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(some girl)   Farkettte Mysticmara wants to know how many of you have XBox Live, what games you have and what your Gamertags are. Link goes to devil himself.   ( divider line
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7992 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Mar 2003 at 11:20 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-15 11:50:48 PM  
wow, some people act like paid spokesmen for whatever system. Chill ppl, just play whatever. I've played PC games for years, haven't had a console since SNES, but Xbox is something special. Ya sorda gotta expirence it I guess...

Wow I'm drunk.
2003-03-15 11:52:55 PM  
btw, anybody seen Splinter Cell on PS2?

2003-03-15 11:53:22 PM  
I don't get the xbox haters, based on it's maker. Like Sony or Nintendo are any better.

I want live but it hasn't launched down here yet(I'm waiting for live to upgrade my connection).
2003-03-15 11:53:33 PM  
Nope, I've been gaming online with my PC since Doom 1.
2003-03-15 11:54:15 PM  
Gamertag is my Fark ID. I'll be the Thor on Mech Assault kicking your booty. Go level 3 machine guns!
2003-03-15 11:55:15 PM  
Guy Incognito
Paperboy rocked. I loved that game.
2003-03-15 11:55:57 PM  
I only have mechassault and my gamertag is YodaTuna, but i rarely play any more because i suck hardcore at it.

Also Halo and Vice City are being ported to PC, in case you didn't know.

Vice city should be out in may i believe and halo this fall.
2003-03-15 11:56:39 PM  
Got XBL the day it came out.
Ran Ghost Recon and MechWarrior for a while.
They were fun, but it was the same old shiat again and again. And with MW's stat padders and GR's gimpy hosts, I haven't touched it in months.
2003-03-15 11:57:33 PM  
nope, sorry, having too much fun with doom multiplayer & ma genesis!
2003-03-15 11:58:20 PM  
Lets see here: would I rather spend $300 on a console that does absolutely nothing beyond games, is owned by a quite evil corporation, and stick only to what is avaliable on that console. Or I could buy a All-In-Wonder 9700Pro for $100 more that has every kind of input and output known to man.

Consoles can bite my shiny metal ass.

I have a 2.4 P4 with 512MB Ram and an ATI 9700 Pro. I also have an Xbox, and PS2. It's all fun. I have to say though, on my PC, everything is better, but I enjoy them all ( when my GF is not biatching at me).
2003-03-15 11:59:36 PM  
no Xbox Live, but only because I don't have broadband. I go on a gaming board and there is alot of garbage about the Xbox on there so let me dispell some myths.

1. It's huge and heavy compared to the PS2: Yup...the PS2 will be huge and heavy also if you added in better graphics hardware + a modem (which the Xbox comes with), and a harddrive, which is impossible at the moment.

2. The controller is huge: Not since they released the S-controller about 9 months ago.

3. No good games except Halo: that was also true quite awhile ago. Xbox doesn't 'appear' to have any good games because it doesn't own franchises like Grand Theft Auto and Final Fantasy. Truth is giving the 'little guy' the chance to start new franchises. And they are awesome.

4. You have to buy the DVD kit seperate: yeah..but you don't have to buy the modem or memory card seperately, so that's a bonus.

5. Microsoft/Bill Gates is the devil/antichrist: I won't argue this because it's kind of like trying to teach my cat that the vacuum won't eat it.
2003-03-16 12:00:34 AM  
Didn't the Xbox die? Microsoft lost a shiat load of money on it or so I heard.
2003-03-16 12:00:36 AM  
I have an XBox but haven't gotten Live yet. Expect I will sometime this year. Definitely when Halo 2 comes out (2004? Damn.)

And you know, saying "Xbox Sucks" is really stupid. I mean. Really. Stupid. Games are what counts, not the console they are played upon. I remember when I was a kid, I had a buddy who would turn red and start screaming anytime someone said they had an Atari 2600. "DON'T YOU KNOW INTELLIVISION IS A SUPERIOR SYSTEM???" he'd scream.

If I had unlimited funds, I'd buy all the consoles, because all of them have some amazing games. PS2 had GTA3. XBox has Halo. Gamecube has Zelda.

Saying "My system is AWESOME, your system SUCKS," is about as childish as it gets. What, do you own Sony stock or something?
2003-03-16 12:03:22 AM  
Sony can eat my ass. I camped out for that shiat-tastic system and sold it a month after getting an Xbox. I just couldn't justify owning a system with that many low quality games. Sure, Xbox has its share but it has more great games then PS2 as far as I'm concerned. Course I'm not into RPGs, either.
And, really, why is Microsoft so evil? Because you have nothing better to biatch about or because you haven't looked into the asshole things Sony has pulled to? I swear the vast majority of American's are mindless twits.
2003-03-16 12:03:27 AM  
Halo and GTA aren't really that good.
2003-03-16 12:04:04 AM  
gamer tag is AlgertMan

have--Ghost Recon, Unreal, MechAssault

getting--capcom vs. snk

PC gaming isn't worth the money from my point of view
2003-03-16 12:04:21 AM  
5. Microsoft/Bill Gates is the devil/antichrist: I won't argue this because it's kind of like trying to teach my cat that the vacuum won't eat it.

Love it!
2003-03-16 12:05:10 AM  
I've got Live. Usually play MechAssault, when I play at all. Gamertag is "Sarcasmorator."
2003-03-16 12:06:43 AM  
Last game I played on a console was Gran Turismo on the PS. Never have touched anything newer than that though. Spent far more time on the Atari 7800 and the original 8 bit nintendo.
2003-03-16 12:07:06 AM  
I like the Xbox, but I'm not so sure I'm hot on XBox Live. It seems kinda cool, but they better make damn sure that there is a shiat ton of bandwidth for all the gamers. Not only that, but really I can get better LAN fun on my PC (they have to sell me on WHY I should get Live).

Anyhow those that are console fanboys for console <insert console name here>, you guys need to grow up. All the platforms are good. I like the PC for games like BG, DD, CS, and WC3. I like the Xbox for games like Halo, SC, and MW (although I did like MW on the Xbox as well as the PC...I prefered the PC, but the Xbox did well with the port). The PC2 rocks with GTA3/VC!!! I don't know anybody with a game cube, so I can't say...

Anyway, if XBox Live is cool I can see a TON of people on it..
2003-03-16 12:07:23 AM  
feh, any REAL gamer would enjoy all systems! oh, and NO BIATCHING! You can only biatch at another console if you wouldnt accept it even if given to you for free!
2003-03-16 12:10:52 AM  
AlgertMan PC gaming isn't worth the money? I don't get it. Most PC games don't take a top of the line system and a lot are modable so you can play them for quite some time. Counter-Strike is still VERY popular and the NWN mods coming out are pretty awsome (I'm STILL working on mine, I just don't have the time anymore). Not to mention most PC games are CHEAPER then console games...

There are few games that take top of the line systems. Hell my 1ghz laptop with a geforce2go can play almost anything I can throw at it (save for

Try Warcraft 3 and you will change your mind about PC gaming ;-
2003-03-16 12:11:37 AM  
Ghost Recon
Unreal Championship
Mech Assault


I suck at all above games. If anyone wants to school me, email me...address is in my profile.
2003-03-16 12:11:41 AM  
How do you submit a favor to the FARK management like the one this person did? Friends of mine tried to get a buddy of mine by photoshopping his photo pathetically. I want to ask the real photoshop FARKers could show how the pros do this. Any help anyone?
2003-03-16 12:12:06 AM  
NES rocks. Still have TWO systems, along with SNES and Atari 2600. Great to bring those things out after playing PS2 for so long.
2003-03-16 12:13:18 AM

Here's the link by the way, pathetic
2003-03-16 12:14:01 AM  
XBox...The GREEN Machine! You gotta go with the PS2 and their far superior games like Grand Theft Auto.
2003-03-16 12:16:00 AM  
Adam K I am using your post as my new sig for the gaming board I go on. Hope you don't mind!
2003-03-16 12:16:03 AM  
Probably the next thing I'm looking forward to on the Xbox is KOTOR. Non live, I know, but man there just isn't a think thats Live now that's interesting. To me anyway.

Planetside on the PC is gonna rock.
2003-03-16 12:16:43 AM  
GT: Fluid Darkness

(I'm hearing impaired, so if I'm not talking, don't take it personally.)

I have UC (play that 99% of the time so far) & NFL2K3. I'll get Return to Castlewolfenstein for sure when it comes out. I have really loved the Live experience.

/ignoring the XBox slurs
2003-03-16 12:16:48 AM  

well thats wierd, i was just playing my atari 2600 (which is that exact same type of model in the pic) and then came down here and there it is
2003-03-16 12:17:19 AM  
Do you guys think if I started a begger website to raise funds for an Xbox, you'd chip in? I mean....I am in bad health, I do have tons of debt, my son is in a coma and I really need some breat implants....but all I'm asking for is a couple of bucks to enjoy some games.

Surely you must respect my restraint.
2003-03-16 12:17:28 AM  
Wait a minite, YOU ARE the devil!
2003-03-16 12:17:47 AM  
HALO is the best game ever and on XBOX. You can play online for free using My xbconnect name is snoopdoggytopper.
2003-03-16 12:17:50 AM  
Here's my only biatch about Xbox live...I bought Toe Jam and Earl before Live came online and there is STILL no downloadable content.

2003-03-16 12:19:08 AM  
i have it... worst 50 bucks i spent.

gamer tag is divad

i only have the demo disc. i rented mech assault and ghost recon. The games lag and you cant find good pinging servers because none of the games implement a ping feature (quick!!! HIDE THE shiatTY PINGS!)... And im pretty sure that i paid 50 bucks for the use of my OWN HARDWARE... good god... so MS made servers to keep track of how hard im sucking in moto GP. but i have to host a 16 man server on my XBOX and my cable connection with 128k up??? anyone know for sure if games are hosted locally?

and then there is just lack of support... i figure any game put out after xbox live launches should have LIVE support if it has a 2player mode. how long has XBOX live been out? how many XBOX Live games are there? yea.

god... anyway... if anyone wants divad it will be up for grabs in august. no way im paying another 50 bucks for JACK shiat.
2003-03-16 12:19:19 AM  
AdamK: Were u playing Superman??

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-16 12:20:06 AM  
I prefer console gaming because it doesn't seem so l33t as PC gaming. PC games seem impure to me compared to console gaming. Remember: without Atari, where would you be today?
2003-03-16 12:23:05 AM  
I dont get all the shiat about microsoft/gates, dodgy business practices aside (who gives a shiat anyway? were you going to start your own mega software company? no!) I bet 90%+ farkers use microsoft products in some form (it doesnt matter if you paid for it or not) and there are plenty of alternatives for all you "myshiatdontstink" geeks out there. Besides, the guy is giving quite a bit of cash away to worthy causes, id let him be my uncle bill anyday.
2003-03-16 12:24:06 AM  
Am I the only Farker who plays Unreal on the Mac?
2003-03-16 12:24:26 AM  
StomachMonkey "5. Microsoft/Bill Gates is the devil/antichrist: I won't argue this because it's kind of like trying to teach my cat that the vacuum won't eat it."

HAHAHAHAHA!!! I have a cat, and of course it also thinks the vac will eat it. But that is such a hilarious comparison!
2003-03-16 12:24:55 AM  
no, but i was playing pitfall
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-16 12:26:18 AM  
I've been on Live since 2nd phase Beta. My GT is Arkilloid. I've got Ghost Recon & MotoGP full version. Both are awesome games.

Hey, at least the money I spend on MS products stays in the US instead of Japan.
2003-03-16 12:26:43 AM  

My 2 cents. Had a console up to SNES (played on N64 rented from vid store). Then I got my first computer in '97. Wouldn't want to play games on anything else. Can't beat a keyboard, trakball, and modding most any game you can install on a PC.

Glad to see XBox is coming along though. Wonder if MS will ever overtake PS2, or PS3 when it comes out, or will XBox turn into another Jaguar ?

Probably the ONLY reason I'd want to buy a console though is to play Madden NFL on it. Really, this is the only game where I feel using keyboard is too ridiculous.

2003-03-16 12:31:18 AM  
I've got Unreal Championship only.

God damn them for dropping the Live capabilities in Marvel vs. CAPCOM 2. I'll never get over that.

Gamertag = NiNE

2003-03-16 12:32:29 AM  
Bivens said:
Remember: without Atari, where would you be today?

200lbs lighter. Not a gaming geek and probably making much more money.
2003-03-16 12:32:57 AM  
Dang,how things change!

[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-16 12:33:52 AM  
Bivens: The first games were on computers and then the Apple make them pretty popular and THEN the Atari came out. PC games came first (mainframe games actually came first)

Another point:
Isn't Sony just as bad as MS if you are going to be like that? Sony is a big multi-national corporation that is pretty evil...But whatever...
2003-03-16 12:33:58 AM  
that's crazy
2003-03-16 12:35:29 AM  
ummm...why the hell do you want to know what people think of xbox? is this some kind of slick viral marketing thing that has infiltrated farkdom?
yours in paranoia (cause if ashcroft isn't watching you, the terrorists have won), kb
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