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(UCSD Farker)   Why did you become a Farker? What is it about this place that keeps you coming back? Voting enabled for those who don't want to give an original answer. Link goes to class webpage. (Most likely a repeat, but answers being used for a research paper.)   ( divider line
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2003-03-14 03:12:02 PM  
on that beautiful campus, with the rocky la jolla shore and some decent surfing... you can't find anything more inspired than studying farkers?

2003-03-14 03:23:29 PM  
I became a Farker so I could become a bonafide Attention Whore©.

I have no sense of humor, I'm not attractive, I have no life whatsoever, and I'm as two-dimensional as my bio pic. I'm about as exciting as the accounting community, of which I'm a member.

So I post comments in thread after thread, hoping someone will acknowledge that I'm at least alive and worth reacting to. Which is much more than I'll ever get in the real world.
2003-03-14 03:30:36 PM  
Wanda, you need a group hug or something.

I fark just for the sake of seeing what's new. I became a TotalFark member cuz I got bored with the relatively slow pace that articles are posted on Fark. And, for $5/month, you can't really go wrong.
2003-03-14 03:36:34 PM  
i needed a place to kill time - and brother did i find one.

but really, it's more than that. it has lively commentaries - some of you people are funny and sarcastic as hell, and that's my kind of entertainment (you can be mean, too, and that's sometimes necessary). it's a great news source. it's a great source for oddball stuff on the internet, and lord knows we farkers have only scratched the surface. occasionally, oddly enough, it gives a sense of community in a world where sometimes there is very little.

i am fark. hear me roar.
2003-03-14 03:37:15 PM  
I became a Farker so I could do as little work as possible. Just to let you know I have succeded.
2003-03-14 03:38:10 PM  
Drew put a gun to my head.

No, really.
2003-03-14 03:39:39 PM  
Because I keep hoping against hope that some day, someone will post more pictures of 3horn's stepsister.
2003-03-14 03:43:24 PM  
2003-03-14 03:50:13 PM  
I became a Farker to take part in surveys.
2003-03-14 03:52:52 PM  
My wife thought it would be cute for me to have some "INTERNET GEEK" friends, since I didn't have any real life ones. She paid for TotalFark.
2003-03-14 03:58:57 PM  
I was gonna be all original and say I became a farker so I could get attention and babble incoherently, but I see that won't be happening now.

So I'll just say it's so I could get called a slut/skank/whore on the message boards by misogynistic men and nasty, lonely women when they don't like what I have to say. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.
2003-03-14 03:59:40 PM  
So I could read all the stories that my local radio station would be ripping off for their drive time topics.
2003-03-14 04:11:23 PM  
8 hours in cubicle + DSL = FARK
2003-03-14 04:12:00 PM  
I came here just because the articles are good and the comments are usually pretty damn funny.

2003-03-14 04:14:10 PM  
Hey Wanda will you email me that pic of your legs?
2003-03-14 04:14:51 PM  
BTW, Wanda, I hope you were being sarcastic, because i've read your posts and seen your bio pic, and you're neither unattractive or boring.

2003-03-14 04:17:53 PM  
Well, this is just why im pathetic and sad and hate the world. A man at IU just before spring break... and im farking. how gay.
2003-03-14 04:20:24 PM  
I came here to Photoshop, look at Photoshops, read amusing articles, hear the different views of people from inside and outside of America, and to laugh at funny shiat that Farkers say, like this:

03-14-03 03:50:13 PM Stugar
I became a Farker to take part in surveys.
2003-03-14 04:21:31 PM  
First started using Fark when a friend kept telling about unbelievable news stories he'd seen on the site. I visited later and liked what I saw; a lot of good stories for when you're at the bar and need some quick conversation pieces while the tab is being settled. When I grew over-impatient with the slow updates on Fark, I signed up with TotalFark, the best $5 a month I've spent. I keep coming back because I can use some business stories through work, the fark population is (overall?) agreeable types, and the content/threads stay humorous. Plus the boobies are nice too.
2003-03-14 04:23:35 PM  
I just wanted to be loved. Actually I enjoy reading other peoples resposnes to the stories. It's like people watching on a psychotic level.
2003-03-14 04:35:13 PM  
I thought is was a religious cult.
Well that and to show off my meager photoshop skills.
2003-03-14 04:36:01 PM  
Hi, my name is Dave, and I'm a Totalfarker.

I joined during 9/11, fark was keeping up with news and like alot of others I was glued to the news.

I kept reading because Fark kept being funny. Now that I am employed again, Fark is like the guy at work that knows where all these sites you don't have time to find are at.

Like someone else said, at $5 a month how can you go wrong. By the way, this is the only site I pay to be a member of.
2003-03-14 04:36:34 PM  
Loved reading Then, one day (at band camp), they had some sort of Photoshop competition between the SomethingAwful goons and the Fark community and after checking out this "Fark" I knew that I had found a way to keep myself interested at work.
2003-03-14 04:37:08 PM  
I became a Farker because I don't have enough server errors in my life.
2003-03-14 04:38:13 PM  
tried to visit, typo led me here, haven't left since, decided the extra $5 a month was probably going to go to something uselss like food, so I invested in Totalfark and was probably the best $5 a month subscription to a website I have ever had.
2003-03-14 04:38:26 PM  
Well, the bio pic is 8 years old. Things have sort of gone downhill from there.

And I can write well when I don't have to be face-to-face with someone.

Get me in a room full of people and I can say two sentences and put them all to sleep. I love Fark because I can express myself as I really am on the inside without worrying about making a complete fool of myself. Even if I do say something completely stupid here, Farkers are generally understanding because they've all done the same thing themselves.

Outside this theatre of the mind, I'm really a nobody.
2003-03-14 04:38:33 PM  
I joined fark in a surprisingly successful attempt at job search avoidance. It is really starting to scare me at this point. I cannot stop Farking.

Once I joined TotalFark it was all over. Best money I have ever spent.
2003-03-14 04:39:24 PM  
I came to Fark because of the weird links but stay for the comments. It's got to the point where I hardly even click on the stories any more and just read the threads. Except for flamewars. They make my eyes itch.
2003-03-14 04:44:37 PM  
Frank_Lee_Mental: You don't like the Flame Wars? A good flamewar kills bunches of time. I used to come here solely for the articles, but now I find myself scanning the headlines to see which is most likely to be combustible.

The best ones are those that are completely trivial; people have strong opinions over the silliest stuff.
2003-03-14 04:49:52 PM  
I went Fark for the Photoshops and the discussions. Plus I'm bored of getting unbored by reading gaming sites.
2003-03-14 04:50:03 PM  
I became a Farker because, as an INTP, I was/am just fascinated by the variety of articles I found here. I stay because:

1--I am astounded by the creativity and cleverness I read/see in the threads and PSs--seldom does a day go by when I'm not surprised and delighted, or informed by some comment;

2--I've formed several friendships here I find meaningful;

3--I get a jolly when somebody finds something I said to be funny or interesting; and

4--WickedWanda squeeks (when she walks).
2003-03-14 04:52:35 PM  
I like to read, write, and laugh.
2003-03-14 04:53:30 PM  
A_Feeble_Mind - The flamewars always turn into some Democrat/Republican slanging match, and since I'm not from America it all goes straight over my head. I know what you mean about the incendiary headlines, but it annoys me just how quickly those threads turn to crap. Too many voices, not enough sense.
2003-03-14 04:55:58 PM  
i cant remember why i came here. i stay for the news.
2003-03-14 04:56:42 PM  
Frank_Lee_Mental - I agree; I avoid the political ones. But, just yesterday there was a spectacular battle about spoiled brats. Candypants did a good job in that one.
2003-03-14 05:01:24 PM  
I read about FARK in Playboy and curiosity got to me. I joined TOTAL FARK because there are more boobies links...
2003-03-14 05:01:41 PM  
I came here because the banner ad on the game site I was using was so annoying that I had to click on it just to see what the stupidity was about.

I guess advertising actually works. Bastards.

I stay because, as much as I'd like to, I can't spend the entire day scouring the net for interesting news stories. So I pay $5 a month to have other people do it for me. Some of the Total Fark stuff that doesn't make the main page is more interesting than anything on the free site.

Also, the commentary here is a lot of fun. But that's news to exactly no one.
2003-03-14 05:08:18 PM  
Well you might not be able to tell it, but I've got a little weight problem. My therapist said I should join EST, but it cost like $900! Then I thought, hey! why not join FARK?!! It's free, and you guys have like, what, 25-25 links posted per day?... which is perfect for me...
2003-03-14 05:08:22 PM  
Well, I started visiting here in October, 2001, and loved the funny news stories, the boobies, and the photoshops, but was frustrated by not being able to vote on them, so I joined up.

I joined TotalFark because I loved this site so much I figured I owed it something.
2003-03-14 05:09:47 PM  
I came to Fark because life as an attorney can be pretty boring. I used to spend hours wasting time just surfing aimlessly on the internet with nothing much to look at. Now, I spend easily 70% of my time online on has more than enough to waste my time on. It's not really even the links that attract me, per se, but the comments. I think it's a great way to take the pulse of humanity on the plethora of issues that creep up on Fark everyday. It really is people-watching online.
2003-03-14 05:12:56 PM  
I'm an accountant. Fark helps me feel all warm, and fuzzy. Plus, one of my Weenerss got someone to call me "numbnuts" and, well, that struck a cord.

I'm trying to cut back, right now it's spring break (I'm off work), it's 75 degrees and sunny out, my wife is half nekkid in the other room reading a Sandra Brown novel, and I'm writing to y'all.

Shoot me now.

A vote for me is a vote for whirled peas.
2003-03-14 05:18:35 PM  
I joined so I could ignore all of the people that are calling me for help.
2003-03-14 05:18:39 PM  
Visited for a few months before 9/11....then that shiat happened and Fark was the only source of news for me since..created account a few days later to yell at Harmonia....been since for the usually funny comments and differing views on life. That is all.
2003-03-14 05:23:04 PM  
I come for the boobies, I stay for the Drew.
2003-03-14 05:40:17 PM  
I joined because I was just not getting enough threatening email in my life.
2003-03-14 05:41:54 PM  
I'm here because I'm a news junkie. I found Fark through the Smoking Gun about a year and a half ago. I work in the news business, so I'm wicked nosy.

And like Generation D up there, this is the only site I currently pay for. All the shiat I learn (actually learn) on this site is well worth the investment.

Plus, well...where else can I get Aarkieboy's stuff? That's worth the price of admission itself.
2003-03-14 05:54:42 PM  
i joined Fark for the Weeners

sadly there are hardly any anymore
2003-03-14 06:01:22 PM  
I'm weak and have no social life.*looks around*

Its also a good way to waste time at the office.
2003-03-14 06:02:00 PM  
I became a Farker because it's a part of this complete, nutritious breakfast. Now fortified with 8 essential vitamins and iron!
2003-03-14 06:16:14 PM  
I came to see a picture of a Squirrel with a nut sack. I don't know what happened after that.
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