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3757 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Mar 2003 at 7:09 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-15 07:14:16 PM  
It's Britain. They're obsessed with sex.
2003-03-15 07:15:22 PM  
I wonder if habitual use of the stuff could eventually rob you of the ability to pop one without it.
2003-03-15 07:15:40 PM  
2003-03-15 07:15:47 PM  
Forget the Viagra. Try gin. As my friend Bill used to say,"It puts the lead in your pencil."

/sorry,last one before we go out for the night.
2003-03-15 07:15:51 PM  
Does this go the same for toothpaste?

/Ya Baby
2003-03-15 07:16:14 PM  
20 quid for 4 shots of this stuff!
2003-03-15 07:16:28 PM  
I hardly think this is simply a British problem
2003-03-15 07:17:17 PM  
Strange that men would get pills for free that enable them to have sex when straight women have to pay for theirs (I'm talking viagra vs. birth control). Yeah the latter would cost more I'm sure, but still... I'm in a complaining kind of mood. :)
2003-03-15 07:17:23 PM  
Limp Britzkit

2003-03-15 07:17:28 PM  
Import the additional pills from Mexico?
2003-03-15 07:18:38 PM  
I can't decide if this means the Brits are extremely horny or just the opposite, need a lot of motivation.
2003-03-15 07:19:09 PM  
Cola - prescriptions cost £6.20 per item on the script. not quite free, but, better than £20+
2003-03-15 07:21:24 PM  
I hear coccaine does wonders. Perhaps a better investment?
2003-03-15 07:23:03 PM  
*cough* *cough* Going soft.............must have....more Viagra.....
2003-03-15 07:23:12 PM  
Don't feel put out - remember, it's the UK. They're mostly buggering each other, anyway. And the odd sheep, of course.
2003-03-15 07:24:29 PM  
Just using this as another excuse to show off this picture....ahhhhh...

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-15 07:24:34 PM  
Ok live in Australia Born in England. My boyfriend says I am totally obsessed with sex. Maybe its genetics.
2003-03-15 07:26:29 PM  
God save the queen in Australia as well! WOOOHOO for brisbane!!!!!! T and A for as long as the eye can see! Except for the Aberisianies(Spelling?) Those are the ugliest people I have ever seen...
2003-03-15 07:31:58 PM  
One pill a week? Hells bells! A 100mg pill can be split into four 25mg doses. That's enough to stiffen anyone who has four opportunities a week.
2003-03-15 07:36:10 PM  
2003-03-15 07:37:39 PM  
A guy goes into a doctor's office and says "Doc, you gotta help me. I've got a big problem."

"Sure, what is it?" the doctor asks.

"My girlfriend is coming over on Friday night, my ex-wife is coming over on Saturday night and my wife is coming home on Sunday night. I need three Viagra pills to satisfy them all."

"Three Viagra in three days can be dangerous. I'll only give them to you if you come in Monday morning and let me have a look at you."

"Sure, anything Doc."

The guy comes goes into the doctor's office Monday morning with his arm in a sling.

"What happened?" the doctor asks.

"Nobody showed up!"
2003-03-15 07:38:26 PM  
2003-03-15 07:41:23 PM  
You know what I am talking about! These bloody blokes!
[image from too old to be available]

I mean, come on! The pain on them actually makes them tolerable to look at! The woman are hidious! The half-breeds look a hell-of-a-lot better!
2003-03-15 07:41:45 PM  
"The government introduced the restriction on Viagra, which is made by the American drug giant Pfizer Inc, after it was launched in Britain because it feared costs would soar if it was available on demand."

Bastards. Let the free market alone.
2003-03-15 07:42:08 PM  
2003-03-15 07:43:06 PM  
Gangly, pasty, bad-toothed, beer-swilling, pot-bellied British chicks are like kryptonite to Viagra's sexual superpowers.
2003-03-15 07:43:55 PM  
I would take one of them before I took a Aber-whatcha-macallit...bleh
2003-03-15 07:52:29 PM  
They had to study this? If one aint keeping you hard, take another, duh...
2003-03-15 07:54:05 PM  
It used to be "No Sex please, we're British"

Prudeishness moves accross the Atlantic though.

At least the French still aren't claiming to be the world's best lovers.
2003-03-15 07:58:18 PM  

I am amazed that women never ask guys to chip in for birth control. It is my preferred form of prevention and it is a lot cheaper than buying condoms all the time. I don't know how much condoms are in Sweden but they are ridiculous here and birth control is about $35 a month which is $17.50 between too. I would be amazed if anyone said no to helping with the cost of the pill rather than buying box after box of stupid rubber things which are only good for casual encounters anyway.
2003-03-15 08:01:18 PM  
Why not just send some pictures of Kylie Minoque in the mail to each Britton?
2003-03-15 08:05:08 PM  
[Enter password:]


[Sorry, your password isn't long enough!]
2003-03-15 08:11:10 PM  
i guess that's ok Cretzal. the aborigines probably look at you and think the same thing.
2003-03-15 08:12:49 PM  
03-15-03 08:01:18 PM Volk
Why not just send some pictures of Kylie Minoque in the mail to each Britton?

cos we're fed up seeing that skinny, buck toothed skank on every damn page of our newspapers
2003-03-15 08:19:15 PM  
NANI!?!?!?!!? o.O
2003-03-15 08:32:28 PM  

Birth Control Pills are free to all women in the UK. Even though the script cost is £6.20 per item they're totally free to lots of people such as the unemployed and other recipients of state benefits like the low waged. People with long term health conditions such as diabetes get all their script items for free too. Condoms are free at birth control centres as well.

2003-03-15 08:35:59 PM  
Xtreme - yeah, i pay 20$ for BC... sucks that you have to pay it so often, esp if i have to get other things refilled too (a 40-60$ trip! arg!) it would be nice if the boy pitched in... perhaps i'll, ahem, mention it... ^^

but hey, i think the brits got it right... who in their right mind would only want sex once a week? ^__^
2003-03-15 08:37:18 PM  
Company I work for limits you to 18 pills for 90 days.
2003-03-15 08:43:03 PM  
there are many more boners in my future
2003-03-15 08:52:41 PM  
One thing I never understood about Pfizer's pricing for Viagra was that they charge the same price for the 50mg tablets as for the 100mg. Can't people who need the 50mg dose just buy the larger ones and cut them in half, thereby cutting their cost in half too? Weird.
2003-03-15 08:53:08 PM  
Is this the start of an [image from too old to be available] marathon?
2003-03-15 09:41:05 PM  
I'm all set with the essence of pocket fox myself.

/end simpsons reference
2003-03-15 09:53:37 PM  
Speaking of viagra, has anyone seen misspudding lately?
2003-03-15 10:12:43 PM  
so do the Brits have socialised medicine or an HMO? seems hard to tell the difference right now, lol.

and um...asian girl cute :) thx, Cretzal
2003-03-15 11:28:02 PM  
Is that asian girl Fook Mi or Fook Yu from goldmember
2003-03-16 12:27:12 AM  
You know, for heart medication, the worse thing that could happen is for you to have a heart attack and a stiff neck.
2003-03-16 01:30:51 AM  
Fuk mei, or was that Fuk yu?
2003-03-16 02:39:39 AM  
Donkey? or Girl? Both?

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-16 03:10:08 AM  
I think free birth control for everyone is a great idea...of course I have extended medical and get 80% off of my in a socialist country is good...
2003-03-16 03:54:01 AM  
I swear it's in the beer...
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