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(MSNBC)   Man-sweat makes women happy   ( divider line
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17695 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Mar 2003 at 8:38 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-15 08:00:55 AM  
collected samples from the underarms of men who refrained from using deodorant for four weeks. The extracts were then blended and applied to the upper lips of 18 women, aged 25 to 45.

Okay, GROSS.

And the only time man sweat makes me happy is if I'm the one making him sweaty. ;o)
2003-03-15 08:42:31 AM  
Man-sweat? Women can get all the man-sweat they want in locker rooms. Easy. Happy night in a jail cell for her.
2003-03-15 08:43:55 AM  
More evidence OK, ladies, I'll stop wearing deordorant, so you might as well form a line.
2003-03-15 08:46:11 AM  
You'll stop wearing deoderant... and, lemme guess, you'll masturbate 24/7, eh, SpaceCoyote?
2003-03-15 08:47:17 AM  
That's the last time I volunteer to be a test subject for scientific experiments.
2003-03-15 08:47:39 AM  
Look on the bright side. Now it rally is her upper lip she smells.
2003-03-15 08:47:43 AM  
2003-03-15 08:48:01 AM  
Why are we (as americans)paying for studies like this?? Am I the only one who finds this disturbing?
2003-03-15 08:49:05 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-15 08:49:17 AM  
I used to have some of that "pheromone cologne" that was said to be made from sweat. It really did work though, I used to deliver pizzas and any night that I put that on I'd finish with at least 40$ tips. The eight or nine times I didn't wear it I was pulling in like 20$ a night. It never got me a good tip, if you catch my drift, but one girl flashed me her boobies.
2003-03-15 08:49:42 AM  
maybe everyone will stop bashing France now
2003-03-15 08:52:35 AM  
Damn, and I thought it was a good thing that I hardly ever sweat.
2003-03-15 08:52:51 AM  
Man-sweat makes women happy. France surrenders.
2003-03-15 08:53:45 AM  
This is a secret government program to develop a new type of biological weapon that will make the Iraqi soldiers fall in love with our soldiers and they'll be too googley-eyed to shoot straight.
2003-03-15 08:54:50 AM  
LOL, Ponczy, But which is worse, this weirdness or when they spend a couple mil to study something everyone already knows.
2003-03-15 08:55:12 AM  
Now do a study on man goo.
2003-03-15 08:56:50 AM  
Gator8387, SpaceCyote already linked that study.
2003-03-15 08:57:39 AM  
Err, SpaceCoyote, sorry.
2003-03-15 09:09:11 AM  
well obviously they didn't use my ex in the study... he used to sweat a lot, more than most people, and there is no way my mood could be construed as happy about it!!
2003-03-15 09:11:34 AM  
Husk Musk, anyone?
2003-03-15 09:16:03 AM  
2003-03-15 09:16:44 AM  
Hey ladies, come here, i'll make you REAL happy.

I haven't showered in 7 months!
2003-03-15 09:21:21 AM  
Maybe that's why there always seem to be a lot of women in the sauna at my gym. Too bad they're all old bags.
2003-03-15 09:21:41 AM  
Thanks, DaCricket

Putting the two articles together, it appears that what makes women really happy is if you are sweating all over them at the same time as you are sperminating them.

Who would have thunk it?
2003-03-15 09:22:46 AM  
what makes women real happy is shaving your sack and your shaft so she doesnt gag when she's polishing your knob

Oooh, this one really knows how to please the ladies...

2003-03-15 09:23:48 AM  
Cure for cancer bursts into tears.
thank you, you've been a great audience tonight, you can catch me at the Laff Shak all next week.
2003-03-15 09:24:00 AM  
Who would have thunk it?

A man. Duh.
2003-03-15 09:26:44 AM  
In case nobody's explained this yet:

What makes sweat smell badly is actually bacteria that eat it and then die or poo. Sweat contains lots of pheromones and such to attract women. Deodorant still a good idea.
2003-03-15 09:30:48 AM  
Ok, it's obviously time to study the application of male urine and feces on women's bodies. Where's my research grant? Yeah, I know we have deficits, but c'mon, this is science!
2003-03-15 09:32:10 AM  
No wonder my girlfriend seems to be so happy when I'm around. It's not my looks, it's not my athletic ability, and it isn't my intellect. It's because I sweat like it's nobody's buisness. Well, thank goodness for deodorant.
2003-03-15 09:36:57 AM  
I call shenanigans on FARK. This is the second time in five days I submitted an article and it got picked from the exact same URL from someone else.

Shenanigans! shenanigans!
2003-03-15 09:41:37 AM  

The study wasn't paid for by tax dollars, it was a study performed by the university of Penn. Which means some grad student prob did it to graduate.
2003-03-15 09:44:30 AM  
At last, a mystery is solved. When I build up a good sweat, my male friends are not shy about asking me to take an extra shower, but my female friends like to bury their noses in my armpits. Now I understand... Sorry guys, you'll just have to get used to it.
2003-03-15 09:45:02 AM  
Well,my wife is very happy,then. I'm in the middle of a massive renovation project on our house,and I'm sweating balls everyday.
2003-03-15 09:46:48 AM  
Danny Glover is smiling somewhere.
2003-03-15 10:03:32 AM  
hahahahah danny glover, thats funny
2003-03-15 10:04:52 AM  
How about man ball-sweat? Does that make 'em happy? Does it? DOES IT?!?
2003-03-15 10:13:53 AM  
I personally can't stand the natural scent of older men.. but I do like woman-sweat. This test was pretty ridiculous though.
2003-03-15 10:18:55 AM  
Uhhhhhh.... Go Quakers!!!
2003-03-15 10:20:04 AM  
i divorced a guy cause he wouldn't use deodorant ....

/ nuff said
2003-03-15 10:20:11 AM  
Havent seen any Pepe Le Peu jokes yet, what's wrong with y'all today?
2003-03-15 10:25:40 AM  
I remember when I was in college, it always seemed that the scummier I was when I went out the better I did with women. Slacks, nice shirt, cologne- nothing. Haven't bathed, hat, jeans and a t-shirt- never went home alone. I always joked that it was the natural pheremones, maybe it wasn't a joke.

Heck, maybe I won't bathe after going to the gym this afternoon.
2003-03-15 10:28:49 AM  
I grew up in a desert, then moved to a place with 90% humidity. If man sweat makes them happy, my wife should be tickled shiatless.
2003-03-15 10:29:37 AM  
I'm gonna convert my shower into a storage space, first thing tomorrow morning.
2003-03-15 10:29:58 AM  
Hmm, and all along I thought it was my charm . . .
2003-03-15 10:36:05 AM  
riiiight....i've noticed the girls have always been into my huge pit stains.
2003-03-15 10:36:23 AM  
"I personally can't stand the natural scent of older men.. "
No Essence de Geezer, for you , eh?
2003-03-15 10:41:26 AM  
Next week... results from the skunk-jam study
2003-03-15 10:44:06 AM  
Then a "Magic, the Gathering" meeting must be an orgasm to these chicks.
2003-03-15 10:44:57 AM  
Tomorrows headline:

Sweat Breweries Suddenly Appear in France, Men Celebrate
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