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(NCBuy)   Instead of cuddle, more couples "accidentally stab each other throughout the night"   ( divider line
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14683 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Mar 2003 at 3:11 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-14 11:40:55 AM  
"Finally, 38 percent of men sleep in a room other than the bedroom at least once a month."

I'm assuming they meant the living room couch or extra bedroom, but it leaves me wondering if there are some disfuntional wives who make their spouse sleep in the garage or bathroom.
2003-03-14 11:41:50 AM  
I am the worst to sleep with. I snore really loud and if I have a good enough dream you could wake up to me humping you.

any takers?
2003-03-14 11:48:54 AM  
When I find my now-famous 'woman-who-will-accept-a-twist-tie-for-an-engagement-ring', she will undoubtedly also become the woman who 'will-sleep-in-a-seperate-bed-after-sex'.

Also in the future - Sven_Burger still single in 2043.
2003-03-14 01:54:37 PM  
"And the couple stabs each other through the NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!"
2003-03-14 02:46:11 PM  
A new survey is pulling the covers off Americans' bedroom activities
and it's forking crazy.
BOOWAAHAHAHAHA!!! Stop it! You're killing me!

Other slumber statistics...
-- Men are four times more likely to sleep in the nude than women.

Hey now. You don't have to be a total kill joy there.
2003-03-14 03:18:07 PM  
I prefer cuddliness!

/Roman Polanski
2003-03-14 03:18:12 PM  
Hey, I sleep in the nude! Plus, I'd rather not have my wife touching me while I sleep. Guess I'm pretty typical....
2003-03-14 03:20:04 PM  
i sometimes stab my wife in her "fur mug" with my "flesh spoon" when we're in bed.
2003-03-14 03:21:32 PM  

If there are boobies in my bed, I'm more like a velcro strip.

On occasion thogh, I tend to be like a spork.

[image from too old to be available]

2003-03-14 03:24:24 PM  
38% of men get kicked out of their own beds once a month?? That's farked up. I'm still single (and probably will be forever with this attitude), but if I ever have a fight with the future missus there's no way in hell I'll be sleeping in another bed other than my own. Bunch of pussified men in this world.
2003-03-14 03:24:43 PM  
Weaps, I don't mean to sound like an AOL:er but... LMAO!

Finally, 38 percent of men sleep in a room other than the bedroom at least once a month.

Why is it that every time I turn my head or click a link, I see a number 38?
2003-03-14 03:24:47 PM  
my fiance puts off more heat than a nuclear reaction when she sleeps. i try to stay as far away as possible (or wake up cover in sweat in the middle of the winter) and she always wants to cuddle.
2003-03-14 03:25:32 PM  
"-- Finally, 38 percent of men sleep in a room other than the bedroom at least once a month."

2003-03-14 03:27:37 PM  
I like vigorous cuddling...
2003-03-14 03:29:42 PM  
"38 percent of men sleep in a room other than the bedroom at least once a month."

this doesn't mean they get kicked out of bed by their could be that they just crash in front of the tv or drunk in front of the toilet. hey, happens to me at LEAST once a month... hehe
2003-03-14 03:32:36 PM  
any stabbing I do in bed is hardly accidental.
2003-03-14 03:32:36 PM  
GaidinCanuck, I bet they mean they just fall asleep in some random room without making it into the bedroom. It happens...
2003-03-14 03:32:46 PM  
Since my husband travels internationally 3 weeks out of every month including weekends, I'm almost always have the bed all to myself. I raise the kids and take care of the house and finances. When he's home, he does whatever I tell him to do and vice versa. *wink* Then, just when just when he starts to annoy me, he leaves again. Just when I start to miss him, he's home.

I believe that men and women were not intended to spend a lot of time with each other. He goes off with the other men for the hunt, and I stay home and tend to the family like any good woman should.

We don't fight about the trivial. He's away during my "cycle." We don't fight over the bed covers. We never spend that week in front of the TV, etc. In many ways, it's the ideal marriage.

/goes back to fixing the toilet
2003-03-14 03:33:44 PM  
I sleep with my eyes open and talk. I can even respond when asked questions (and have no memory of it). Freaks out anyone I sleep with.
2003-03-14 03:33:55 PM  

The furniture store?

That either makes no sense at all or more sense than anything else that's ever been on FARK. Someone please tell me.
2003-03-14 03:34:55 PM  
It's all about the hug-n-roll. Hug for her, roll for you.

2003-03-14 03:36:20 PM  
I thought they called this "buggering"...

I could be wrong...
2003-03-14 03:36:47 PM  
2003-03-14 03:37:53 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2003-03-14 03:38:22 PM are the dream only if you looked like Jessica Alba, you'd be the complete package.
2003-03-14 03:38:37 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-14 03:39:11 PM  
"I see you've played knifey-spooney before!"

/non-contextual Simpsons quote
2003-03-14 03:40:10 PM  
2003-03-14 03:40:45 PM  
When I find my now-famous 'woman-who-will-accept-a-twist-tie-for-an-engagement-ring'

Holy cow that's just plain freaky Sven_Burger. That was quite literally one of my pre-requisites for getting engaged...

great minds...
2003-03-14 03:42:04 PM  
See, OJ, was doing nothing wrong... just sleep with Nicole and Ron... a really hot 3way...

God Bless you, Juice
2003-03-14 03:43:28 PM  
I'll admit... Never thought about not making it to the bedroom due to drunkness or laziness. That never happens to me. I'd rather sleep in my comfy bed than the couch, so I always drag my butt to my bedroom when I need to sleep. However I do stand by my point on the assumption that, for the majority, men sleep in another room due to a domestic dispute.

btw: Kaka Funny!
2003-03-14 03:44:25 PM  
I'm slightly radioactive.
2003-03-14 03:44:34 PM  
um, I'm missing something. Stabbing eachother?
2003-03-14 03:46:26 PM  
My last live-in GF had um... moments of high drama, let's say. I willingly slept in the garage on those nights and loved it.
2003-03-14 03:47:38 PM  
-- Men are four times more likely to sleep in the nude than women.

2003-03-14 03:48:46 PM  
StrongPerplexed: Now why the hell didn't I think of that?!

So you like to play golf?
2003-03-14 03:48:48 PM  
Dammit grytpype, he beat me to it.

Ah well..

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-14 03:49:10 PM  
My boyfriend better beware... in the last week alone, I've kicked him in my sleep, and almost crushed his head... that'll teach him to say "Oh come on baby, all you have to do is lie there."
2003-03-14 03:49:33 PM  
03-14-03 03:40:10 PM Mr_name

I agree
2003-03-14 03:50:31 PM  
Sudie - I feel exactly the same way!... hands down.
2003-03-14 03:50:57 PM  
or maybe this one's more appropriate:

[image from too old to be available]

ok, no more image posting for me..
2003-03-14 03:51:18 PM  
38% Spoon
42% Fork
20% Fark
2003-03-14 03:54:12 PM  
Sudie- "/goes back to fixing the toilet"

If your cel phone's stuck in that toilet, just let it go.
2003-03-14 03:55:06 PM  
I stay home and tend to the family like any good woman should.


I'm not trying to argue with you, but surely you don't think that what's right for you is right for everyone. I mean, if it works for you, I'm happy for you. Does that mean that any woman who feels and does differently is not a "good" woman? (Really not trying to start fight)
2003-03-14 03:55:58 PM  
so let me get this straight:

Men are out there nude, forking their clothed wives with their spoons, stabbing like a knife, from a completely different room?

To do it from a different room, you have to be 'endowed' by your 'creator' but it must suck to be able to get through the weaving of clothes. The guys surveyed need a little more girth, methinks.

/insanity is my benchmark, i'm exhausted.
2003-03-14 03:56:49 PM  
I can't sleep on my stomach.
I can sleep on anyone else's, though
2003-03-14 03:58:18 PM  
03-14-03 03:24:47 PM Captain_America

my fiance puts off more heat than a nuclear reaction when she sleeps. i try to stay as far away as possible (or wake up cover in sweat in the middle of the winter) and she always wants to cuddle.

I have the same problem, except HE'S the one that sweats!
2003-03-14 03:58:48 PM  
Holy shiat, Diogenes, you do that to? I had an ex-girlfriend in college who slept with her eyes open...well, partially open, and talked frequently in her sleep too. You could ask her questions as well, and most of the time she'd answer you, always telling the truth. Pissed the hell out of her, 'cause she could never ever lie to someone who might be near her when she slept. That's probably why we broke up...I learned too much about her from those middle of the night questions...
2003-03-14 04:00:04 PM  

Reminds me of the first night I ever slept with my girlfriend.. I mean actually slept next to her in the same bed.. I'm a light sleeper.. so I wake up to some movement next to me.. My girlfriend sits bolt upright in bed and starts like.. speaking in tongues. It sounded like she was talking backwards! and then she turns back and looks at me, and her eyes were open!! I was just paralysed with fear, because I was expecting her to start shooting lazers out her mouth like David Lopan.. Then she laid back down and started snoring.

A few hours later, after I'd finally gotten back to slep, she wailed me really hard right in the chest and started laughing. How the heck do you react to something like that??

All in her sleep. Ever since I've been a bit scared of her..
2003-03-14 04:01:46 PM  
I like to fork all night long.........
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