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(IndyMedia)   Bozo who stated the film of Palestinians celebrating is from 1991 retracts his statement   ( ) divider line
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4145 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Sep 2001 at 9:24 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-17 09:26:30 AM  
I have a friend who works at NBC.. he passed around the article and it got a RESOUNDING denial. (Article was false)

so there!
2001-09-17 09:27:58 AM  
why were the palestinians so concerned about not letting people know they were celebrating that they tried to censor the media? If they have an opinion they should stand behind it.
2001-09-17 09:32:02 AM  
I was always taught to do your homework before you start a debate. I guess that's not a common thing to do in Brazil.
2001-09-17 09:45:45 AM  
I think they were concerned because 20 or so palestinians shows celebrating was broadcast over and over again on CNN and Fox, giving the false impression that Arab /Moslem people were happy at America's suffering. IT was 20 people. Sensationalist and irresponsible racism on CNN's part. Most people in most countries were disgusted, and know it gives Islam a bad name. Moslem's everywhere are now being forced to defend their innocence, and the nature of their religion. This is sad. I wouldn't trust CNN with footage of me either. I've noticed that when a moslem leader spoke they stick a cutback of the building falling in the background. Not so with other leaders. IT's a pity that this false claim happened though, because the focus of discussion should/could instead be what jerks they were to use the footage at all.
2001-09-17 09:53:23 AM  
The guy 'fessed up. That's more than most people do (although one could argue he's trying to pass the buck).
2001-09-17 09:53:26 AM  
At least he 'fessed up after it turned out that he was wrong. Most people would just disappear.
2001-09-17 09:53:47 AM  
2001-09-17 10:00:30 AM  
If you notice, though, he never really says the claims were false, only that he couldn't confirm it. Obviously they are, but he doesn't admit that he's a thousand steps down from a rag journalist, from a reporter with the Star or Enquirer. But, whatever, just fanning the fire of hatred for this idiot.

Carry on.
2001-09-17 10:07:04 AM  
CleverBlonde: How is reporting an event with documentary footage racist?
CNN did not imply that the protestors were representative of the masses, but one cannot assume that they are unrepresentative either. There simply isn't enough data to draw an inference. I will accept that the story was possibly sensationalist and irresponsible. Maybe. But when journalists' lives are threatened to prevent further documentation, I suspect it was more than 20 people celebrating in some location.
It's good to be wary of propaganda, but I think you're reaching here. Events happen, reporting them is not racist.
I'm much more concerned with events like the murder of the Sikh cashier in Arizona. Now that's racism.
2001-09-17 10:38:17 AM  
Cleverblonde --

While in now way to I think the celebratory group was representative of a majority of Arabs, there were more than 20 arabs celebrating. CNN also reported the kind words spoken by other Arab nations and leaders, including those by Yasir Arafat. I think to declare them racist for showing documentary footage, as RakF said, is silly. They presented this in a fair manner (and I did see other leaders with the image of the falling towers - including Bush and Pope John Paul). My question is why were the Palestinian celebrants threatening to kill any journalists covering their celebration? Because they wanted to celebrate and not let the world know about it? If they have an opinion they should express it loudly, and not hind behind media censorship. Iraq, Hamas and Egyptians all expressed how they felt happy loudly, and weren't afraid to let the world know how they really felt. Like them or not, they stood up for what they believe in, whereas the Palestinians didn't.
2001-09-17 10:56:47 AM  
Yeah, there are probably well more than 20 people celebrating the collapse of the WTC, but its important to remember that they are still the minority.
2001-09-17 10:58:05 AM  
Isn't cleverblonde an oxymoron? Hey asshole, shut up and mind your own business.
2001-09-17 11:06:51 AM  
I have a friend who teaches in Brooklyn, NY on 5th Avenue or so (A very Arabic section)and she said that the streets had to be closed off because many of the Arabs HERE in this COUNTRY were celebrating!!!!!
2001-09-17 11:12:18 AM  
I saw on the news that the police picked up a group of ragheads that were celebrating in LIBERTY PARK under the STATUE OF LIBERTY. They turned them into the INS and it turns out they were illegal, and now they are deporting them.
2001-09-17 11:14:12 AM  
Now THAT would be news. Any substantiation?
2001-09-17 11:28:41 AM  
I like the quote near the end:

"You speak of loving. Start, by loving your neighbor.
The Arabs and the Israelites are going to have to get along. Or, they will perish together. Americans will probably remain interested only until the oil runs out.
Sad, but true."
2001-09-17 11:41:42 AM  
Skwidd... I haven't seen an advert on CNN/FoxNews/MSNBC in a week.

I saw the CNN showing of the Afghanistan attack that night. They made no supposition of what it was. One of the commentors even said 'I wonder if it is part of their civil war' (notable, because another commentor didn't realize they were in civil war)
2001-09-17 01:30:03 PM  
ok, I just saw an ad on cnn.
2001-09-17 01:30:49 PM  
I believe all forms of celebration should be banned for the foreseeable future and anyone caught doing so thrown into a cow's guts.

Kool And The Gang should be rounded up for ever recording the record "Celebration" and summarily made to learn Arabic.

It is my personal belief that the news crew shooting the footage of Palestinian kids and housewives having a dance in the streets had just told them a branch of Wendy's was opening in the area. This was clearly filmed out of context and used to batter already enraged and embittered people. God Bless the film crews of the world for keeping us all so informed! And from multiple angles too!
2001-09-17 01:48:50 PM  

Either way the footage was extraneous and quite possibly out of context. It's just ignorant to damn all arabs, or even all palestinians because of (a possibly -if they intended) insensitive act.
2001-09-17 03:13:45 PM  
"possibly - if they intended" ... "extraneous and quite possibly out of context"

Lord of Flies, let's also ignore the fact that Arafat crtiicized the celebrants. I guess his criticism was taken out of context too, because they obviously weren't celebrating.

I do agree the footage was out of context in that it wasn't the time to display such footage and may have added to the anti-muslim sentiment in the US, but I don't really think they can fault CNN for their coverage of it. If a fringe cult group of 100 Americans would be celebrating an international tragedy, CNN would have covered that too. I think the Palestinians, instead of faulting CNN, should be faulting the idiots in their group that acted in such an insensitive manner in front of cameras and using children as political tools by giving them sweets.
2001-09-17 04:23:01 PM  

oh well
2001-09-17 04:24:22 PM  

sorry for experimenting on such an important thread
2001-09-17 08:32:53 PM  
Hmm, I wonder why the networks showed the videos of palestinians celebrating, but there's no footage or mention of the candelight vigil at the U.S. consoltate in East Jerusalem or that one million Palestinian school children observed a minute's silence for the victims of the attacks.
Oh wait, the media's controlled by the Zionist lobby and their goon squad.
2001-09-17 08:33:04 PM  
What about the article:​_.shtml

It's in a real paper stating that the footage was from 1991.
2001-09-17 11:12:10 PM  
Hey, already has said the clip was NOT from 1991, because (as I interpreted it) the Palestinians were mentioning bin Ladin in the video (back then, he wasn't an important Islamic figure).
2001-09-18 02:00:33 AM  
Whoah, there's that 'Zionist' word again.

I am not a big fan of Israel, but I only hear that word from two sources: Old Jews and as a prefix for the following words: 'lobby', 'propaganda', and 'conspiracy'.

Why doesn't anyone say "Jewish" or "Israeli"? I know the real meaning of the word, but it's been corrupted.
2001-09-18 04:31:50 AM  
RakF I find it hard to believe that CNN is not racist towards Palastinians, based on the coverage I've seen over the years. The general attitude to Arabs seems to be pretty phobic. It just seems too convenient to always be fighting with the same groups, who also just happen to have oil, and to unfairly (not always, but sometimes) side with the group that opposes them. It's a common bleet, it's a cliche, but true? A historical mess, IMHO.

It's hard to tell what's going on but I have read up on it in an attempt to make sense of it all. And I dont' understand why it's any more America's business than Rwanda, or South Africa. Or Zimbabwe. But involvement is less here despite much higher fatalities. Pointing to either religious zeal or profit seeking, or both.

That may seem to have nothing to do with CNN. It certainly has nothing to do with most cool Americans. But it seems the big networks get to fly with the president, access him in ways that smaller and alternative news sources don't. And I suspect (I may be wrong) that some ideological cooperation and justification of wars waged is required in order to keep that level of priviledged access.

Be interested to know what you guys think. Please, no crazy avengers. I'm not Bin Laden in disguise. I mean no harm. Just trying to make some sense of it all.
2001-09-18 04:19:29 PM  
WoodyTX: Zionist means knee-jerk supporters of Israel who'll defend them no matter what. It would be innapropriate to refer to people like the ADL as Jewish or Isreali because there are many Jews and Israelis who are very critical of Israel's policy against the Palestinians
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