03-20 10:59:40 AM  
Florida retaliates by chopping down orange trees.
2003-03-20 10:59:41 AM  
The Russians used to resort to a "scorched earth" policy to deter invaders. They would burn crops and villages a they retreated. However, I don't think the "scorched desert" is going to have the same effect.
2003-03-20 10:59:44 AM  
But we're not after their oil, so what do we care?
2003-03-20 10:59:56 AM  
I am SHOCKED that Saddam would do something like that. Wasn't once enough? Time to call up the Hellfighters again.
2003-03-20 11:00:18 AM  
Oil - Oil everywhere and not a drop to refine, load on a ridiculously huge tanker, ship 1/2 way around the world - leaking all the way, pump into trucks, trucked to your local Shell station, guzzled up by a soccer mom's forest green Expedition.
2003-03-20 11:00:20 AM  
I'll wait until I see this on CNN

Yeah becasue you can't believe ANYTHING you hear from FoxNews.
2003-03-20 11:00:20 AM  
More missiles just launched into Kuwait.
2003-03-20 11:00:26 AM  
Some of you geeks are so eager to get something posted on Fark, that you're linking webpages that don't have an article about which you are talking. This is the second in a row. We can all watch TV, you know.
2003-03-20 11:00:35 AM  
2003-03-20 11:00:38 AM  
How many hours before they blame the US saying that we did it?
2003-03-20 11:00:51 AM  
2003-03-20 11:01:21 AM  
I'll wait until I see this on CNN

BTW, CNN has been a distant second FOX for breaking news. Wait, if you must. and wait.......
2003-03-20 11:01:59 AM  
So what, I've already lit up two doobs this morning, and I don't see FOX News beating down MY door! Oh shi.... oh no, it's okay, that was just my mom.

2003-03-20 11:02:40 AM  
We all knew this was going to happen. No surprises here.
2003-03-20 11:02:55 AM  
CNN has just verified the 2 oil wells on fire and Turkey has allowed U.S. to use their airbases.
2003-03-20 11:02:55 AM  
As much I as trust FOX as a reliable non bias source of news.......

i'll wait til I see this elsewhere.

Not that I would be surprised if some wells were lit up.
2003-03-20 11:02:56 AM  
NPR is reporting:

1) the oil well fires as well. Go there for accurate reporting.

2) the Saddam video isn't him, but a look-a-like.. hmm.

3) Troops to be combat-ready in 30 mins...
2003-03-20 11:03:02 AM  
Pr2 Florida retaliates by chopping down orange trees

That's awesome
2003-03-20 11:03:26 AM usually beats CNN to major stories by about 10-15 minutes ... gotta love it.
2003-03-20 11:03:30 AM  
Could this be the chemical warfare Saddam was said to unleash on attackers? Lighting a few candles in the desert and hoping the fumes blow in the right direction.

Weapons of misdirection, masturbation, tax reduction?
2003-03-20 11:03:50 AM  
From Henry V for any (unlikely) Iraqi Farkers:

What say you? Will you yield, and this avoid,
Or, guilty in defence, be thus destroy'd?
2003-03-20 11:03:53 AM  
I just keep myself amused thinking of some poor slob who bought a nice bungalow in south Baghdad in some government development. Nice place, don't know about that steel door in the basement, but he's got it tricked out pretty nice. Then some government wanker shows up yesterday and says "The President would like to sleep in your home tonight!!". Well what an honour - and you're going to put me up in a hotel for the night?! Wonderful!

I wonder how my bungalow would look after 40 Tomahawks were finished with it...
2003-03-20 11:03:58 AM  
I work down the hall from a petroleum engineering firm who sent the folks over to put these things out the last time this happened. They did the coordination in Kuwait's Burgan field. Maybe I'll go down there and give Keith the heads-up if they're not already on airplanes, that is :)
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