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(FC)   ClearChannel radio has banned these songs from being played as a result of the WTC crisis   ( divider line
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9399 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Sep 2001 at 6:28 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-17 10:12:09 PM  
PuppyPieChef: Removing it for the sake of continuity is all well and good, though it still seems absurd to me. I was under the impression that they were removing it from shows and movies set *before* Sept 11, 2001. I probably overreacted on that one.

As for continuity: Are all the characters from "Friends" going to discuss the attack, for the sake of continuity? After all, it's going to be talked about in New York for quite some time. Are they going to knock out one of the windows on that coffee shop where they all like to hang out? How close is that supposed t be from the site of the WTC, anyway? I'd rather assume they were all killed in the attack and cancel the show.
2001-09-17 10:14:15 PM  
PuppyPieChef - just for the record, that version of "Leaving on a Jet Plane" is not by Bjork. It's by Chantal Kreviazuk. She does sound a bit like Bjork I'll admit.
2001-09-17 10:17:45 PM  
I think "Friends" is going to end soon anyway, but I'm sure that they've already finished the taping of this seasons episodes.

On another note, I wonder if they will ever play the epidosde of Simpsons where Homer get's the boot put on his car between the WTC towers.
2001-09-17 10:20:26 PM  
Since two people were seen jumping out of the WTC while holding hands, I suggest that the Beatles' "I Want To Hold Your Hand" also be banned. Did anything hit the building at an angle of 98 degrees? Good. I want that entire group of jackholes banned from the airwaves. Jefferson Airplane? Fark them too. And what about Pink Floyd's "Learning to Fly?"
2001-09-17 10:22:35 PM  
I think at this point I will remind you folks to LISTEN TO COLLEGE RADIO in your area. Lots of good music with folks that aren't afraid to explore emotions with their listeners.

WRUW 91.1 FM in Cleveland!! WOOT!
2001-09-17 10:26:38 PM  
I find the best answer to this problem is to go out to a little Indy record store and stock up on some good local/indy record labal bands and listen to them on your CD, tape, record, or 8-track player.

If you don't like what they're playing (or in this case not playing) on the radio, then TURN THE DAMN THING OFF!!!
2001-09-17 10:29:19 PM  
I couldn't stand reading past the Beatles songs they banned. FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE, "TICKET TO RIDE"?!
2001-09-17 10:31:27 PM  
Ironically, everything by Einsturzende Neubauten can still be played.
2001-09-17 10:35:40 PM  
when we say that stuff "still can be played," though, we're assuming it was played, at all, by clearchannel, in the first place.

come on, after banning this list, they're left with like, 6 songs left on their master list which are safe.

blow me, cclear channel.

and Froggy: Cleveland college radio Rules. At least when you find shows that aren't DeAtH MeTaL. :)
2001-09-17 10:37:04 PM  
Luckily Modest Mouse is still too obscure for corporate radio or "Cities Made of Ashes" would of deffinately been banned...
2001-09-17 10:38:01 PM  
I haven't listened to the radio in years. I won't miss half these crappy songs anyway. Some of them should be banned for making people so god damn stupid.
2001-09-17 10:40:30 PM  
Alterian: Like any major radio station would play them. People are too brainwashed into listening to mainstream Grammy crap anyway. I love Modest Mouse, and always will, and take comfort in knowing that the average radio listener will never know how to appreciate them.
2001-09-17 10:41:38 PM  
This is the best thing to happen in a long time! No more Alien Ant Farm (their only big hit on the radio, huzzah!), and their rap-core buddies! There is a God, and this is his divine work!
2001-09-17 10:42:34 PM  
PuyoDead: ahh..another indie fan that thinks like me... all my friends that listen to mainstream music think I'm weird because I would be upset if mainstream america liked my music.
2001-09-17 10:46:35 PM  
Why so Few Rage Fans Here?

Looks Like Only Me and -FB

2001-09-17 10:48:48 PM  
Yeah I work for a group of radio stations, and about 9:30 am on 9/11/01, those of us there started going through the playlist and getting rid of song after song-- anything having to do with death, bombs, suicide, planes, sadness, lyrics even remotely against America, etc. etc.-- anything that we thought people really wouldn't want to hear then (including some party songs). Now, both stations are pretty much just modern rock, but surprisingly we only ended up with about 20-30 songs we didn't want to play (out of about 200-300 for an average playlist on a mod rock station). It wasn't a matter of censorship, and we'll play the songs again eventually, but even I (very much against any kind of censorship) agree that that day, during those hours, those songs weren't appropriate.

It was hard enough having to work on air as a DJ.
2001-09-17 10:55:18 PM  
rage is ok... had a tough time with their crowds at woodstock 99, so maybe that's the reason I'm not more enthusiastic about them
2001-09-17 11:13:21 PM  
They should really ban John Hartford's tune "In Tall Buildings"

Goes something like-
goodbye to sunshine
goodbye to rain
I'm going to work in tall buildings
2001-09-17 11:14:07 PM  
PEACE TRAIN! they farking banned PEACE TRAIN! WTF! Now, don't get me wrong. I am as much in favor of going out and blasting the hell out of Bin Laden as much as anyone, but this smacks of farking warmongering! Play farking pro-america rants by some old Canadian fart yapping about how great our country is, and talking about how Boing planes are so great, (you know the ones that HIT the WTC!) but don't play anything that will remind people that peace is a good thing. What a CROCK! Maybe it is because Cat Stephens is a muslim now. I don't know.
2001-09-17 11:16:04 PM  
I can't believe "Cities in Dust" by Souixsie and the Banshees was left off that list...most Modern Rock stations play that as a classic. Matter of fact, that was the one song that stuck in my head from Tuesday til about Thursday afternoon...then all I kept hearing in my head was "Muskrat Love."

It made for an interesting weekend.
2001-09-17 11:17:32 PM  
Bullshiat. I was listening to a ClearChannel station tonight, they were playing plenty of those songs....
2001-09-17 11:20:54 PM  
That thing with the planes and the buildings and stuff was very sad. Now STOP THE MADNESS!
2001-09-17 11:20:56 PM  
cause i'm leeeeeaviiiin... ON a jet plane....
2001-09-17 11:25:49 PM  
I can, to some degree, understand Hollywood's need to digitally remove the towers from TV and movies


Oh, come on. That's absolutley ludicrous.
So we're going to edit them out of older movies and pretend like they never existed back then? Um. That's almost as looney as this banned for radio play list.
2001-09-17 11:26:52 PM  
How the hell is Stairway to Heaven bad? What questionable content is in THAT song? Hell, it's a song of hope! Damn nazis.
2001-09-17 11:27:19 PM  
How about "New York City Boy" by Pet Shop Boys?

Not that they'd ever play that anyway.....
2001-09-17 11:27:40 PM  
Land of the free? Whoever told you that is your enemy
2001-09-17 11:44:00 PM  

I feel guilty for laughing as hard as I just did, there.
2001-09-17 11:45:52 PM  
I don't agree with banning this song...I mean, did they just look at the titles and say "oooooh, no, this is bad," or did they actually look at the lyrics? My money is on the first situation...

"Down" by 311

Chill. light on my sight as my ego becomes
A funky child with some words on my tongue
Be like intake of breath and my mouth gets loose
While i scatter my spit i dream of juice
Have you ever made out in dark hallways
Displayed a kiss that made your day or say
Play a track from your record collection
It's your mix, congratulations

We've changed a lot and then some some
Know that we have always been down down
And if i ever didn't thank you you
Then just let me do it now

I bet you light up when we start the show follow me now
Very closely because i told you so you know
We glow because we throw sun rays
We be freaky and we wanna stay


Lightning strikes yo we be in that violent force of light
Guaranteed to turn it out as bad as dolemite
'Cuz we're dope kidchange like a chameleon
And the channel whenever that wack show real world is on
You know we dazzle likeghetto box boomin' battles
Rattle inside your head feel redeemed like cola bottles
Fall in love with you teachers on the wax
We are self made check the technique 311 in LA


Keep my feet on the ground
Keep my head in the clouds
Electrified by the sound
Comes from the down


Geeze. I'm seeing these guys in concert this thursday, though, so oh well.
2001-09-17 11:52:23 PM  
Hey Drew, is this MY link? My first one!!!
2001-09-17 11:59:47 PM  
These are banned? Thats odd cause I just heard Click, Click, Boom on a clear channel station here.
2001-09-18 12:10:19 AM  
Quixotal: John Hartford, I was going to post something about that, but figured no one would get the reference. A beautiful song. From one Hartford fan to another, I hereby dub thee "The coolest person on Fark."
2001-09-18 12:15:19 AM  
Ban this:

Quietly the rain played down on last of the ashes
Quietly the light played down on her lashes
She smiled 'n twisted, she smiled 'n twisted
Hideously looking back at what once was beautiful
Playing naturally magically
O' her ragged hair was shinin' red white n' blue
All 'n all the children screamin'
Why surely madam you must be dreamin'
You couldn't have done this if you knew what you were doin'
Well the gold fish 'n the bowl lay upside down bloatin'
Full in the sky 'n the plains were bleached white with skeletons
Various species grouped together according to their past beliefs
The only way they ever all got together was
Not in love but shameful grief
It's not the way I'd like it t' get together
That's not the kind uh thoughts I'd like t' keep
The rain played lightly down down on the formaheap
O' lady look up in time o' lady look out of love
'n you should have us all
O' you should have us fall

Don Van Vliet
(Captain Beefheart)
"Bill's Corpse" from Trout Mask Replica
2001-09-18 12:36:16 AM  
for those of you "bullshiat- I heard these songs on the radio yesterday" types...

It quite clearly states on a number of links (and posts) on this comment thread that clearchannel SUGGESTED their stations not play these songs (which I agree is stupid.)

Suggested, not ORDERED. Suggested, not BANNED.

got it? apparently, they left it up to each individual station to decide.

2001-09-18 12:48:59 AM  
PreferredCustomer: No, they're not going to digitally removed the WTC from OLD movies/shows. Just shows that haven't aired yet, which is perfectly legitimate. You're right, taking it out of old movies would be ludicrous.
2001-09-18 12:49:02 AM  
They forgot "Cities On Flame" by Blue Oyster Cult.

Anyways, on my way home from work just now the local rock station (KLOS) played Metallica's "Seek and Destroy", which seems somewhat appropriate...

There is no escape
and that is for sure
This is the end we won't take any more
Say goodbye
to the world you live in
You have always been taking
but now you're giving

On our way
You will pay
One thousand deaths

Seek and Destroy
2001-09-18 12:57:11 AM  
Starkeffect: Thanks for the correction. Really sounds like Bjork.

I suddenly feel like crap for liking a song that's on the soundtrack for Armageddon. Ugh.
2001-09-18 01:05:24 AM  
Woo. Allright, then. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
2001-09-18 01:08:46 AM  
If they're going to ban Simon and farking Garfunkel, for fark's sake, how about "The Only Living Boy in New York"?
2001-09-18 01:38:50 AM  
Theman, for those of us with limited time, we're not going to read all farking 200+ comments... and there are four radio stations here owned by CC. Apparently, none of them listened to this. Heh. (good for them)
2001-09-18 04:06:42 AM  
They also forgot "Party at Ground Zero" by Fishbone.

Goddamn, I can't beleive I actually typed that and am about to hit "add comment"
2001-09-18 04:17:49 AM  
All tastlessness aside now, I don't really think this is censorship. I think it's some form of trying to be sensitive.

See Batmn42's comments up above, I think he's pretty much nailed it as to why they're suggesting they don't play certain songs at this time.
2001-09-18 05:20:54 AM  
Leaving On A Jetplane

All my bags are packed
I'm ready to go
I'm standing here
Outside your door
I hate to wake you up to say
But the dawn is breakin
It's early morn
The taxi's waitin
He's blowin his horn
Already I'm so lonesome I
Could die
So kiss me
And smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me
Hold me like you'll never
Let me go
Cuz I'm leaving
On a jetplane
I don't know when I'll be back again
Oh, babe
I hate to go
There's so many times
I've let you down
So many times
I've played around
I'll tell you now
They don't mean a thing
Every place I go
I'll think of you
Every song I sing
I'll sing for you
When I caome back I'll
Wear you wedding ring
So kiss me
And smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me
Hold me like you'll never
Let me go
Cuz I'm leaving
On a jet plane
I don't know when I'll be back again
Oh, babe
I hate to go
And now the time has come to leave you
One more time, oh
Let me kiss you
And close you eyes
And I'll be on my way
Dream about the days to come
When I won't have to leave alone
About the times that I won't
Have to say
Oh, kiss me
And smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me
Hold me like you'll never let me go
Cuz I'm leaving
On a jet plane
I don't know when I'll be back again
Oh, babe
I hate to go
Well, I'm leaving
On a jet plane
I don't know when I'll be back again
Oh, babe
I hate to go
Well, I'm leaving
On a jet plane
Leaving on a jet plane
Leaving on a jet plane
Leaving on a jet plane
Leaving on a jet plane...

2001-09-18 05:25:39 AM  
Damn, this is a hard collection. I been getting the song list for about 5 hours now 80% done. That is ofcourse considering 40% of the total songs I already had. Ah, its times like these that 6 gigs of mp3s come in handy.
2001-09-18 08:10:30 AM  
I went to the club Friday (like I do every goddamn Friday) and they played that New York City Boy song right after I'm a Survivor by Destiny's Child. I thought that was perhaps in rather poor taste.
2001-09-18 08:58:51 AM  
What about Bloodhound Gang..."The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire..."

Hooray for boobies
2001-09-18 09:01:31 AM  
you went to a club where they play Destiny's Child? Time to find a new club.
2001-09-18 09:28:17 AM  
Damn, this hasn't been unveiled as a hoax yet? I was so looking forward to starting my day looking like a jackass.

Oops, too late.
2001-09-18 09:37:57 AM  
Can't help but notice that the Blue Oyster Cult song they banned WASN'T "Don't Fear The Reaper"
2001-09-18 09:41:44 AM  
Again I post.....

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
-- Benjamin Franklin, 1759
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