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(Yahoo)   AOL to release feature aimed at more "tech savvy" users. "Y do 12 yos hv 2 grw up?" CEO asks   ( divider line
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7816 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Mar 2003 at 11:49 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-14 11:48:43 AM  
Being considered a tech-savvy AOL'er is sort of like running in the special olympics.
2003-03-14 11:51:24 AM  
2003-03-14 11:51:28 AM  
Mmmm, tech gravy.
2003-03-14 11:52:11 AM  

Tech-savvy AOLers .............

This is so dumb i'm not even going to say anything.

2003-03-14 11:53:46 AM  
Tech Savvy person + AOL = WTF? the world explodes
2003-03-14 11:54:18 AM  
My browser refused to load a sentence that contained both "tech-savvy" and "AOL" at the same time.
2003-03-14 11:54:36 AM  
I agree with 'Generation_D'...I wouldn't be bragging bout that...
2003-03-14 11:54:43 AM  
I can't be the only one who wishes that AOL will just curl up and die?

There are far too many people out there using that P.O.S. All my parents friends continually call me needing help. "I can't connect to the internet!" Yeah, well, go get a real ISP and call be back.

2003-03-14 11:54:44 AM  
Instant Messenger and Email? AOL and Tech-Savvy = oxymorons
2003-03-14 11:55:14 AM  
". . .will give existing subscribers more reason to stick with their $23.90-per-month service."

2003-03-14 11:55:29 AM  
tech savvy AOL users = oxymoron,

LOL just noticed everyone pretty much posted the same shiat
2003-03-14 11:55:43 AM  
With AOL Communicator, users can read all their e-mail -- including those to their AOL account, as well as mail to their work or college account, for example --- in one place.

HAHA , yeah cuz Im sure a tech savvy user wouldnt know how to do that without AOL communicator
2003-03-14 11:56:31 AM  
"So easy to use, no wonder it's full of coonts."

2003-03-14 11:57:36 AM  
The discs make great coasters,though.
2003-03-14 11:59:23 AM  
My browser refused to load a sentence that contained both "tech-savvy" and "AOL" at the same time.

My browser did load it, but then, I'm using AOL, so that's probably why. And I'm pretty teck-savvy myself.

Ah, hell, I made a typo. Dammit, let me see if I can find my white-out...

*shuffles around*

Can't find it. Oh, well. Maybe the benevolent demons who live in my computer and make it work will fix it for me.

*sacrifices cattle to benevolent computer demons*
2003-03-14 12:01:32 PM  
Why don't they look at ways to save money. Like fire the marketing execs and offer a simple PPP connection for $10 a month. How about a low cost DSL connection for less than $40 a month. Right now broadband is $40+ per month.

I would probably be considered "Tech Savvy" and I want a fast bare bones connection at a good price. All I need is a connection, I can find free software to do everything else.

Just so you understand, I dont use AOL, but if they offered cheaper DSL, I might switch.
2003-03-14 12:01:50 PM  
Yeah being a "tech-savvy" AOLer is a pretty big oxymoron. AOL does have one positive thing though... My high school had a filter to stop people from looking at pr0n which ended up blocking every internet site we actually need to go to. The work around was to go through AOL. It uses proprietary protocals so the filter couldn't stop it.

/commence flaming for suggesting AOL has anything good in 3...2...1...
2003-03-14 12:02:47 PM  
Oh yeah, not sending me 8 disks a year in pretty tins might save them some money too.

-the Hun
2003-03-14 12:05:41 PM  
y helo thar
2003-03-14 12:07:48 PM  
I hate the AOL pricks but I just got the popup blocker from them and the darn thing works...even gives you a little counter for how many popups ar blocked. Nifty.
2003-03-14 12:08:06 PM  

2003-03-14 12:09:22 PM  
No, they do, in fact, SUCK as coasters. Water droplets bead up on the CD surface, meaning you eventually have to dump the water somewhere. A real coaster would absorb the water droplets. AOL can't even make coasters the right way.
2003-03-14 12:09:35 PM  
I'm waiting for the day when my coaster collection will be complete. I've even got some old Prodigy discs somewhere.

I want enough to make a curtain out of them. Drill small holes on two opposite sides and tie them together with tape from a cassette. Better than a beaded curtain.
2003-03-14 12:12:15 PM  

There's a pattern (either crochet or knit, can't remember exactly) That use use with them. You crochet to knit around them and it makes them absorbant.

If you have to dry them out toss them in the dryer. It'll be no big loss.
2003-03-14 12:17:22 PM  
Daybreaker and TriXX: Didn't someone make some kind of gun that would fling them? Anyway,here's an oldie but a goodie for you guys:

AOL spoof commercial QT movie.
2003-03-14 12:17:55 PM  
I was really lost until I clicked AOL's "tech savvy" button. Now I can LOL and choose my own emoticon!
2003-03-14 12:18:24 PM  
"AOL Communicator integrates....."
wait, stop there!
2003-03-14 12:19:39 PM  
This is like the 80's hairbands trying to make a comeback.
2003-03-14 12:20:46 PM  
I wonder if they would work in a clay pidgeon launcher? They might be too thin for that but you could always glue them together so they're thick enough.
2003-03-14 12:23:49 PM  
Actually... it's a pretty good program. Flame me all you want, but at least AOL is looking to new areas.
2003-03-14 12:24:18 PM  
03-14-03 11:57:36 AM Forsythe P. Jones
The discs make great coasters,though

And frisbees too!

Whenever I get one of these in the mail I always say:

"Cool another cd case!"
2003-03-14 12:28:02 PM  
I use the AOL disks to piss off my Beta....shiny and reflective...he things his reflection is another fish.
2003-03-14 12:28:06 PM  
I recently had to use them for a day because my ISP totally farked me and I NEEDED something til the next day when I could set up an account elsewhere... I always knew AOL sukked, but that 12 hours I was forced to use them I truly understood why...
1. the software crashed my puter
2. Every tech support person I talked to couldn't speak english to save their lives
3. AND they were reading from some cheese ass script which made it even more difficult
4. Then when I finally cancelled, they've been calling me every other day, reading from the same script, asking why I cancelled after only 12 hours, how many usefull functions I'm missing out on blah blah blah.

I hated them before, but now I KNOW they are the devils right hand.

By the way, If you want popup blocking go with Mozilla, or any other freakin' browser besides IE.
2003-03-14 12:30:16 PM  
AOL may suck, but those free trials are awesome. I consider myself quite tech savvy too.

There are two kinds of AOL users:

Those who use AOL's software to browse the web (idiots)

and those who use their own trusty browser and regard AOL as simply a connection (for free).
2003-03-14 12:31:06 PM  
The real question is...

"Y do 18 yos grls hv 2 grw up?"
2003-03-14 12:35:06 PM  
Plus, everytime I talked to them they promised that a feedback form would be sent to me... I have yet to see one. I really want to let them know how much they suck.
Not like they'll care about the opinion of one person who knows a little bit about what they're doing over the opinions of millions of sheep who think AOL is the shizznit because the commercials and shiny CDs say so
2003-03-14 12:36:49 PM  
aOl i5 teH GhAy!!!!1111oneoneone
2003-03-14 12:38:25 PM  
When I cancelled my AOL account, I sort of got the feeling they were holding a gun to the Customer Service Rep's head to encourage her to convince me to stay with them.
I think I had to tell her at least five times to cancel my account that day. A few weeks later, I started receiving the "AOL Comeback Offers" in the mail.
2003-03-14 12:39:05 PM  
Tech Savvy? How about plug-farking ignorant?

Generation Dumb.

That shiat looks like the old "F U CN RD THS U 2 CN BCUM A SCRTRY" matchbook ads.
2003-03-14 12:40:25 PM  
its worth being on aol and sbc dsl for the free stuff ;-) if you know what i mean ::cough cough::
2003-03-14 12:40:56 PM  
<img src="">
2003-03-14 12:41:03 PM  

Yeah they pretty much do hold a gun to the people you call to cancel's head. If they don't "save" a certain percentage of people that call them they get no bonus (wah) but they lose their job.

Let's just say I work in a building next to one of the sites you call into when you try to cancel... and at least once a week I see an ambulance pull up there because someone cracked or had a heart attack.
2003-03-14 12:43:01 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size

Helping those who can't help themselves.
2003-03-14 12:43:31 PM  
Please, not even AOLs tech support is tech savvy.
2003-03-14 12:45:33 PM  
i deserve this tag after my last post...

img.fark.netView Full Size
2003-03-14 12:48:06 PM  
Most of all employees at AOL are not tech savvy... They no longer want to hire people that can "think outside of the box" They want trained monkeys that can read a program and then transfer the caller to some sales marketing scam.

I never said I liked it, but it pays the bills.
2003-03-14 12:49:56 PM  
Your a funny funny man Mr. RebelTycoon...
2003-03-14 12:53:07 PM  
this is comedy gold
2003-03-14 12:55:08 PM  
I'm a "tech-savvy AOL user." I don't pay full price because I access only through my DSL or cable connections.

The ftp is kinda goofy, but AOL makes a great un-farkable image host.

The ability to make and kill add-on accounts makes spam management possible. Every couple of months, just make a new account for all those stupid 'register to see our full site' logins. Then ditch the account when it gets too busy.

Plus, I can always find an AOL access number when I travel.
2003-03-14 12:57:50 PM  
aAol SI teh win becuz I cna tlak wif mah homeiz lolz asl?
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