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(Fark) Boobies It's not X-mas, but hot elf chicks for everyone (not safe for work)   ( divider line 67
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89839 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Mar 2003 at 5:18 AM (12 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-14 11:35:03 PM sure beats antlers.
2003-03-14 11:39:40 PM  
Oh yeah -- it goes without saying, the above link is not safe for work
2003-03-15 12:00:46 AM  
i only get a redirect, not the link as advertised...
2003-03-15 02:49:13 AM  
Argh....definitely argh....

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-15 04:21:53 AM  
Argh, matey. Much much better, Chakalakasp.
2003-03-15 04:39:21 AM  
Just a friendly warning Chakala's link is chock-full of spyware.
2003-03-15 05:22:21 AM  
Geek porn? I don't see the appeal of pointy ears but hey at least it's something different :)
2003-03-15 05:26:20 AM I alone when I say "Anorexic Sex" sounds wrong on so many levels?
2003-03-15 05:27:23 AM  
new meaning for "boning"..
2003-03-15 05:30:39 AM  
Actually, it WAS christmas for me today. Due to family illness, we had to reschedule christmas dinner for tonight. Good for me, and thanks for the elves!!
2003-03-15 05:30:46 AM  
AFM, what about the link to Cuckold Man?

Cuckold Man saves the day again....while his wife screws the neighbor.
2003-03-15 05:31:01 AM  
Take THAT Legolas!
2003-03-15 05:31:39 AM  
Is it just me or are Fark fetishes just plain weird? I love when things make a return to the spirit of the 'old' days on fark, where things were weird rather than morbid. I say go the elf chicks! But it's not like I'd be hittin' it.
2003-03-15 05:33:20 AM  

Error 404
Possible Reasons: Webmaster Error - Violation of our Terms and Conditions - Copyright Infringements- Spam Complaints

Wow that was quick, and I didn't even get to see any elf chicks. Probably a good thing, considering the names of the links they had there...ugh
2003-03-15 05:36:01 AM  
*I just filled the cup*
2003-03-15 05:37:23 AM  

Those pics get posted on Total fark like once a week.. there is a reason why.....
2003-03-15 05:42:06 AM  
Argh matey! I took the third wench to the left and straight on till mourning!
2003-03-15 05:51:41 AM  
Argggh...the ole peg leg, she's gotten rigid. Avast, mateys!
2003-03-15 06:01:18 AM  
arrrghh matey!I am at work. Could one of you deck swabbers post a SFW PIC?
shiver me timbers!
2003-03-15 06:05:10 AM  
Chakalakasp's site that is'
Lest ya walks da plank.
2003-03-15 06:11:05 AM  
Oh for farks sakes, these aren't elves, these are farking VULCANS.

For the last god damn time, if you're going to photoshop elf ears on somebody, don't make them look like god damn ANTENNAS. These are horrible.

PSA: ELF EARS ARE, IN TOLKIEN'S OWN WORDS, "LEAF-SHAPED". Not so pointy that you can television reception on them. I hate horribly awful elf photoshops.

/fantasy geek
2003-03-15 06:12:00 AM  
Argh, did ye all see the latest movie?
Was rated Arrrrrgh.

/walking the plank
2003-03-15 06:25:57 AM  
Farking Classic Man.
Well At 6AM near end of shift everything is funny.
2003-03-15 06:26:08 AM  
2003-03-15 06:50:56 AM  
I declare shenanigans!
2003-03-15 06:52:30 AM  
2003-03-15 07:33:24 AM  
Nice Jay and Silent Bob reference shnook!
2003-03-15 07:43:21 AM  
Where did the the pirate go when he wanted to pick up some chicks?


How did he get there?

He drove in his CAAAAARRRRRR!!

Why didn't he just walk?

Because it was too FAAAAARRRRRR!!
And no, I DON'T need any of you to tell me how lame this comment is. Trust me, I'm fully aware, even this early in the morning... well, MOSTLY aware, at least.

If you want, I can do the Spanish TV Soccer Announcer jokes too.
2003-03-15 07:49:17 AM  
Morbo despises Spanish TV Soccer Announcer jokes, as he despises all soft fleshy beings. D'arr!
2003-03-15 08:03:50 AM  
abcdefghijklmnopq AAAAAAARRRRRRR stuvwxyz
2003-03-15 08:29:36 AM  
2003-03-15 08:37:11 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

A' spots a boobie!
2003-03-15 09:06:26 AM  
just as much a waste of bandwidth and server space as the antlers were yesteray

again - drew is pussy whipped - boobies suck now as a rule

total fark totally sucks - somebody please punch drew out for me someday somewhere!
2003-03-15 09:16:47 AM  
Damnit, those aren't elf-chicks, they're Vulcan-chicks! Get it straight!
2003-03-15 09:46:12 AM  


Because we all know that Tolkien invented the concept of elves, right?

Oh, wait, he didn't.
2003-03-15 10:35:28 AM  
2003-03-15 10:39:47 AM  
It's times like this, in the midst of a Vulcan vs. Elf ear debate that is centered on a gallery of otherwise good looking naked chicks that some deluded geek wanker thinks can be made to look EVEN BETTER with the addition of pointy ears, that I regret I ever passed Fark's URL on to my friends.

Why can't we all just focus on that little girl who got reunited with her family?
2003-03-15 10:45:24 AM  
yea ishkur way to make yourself look like the biggest dork ever for no reason.

on the upside... did anyone ever see the episode of Dilert where employees are huffing markets and get "down sized" and they use Dilbert's computer to look at Elf porn?
2003-03-15 11:35:02 AM  
Elf porn my ass.
I was expecting Bjork.
2003-03-15 11:43:16 AM  
hmmmm, next we'll be seeing people photoshoping animal heads onto female bodies. Of course I'd click on that link too.
2003-03-15 12:08:06 PM  
Does anyone know of a program that can pull pics from a website?
2003-03-15 12:22:12 PM  
"Photoshopping crap onto perfectly naked women is...highly illogical Captain."

2003-03-15 12:24:18 PM  

Wasn't it DWARF porn?

I think you got your D&D references mixed up.

Now, I command thee to roll 2d10 for a save in public embarassment.
2003-03-15 12:43:30 PM  
Elrond would hit it.
2003-03-15 12:51:23 PM  

Perhaps the guy doing "custom Real Dolls" ought to advertise on that site.

[image from too old to be available]

You know, it's not even that I'm against elf porn if some skill goes into it... something more like the anime style elf or at least a consistant Tolkenesque fantasy theme... but this is just putting pointy ears on random softcore pictures. That's kinda creepy.

2003-03-15 01:20:04 PM  
It just goes to show some people will whack to anything.
2003-03-15 01:40:43 PM  
How about some hardcore elf porn?

Most definately not safe for work.
2003-03-15 01:46:54 PM  
Elf porn is for weirdos.
2003-03-15 02:18:46 PM  
I've got one thing to say about all photoshopped elves:
At least they weren't drawn by Jeff Laubenstein. *shudder*
2003-03-15 02:32:12 PM  
what can you cums early...
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