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(Reuters)   The Transportation Security Administration does not condone its baggage screeners insulting passengers because of what is in their suitcases   ( divider line
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2003-03-14 11:32:58 AM  
Ok. Since the mentality is about the same, why don't we get the Miller Light girls and dress one up in a USA bikini and one in Anti-War bikini and let them go at it.

That's about how much intelligence people are displaying when they confront opposing political views now.

2003-03-14 11:46:46 AM  
It's a pity he didn't discover the invasive note before he left the airport. Opening a suitcase, and screaming "SWEET JESUS! I DIDN'T PACK THIS! I HOPE IT'S NOT INFECTED WITH SMALLPOX!" might cause some hilarity to ensue, and some people to be held accountable.

"Has anyone else handled your luggage?"

"Only you farking fascist poo-flinging government monkeys."

Does anyone make luggage with the 4th Amendment embroidered in the fabric? Might make a buck or two.
2003-03-14 01:28:39 PM  
It's airline policy not to imply ownership in the event of a dildo. We use the indefinite article: 'A dildo.' Never 'Your dildo.'
2003-03-14 03:51:02 PM  
mmmm.... Miller Light girls...
2003-03-14 03:58:48 PM  
Makes me think of a recent trip I took to Florida. The night before coming home, I had been really sick; I had hot and cold flashes and had been sweating and had had pretty bad diarhea. Well, as irritated as I was by the random inspections they were doing, I was greatly amused that my bag was selected for inspection. That someone had to rummage through and touch my dirty, stinky sweaty clothes amused me to no end, almost in a "serves-'em-right" kinda way.
2003-03-14 04:05:44 PM  
Oh, and I could tell the woman was less than thrilled when I saw the expression on her face when she was giving the bag back to me.
2003-03-14 04:57:47 PM  
Hmm, Seth Goldberg. Can you get any more Jewish?

Further evidence that the push for war isn't all part of some massive Jewish conspiracy.
2003-03-14 05:00:17 PM  
Infringing on his right to free speech? Fluck me, but that's idiotic. What about the free speech of the inspector that told him that he was anti-american? No one ripped his stupid sign up.
2003-03-14 05:01:06 PM  
Presuming that the sign was for use in some form of rally or demonstration, he apparently feels that is acceptable to impose his views on others by means of displaying his anti-war sign, but when someone else does the same thing to him by means of a small handwritten note, his rights have been violated.

Typical asshat. Only people who agree with him are entitled to espouse their opinions.
2003-03-14 05:01:39 PM  
Had someone question me about my Vibrator.

Them "Excuse me miss, but what is this?"

Me "That's a Vibrator"

Them "I beg your Pardon?"


Them "oh"

/threat to national security
2003-03-14 05:01:44 PM  
Would they oppose entering the aircraft with the dildo shoved up in your ass? Just train the gerbils to make some room
2003-03-14 05:02:01 PM  
Nice to see that federalizing those airport screeners, who previously worked for less-than-McDonald's wages, often fell asleep at the job and couldn't care less what you had in your luggage, are making them so proactive.
2003-03-14 05:02:31 PM  
Patriotic: Support our troups, no war in Iraq.
2003-03-14 05:02:55 PM  
mmmm......"farking fascist poo-flinging government monkeys".... HAAAAA

2003-03-14 05:03:07 PM  
The point is, that as a federal emplyee, he's not supposed to be making that sort of a comment, as it pertains in no way to his job.

Nevermind the fact that protesting the upcoming war does not make you "anti-American".

2003-03-14 05:03:12 PM  
Anyone else get embarrassed when their clueless friends start trying to talk politics? I always just have to change the subject.
2003-03-14 05:03:25 PM  
Good 'ol airport screeners. They'll be sources of amusement for years to come. Just wait until they start stealing stuff from people... oh wait, they already do.
2003-03-14 05:03:40 PM  
It's also not Airline policy to imply ownership of said anti-war senteiments.

It's always "AN anti-american attitude", not "YOU'RE anti-american attitude"
2003-03-14 05:04:24 PM  
If an inspector _did_ plant that note, what a dildo! People who instantly associate anti-war sentiments with ant-Americanism should be made to ride the baggage carrousel in the nude for hours on end. (Repeating: Anti-war does not equal anti-American. And being eager for war is not an American value.) Life was so much easier when all the security peeps were private-sector ... and fresh off the boat.
2003-03-14 05:04:58 PM  
Dear passenger,

Go buy some new underwear you farkin' cheapskate! I nearly puked inspecting your bags.
2003-03-14 05:05:17 PM  
Ooh, it's warm outside. Coeds in skimpy tight clothing carying baggage to spring break. mmmmmmmm
2003-03-14 05:05:50 PM  
Hmm, Seth Goldberg. Can you get any more Jewish?

Further evidence that the push for war isn't all part of some massive Jewish conspiracy.

No your wrong, it's not a massive Jewish conspiracy. Just a conspiracy among the Jews in the Bush Administration.
2003-03-14 05:05:54 PM  
Maybe it was his "JEWS FOR CLINTON AGAINST WAR IN IRAQ" t-shirt that caused the problem.
2003-03-14 05:06:08 PM  
Hell, I don't care if he left a note in the guy's luggage agreeing with his political views. It's just not appropriate.
2003-03-14 05:07:28 PM  
Anti-war = un-American? Who created that logic?
2003-03-14 05:07:39 PM  
"Has anyone else handled your luggage?"

"Only me, a farking socalist poo-flinging university professor monkey."
2003-03-14 05:07:42 PM  
Lofwyr I usually get annoyed... then I change the subject
2003-03-14 05:08:33 PM  
What? No one has suggested slipping this baggage screener a Xanax-tainted apple juice and kicking them out of the airport?
2003-03-14 05:08:38 PM  
Snuggle_Bunny, having checked out your link, I hereby declare "Eroscillator" and "Flabbergasmic" my new favourite words.

That is all.
2003-03-14 05:09:18 PM  
Give these folks a break, the uniforms they wear are some of the least flattering I've seen in a while. The pants are terrible, they give every female a terrible case of the dreaded disfigurement known as "Female Cop Ass". Look next time, you'll agree.
2003-03-14 05:09:23 PM  
03-14-03 05:07:28 PM Ramblinwreck
Anti-war = un-American? Who created that logic?

Some farkwit that lives under a empty case of bud.
2003-03-14 05:09:59 PM  

it's a great toy, and you don't run out of batteries. Good with a partner too...

Surge strip is a good idea though!

2003-03-14 05:10:08 PM  
Should be fired.
2003-03-14 05:10:14 PM  
GIS for 'Seth Goldberg':

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-14 05:10:32 PM  
Ok, you people who are saying this is ok are stupid. There is a significant difference between a private citizen, in his private time, expressing his views and a government official at work expressing them.
2003-03-14 05:10:40 PM  
SharkUW: a few years ago I went to Bermuda on business. March. Temps in the high 40s or low 50s. Two airhead babes in front of me at passport control crying their eyes out because they thought they had bought tickets for spring break in the Bahamas.
2003-03-14 05:10:52 PM  
A scattering of condoms in your shaving kit will generally keep them from confiscating your nailfiles & clippers.....
Last time I flew they scanned the bottom of my stocking feet.....for surgically implanted devices?
2003-03-14 05:11:04 PM  
ISubmitted ...:
Interesting point you raise. I agree with it, so long as the person attempting to discourage another's free speech is not an agent of the government. Joe Blow is free to counter the speech of others however he can. His Uncle Sam, however, has no business abridging the freedom of speech.
2003-03-14 05:11:16 PM  
i wish i could say that this is unbelievable...

unfortunately i will say that we'll be seeing more of this sort of thing in the future.
2003-03-14 05:11:36 PM  
It's airline policy not to imply ownership in the event of a dildo. We use the indefinite article: 'A dildo.' Never 'Your dildo.'

*warning: spoiler for "24" first season follows*

Heh I thought of this quote when I was watching "24" first season on DVD last night... in hour 2 I think it is... this chick busts out of an airplane, the detonator she uses to blow the cabin door is concealed in a vibrator.
2003-03-14 05:12:43 PM  
i would do the same thing he did inspect if you must but no comment should be made on what is in there
2003-03-14 05:12:45 PM  
Christ does that vibrator come with attachments to grind, sand and polish?
2003-03-14 05:13:56 PM  
the detonator she uses to blow the cabin door is
concealed in a vibrator

can we say Explosive Orgasims?

That's the funniest thing I have heard in a while....
2003-03-14 05:14:37 PM  

Do you know the industry term for stewardess?

Air Mattress.
2003-03-14 05:14:46 PM  
Exercising your first amendment rights. How anti-American!
2003-03-14 05:16:22 PM  
I am so glad that US Government emplyees are well versed in Newspeak. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
2003-03-14 05:17:24 PM  

I had not made the connection between the bad uniform and the bad attitude. Indeed, I had noticed them both, but I failed to link the two.

Are you a sociologist? If not, you may have a new fallback career if you need it.
2003-03-14 05:18:28 PM  
Could we just have Snuggle_Bunny send a shipment of explosive dildos to Iraq instead of missiles? Wouldn't that both free and liberate the country? Or are dildos unAmerican too?
2003-03-14 05:19:10 PM  

the Nazis had spiffy
outfits, and bad attitudes...I don't think there is a correlation there.

2003-03-14 05:20:14 PM  
i wonder if they would inspect it if you said your bag is filled with bear traps
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