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(Some Guy)   USS Carl Vinison stops showing location on website, also blocks e-mail from shipmates   ( divider line
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2212 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Sep 2001 at 8:30 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-17 08:44:57 AM  
Meaning somebody woke up?
2001-09-17 08:51:54 AM  
Duh..... let's just tell the world where we are, that we're loaded up with millions of tons of ordinance, and we're on our way to blast the shi+ out of an entire country....... Don't worry, you'll be hearing from the Carl Vinison REAL soon!
2001-09-17 08:53:13 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-09-17 09:05:19 AM  
Well, yeah, but where is the ship?
BTW, what is "security?"
2001-09-17 09:09:29 AM  
have other ships done the same thing? Cause if this is the only one then I think it's obvious what's going on. If it's the entire navy doing this, well then its not anything special.
2001-09-17 09:11:06 AM  
Just to be an asshole, it's the USS Carl Vinson, not vinison, though I suppose some people will soon be looking like dead deer meat.

2001-09-17 09:17:50 AM  
I'll be just as big an asshole: Dead deer meet is called venison.
2001-09-17 09:22:33 AM  
Hehe, see what I get?

2001-09-17 09:23:53 AM  
dead deer meat, as opposed to life deer meat, which is called, uh, deer?
2001-09-17 09:29:42 AM  
no it's called deer muscle and sinew
2001-09-17 10:16:26 AM  
You can bet the Chinese are tipping off everyone and their brother aboutour troop movements.
2001-09-17 10:30:46 AM  
The CVN72 (USS Abraham Lincoln) site doesn't have a "where's the boat" page, but to get anywhere on their site, you have to go through a secure connection. Wierd.
2001-09-17 11:05:08 AM  

Looks like the navy is up to no good ...heh heh heh. =)
2001-09-17 11:49:25 AM  
Well at least my wife's friend has an excuse for not answering his e-mail. She's been getting pissed at him for not replying. I'm pretty sure he is on the Vinson.
2001-09-17 12:17:52 PM  
On a side note the USS Cole wa redeployed on Sunday.
2001-09-17 02:08:34 PM  
BMR: Yeah, I heard that while they had the Cole in drydock they decided to go all the way-throw in a couple of refits and upgrades while they were rebuilding the hull. Good to see the government actually being efficient for a change.
2001-09-17 03:09:31 PM  
I am alarmed that they ever reported their position.

This is something that the crew is expected to keep quiet (confidential).

However, ask a cabby in the ship's homeport and you'll know all.

2001-09-17 03:45:34 PM  
I'm no Military expert but I just bet it's on the way to Afganistan to do battle with the Mighty Afganistan Navy!
2001-09-17 04:00:14 PM  
The Mighty Afganistan Navy?
But I thought he was in drydock patching a hole in his dingy.
2001-09-17 04:01:41 PM  
just emailed an acquaintance of mine on the USS Carl Vinson wishing him luck...

that email, and his reply did get through... interesting
2001-09-17 04:24:19 PM  
Max Load, Mighty Afganistan Navy! lol deos Afganistan even have a lake?
2001-09-17 04:35:32 PM  
The Afghanistan navy is currently in dry dock, fixing its oar.
2001-09-17 05:02:01 PM  
Thirdrail: Yes, Afghanistan does have a navy, but being landlocked severly reduces the number of naval bases they can have. In fact, I think it involves rowing around in circles in the desert.

Anyway, I think the USS Cole should be the first to take a whack at the Taliban and bin Laden, considering all they did to it. It would be like the USS Arizona attacking Japan in WWII (or is it the Missouri?)
2001-09-17 05:54:32 PM  
"Do not be alarmed..." gosh that's comforting.
2001-09-17 07:24:48 PM  
...and the Missouri happens to be docked next to
the Arizona memorial. Its an interesting situation:
the ship that brought the US into WWII next to the
one that ended it.
2001-09-18 02:01:29 PM  
DrDave: "You can bet the Chinese are tipping off everyone and their brother aboutour troop movements."

Why would they care about troop movements? That's going too far!

My bowels are my business!
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