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(Some Mason)   Monday morning commuters mortarfied to find traffic aggregated behind bricks spilled on highway   ( divider line
    More: Scary, route, Washington County, highways, traffic, McDonald, exhaust, skies  
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2009-11-02 02:11:26 PM  
Subby must be stoned.
2009-11-02 02:39:25 PM  
I was hopeful. I hoped this was the start of a funny pun about mortars.

2009-11-02 03:26:35 PM  
Subby is a blockhead. We need a "Grout-the-Submitter" button.
2009-11-02 03:29:01 PM  

tomo12144: I was hopeful. I hoped this was the start of a funny pun about mortars.


It's too bad you got your hopes piled up, but the odds were stacked against you.
2009-11-02 03:45:23 PM  

/God I suck at this game.
//Nobody's made any puns about getting laid?
2009-11-02 03:52:33 PM  
They're way was blocked, I assume.
2009-11-02 06:06:50 PM  
You think they shiat bricks?
2009-11-02 06:11:27 PM  

DeadZone: You think they shiat bricks?

Someone finally saw it.
2009-11-02 06:12:48 PM  
The truck driver was obviously a NASCAR fan.
2009-11-02 06:13:08 PM  
(copy and paste)
2009-11-02 06:14:10 PM  
... the mortar, the merrier?
2009-11-02 06:15:21 PM  
I'd shiat bricks if I ran over a bunch of them.
2009-11-02 06:16:33 PM  
Driving down eastbound I-40 to work this morning I saw a bunch of cars in front of me with brake lights on just after the NC55 exit. There was a few dozen garbage bags in the road (none of them intact and all of them having spewed their trash all over) and a rear-end collision in the middle of it.

Must suck to get into an accident because you slammed on your brakes to avoid hitting the Glad bag and the guy behind you was following too close.
2009-11-02 06:20:35 PM  
So I take it the traffic started building up?
2009-11-02 07:18:50 PM  
They had to find a different grout to work.
2009-11-02 07:22:42 PM  
Subby is a hoopy frood who really knows where his trowel is.
2009-11-02 07:25:49 PM  
The driver stuck behind the truck was driving a BMW. How do I know? Because the bricks were on the inside.
2009-11-02 07:26:26 PM  
How's THIS for a fancy nickname: So I take it the traffic started building up?

Okay. THAT had me laughing like a goon.

/well done!
2009-11-02 07:43:31 PM  
Orlando had something similar in October (new window)

We just had this last month. When I drove through the mess, there were approximately 25 cars on the sides of the road. Radio stated about 30, then revised to 150! Caused quite a mess.
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