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(Chick)   Should a Christian play Dungeons and Dragons?   ( divider line
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3087 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Sep 2001 at 12:00 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-17 12:12:00 AM  
2001-09-17 12:18:32 AM  
Especially not, according to Chick. I don't even have to click the link.
2001-09-17 12:29:30 AM  
Wow, that's long. I've noticed that recently the essayists on chick have been against things because they are too confusing. Like the catholic saints...
2001-09-17 12:32:10 AM  
'D&D player (12 years old) Steve Erwin (see above) suicide by gunshot, 11/2/84. Detective report: "No doubt D&D cost them their lives."'

*rolls her eyes* Give me a break. The poor kid was probably traumatized somehow in life to kill himself at such an early age anyways...

Sometimes I can get a laugh out of Chick stuff... but it usually just tends to appall and anger me... how blind, controlled, narrow-minded, anal, and especially stupid some people can be... *shakes her head*

2001-09-17 12:36:30 AM  
chick says: "As a former witch high priest, and one who worked with game writers for D&D back in the 1970's, I could hardly be called ignorant. And I am only "dangerous" to the wallets of the moguls of the FRPG industry and to the devil"

chick was a witch! wow!!! I bet he was scary if he was 1/10th as fanatical on that side
2001-09-17 12:37:26 AM  
mabey he still is... and trying to scare all people away from religion by makeing it sound crazy... that sounds like a good trick... totally discredit religion... by sounding silly
2001-09-17 12:38:56 AM  
Interesting concept Bubba :P
2001-09-17 12:47:28 AM  
I hate you white people, get a sence of humor.
2001-09-17 01:13:07 AM  
As a 36th level wizard I feel inclinded to summon hordes of trolls to rid the world of Chick. Good thing his crap keeps me amused. :)
2001-09-17 01:15:54 AM  
That mean man makes me and Baby Jesus cry.

Ok, enough fundie bashing. D&D, AD&D and any RPG is good wholesome entertainment, something that makes people have to think. Instead of sitting in front of the idiot box watching "David and Goliath" or some other hokey crap. Suffice to say if the world had more role players (and hence more thinkers) it might be a better place.
2001-09-17 01:15:58 AM  
I have never played D&D, and I don't really know what it is about. I have enter acted with a few people that played D&D and so far, those people seem whacked out in a way (not in touch with the world around them.) I don't mean to make a stereotype, but that is just what I have observed so far. If D&D makes people happy then, let them play it, at least they aren't hurting others.
2001-09-17 01:17:23 AM  
interacted even I can't spell, it must be this Southern Comfort I am drinking....go figure
2001-09-17 01:20:22 AM  
As for role playing making people kill one another and such. I have met an individual who "went insane because of role playing" and this is the big secret you don't hear:

2001-09-17 01:28:49 AM  
Chick was a witch? Heheheheh...and I'm a fundie holy roller...

High farking as$ Somebody needs to get their Pagan terminology right...

Jack Chick: Always good for a laugh

Oh yeah...I was listening to talk radio and I think ol' Jack Chick called in. Listener was ranting on and on about how since we are no longer a Christian country and we was killin' babies and such, we deserve what happened. After all nothing like this happened 50 years ago...when we were a God-fearin' Christian nation...

The DJ asked about Pearl could something like that happened and the guy hung up..heheheh
2001-09-17 01:35:25 AM  
Interesting. His description of "The Magic World View" sounds a lot like science (he even uses the word "scientific"):

The Magic World View teaches that there exists in the universe a neutral force, like gravity, which is magic. In this world-view, there is no sovereign God; but rather the universe is run like a gigantic piece of machinery.22 Magic's application is the understanding of how to manipulate the universe to get what you want. The analogy would be of putting a right coin in the slot of a vending machine and pushing the button. You automatically get your candy -assuming you used the right coin and pushed the right button. The Magic World View is like that. If you know the right technology (spell, ritual, incantation, etc.) the universe must respond-just like the light must go on if you flip the switch. It is automatic, and almost scientifically repeatable.
2001-09-17 01:42:16 AM  
I've known a few D&D-ers, all of whom would go days without bathing, shaving or showing up at work (those who still had jobs). I found it to be a borrrrring game, best suited for those with Walter Mitty complexes (some of you might need to check yahoo for the meaning of that reference.).
2001-09-17 01:42:34 AM  
mac: I just got word that a similar thing happened here. Mind that this is Hawaii, a state with an immense Asian population(including yours truly), and probably not a few Arabs.
I'm told it went something like this:

DJ: Open call morning...
Caller: Yeah *ramble deleted* and you know that thing they did in WWII, rounding up all the Japanese and putting them into camps?
DJ: Yeah?
Caller: Well, why aren't they doing that now with Arabs?
DJ: Er... *click* thanks for calling.
Next caller!
2001-09-17 01:58:26 AM  
Or , should Dragons play Christians and Dungeons ?
I think yes !
2001-09-17 02:19:53 AM  
it is a farking game... not a cult......

get a farking clue, people!

2001-09-17 02:23:58 AM  
The thing is, from other tracts, it seems the Jack Chick actually believes in magic. His tracts are packed with satanists doing things through curses and magic. No one that I rp with believes that "I roll a 75 to case shpere of invisability" is going to really make us invisable. But thats ok because none of them believe that a rapist and murderer can say "I'm sorry" on his deathbead and go to heaven.
2001-09-17 02:38:04 AM  
I've never met anyone whose been too far out on a limb and also played D&D. And if you guys think the only people u know who play D&D are, well, then you need to ask around a bit and not only ask the people who are wierd.

Roleplaying is, traditionally, a geek hobby, but that doesn't mean all roleplayers are geeks or all geeks are roleplayers. No more than all blacks are gangstaz and all arabs are terrorists.
2001-09-17 02:51:41 AM  
He said there was a spectacular Dungeons and Dragons movie recently released?
2001-09-17 02:53:30 AM  
I've heard remarks about how Diablo 2 is un-Christian.

I don't know... in Diablo 2 you're a cool guy who befriends people, use "magic", fights evil and demons, and when you die you keep on living. Sound like anyone you know?

Except for, y'know, the whole slashing and killing thing (even though there are notable exceptions to that.)
2001-09-17 02:56:30 AM  
Vyxen: 'D&D player (12 years old) Steve Erwin (see above) suicide by gunshot, 11/2/84. Detective report: "No doubt D&D cost them their lives."'

12? He must have been playing the beginners version, and we all know that Satan can't make you commit suicide until you have the Advanced Dungeon Masters Guide and the Monstrous Manual.
2001-09-17 03:12:48 AM  
D&D is just a game. I you disagree I will smack you down with my "+5 sun sword of magnificent death". I am a Paladin, you know.
I rescued a not-so-orchish princess from a group of maurding(sp?) Christians yesterday. They were like "she is green", I was like "so was every chick that James Tiberius Kirk banged". They were like, "oh Star Trek...That is a different matter"...Even Christians respect the Kirk.

Can I fit in anything else geeky...hmm Batman, Superman, Apple II, M$ suxors, Linux rules, and episode 3 of the 2nd season of the X-files was really cool, but we all now that grays don't have testicles!

Ok, I am geeked out.
Jeff K
2001-09-17 03:18:03 AM  
If I thought for even a minute that by learning to play that game I could cast spells that would make people buy me things like the girl in the Chick comic did, I would do it, and so would you, and you, and you...
2001-09-17 03:38:30 AM  
"I cast magic missile!"
2001-09-17 03:48:37 AM  
LOL Karpage...
2001-09-17 03:51:14 AM  
"I waste it with my crossbow!"
2001-09-17 03:52:18 AM  
"Am I getting drunk yet? Where's the mountain dew?!"
2001-09-17 03:55:17 AM  
Chick's a dumbass... that's like condemning a Christian for having a black cat or running around the room w/ a broom between his/her legs. Damn... next he's gonna be crying about how Jesus was evil cuz he healed people and walked on water.
2001-09-17 04:25:04 AM  
Oh yeah.. and regarding the gunshot scuicide... there ain't no shotguns in AD&D.. you have to go toe Rifts or Paladium stuff to get guns!
2001-09-17 05:37:21 AM  
Xion-> You would be condemned by fundies for owning a black cat and running around with a broomstick between your legs. And you'd be condemned by witches if you did it backwards. :D

Toriko-> There are in 3E! The DMG lists example rules for muskets, machine guns and laser rifles. It also has a sweet picture of a dwarf carrying a golden, draconian-styled shotgun. :D DWARVES WITH GUNS!!!!
2001-09-17 06:02:58 AM guys DO know that Chick did NOT write this article? He hosts it, for sure, and probably fully endorses the viewpoint presented, but the author is William Schnoebelen (that, of course, explains the significance of the words "By William Schnoebelen" that appear directly under the title of that article).
2001-09-17 06:44:30 AM  
good one of the deathbed heaven speedpass. ;)
i find that kinda farcked up too...
"man, i'm about to die, Jebus save me!"
"welcome home, welcome home"
(eyes roll)
2001-09-17 08:37:46 AM  
I have known a lot of RPGers in my day. I used to play all kinds of games, but I never saw anybody cast a spell FOR REAL. I DO think, though, that the game does have a great appeal to people who are sort of wakko. Plenty of "normal" people play to, but as a game based on fantasy and escapism it will OF COURSE appeal to people who have trouble dealing with reality, or who simply have very few social skills. Chick obviousely has never played the game, and has never met anyone who played it, at least no one who wasn't a total NUT JOB! Perfect example of this is his statement
2001-09-17 08:39:30 AM  
Hit the add comment button too soo. To complete my last poste...

"Just recently, a spectacular movie called Dungeons and Dragons was released."

Anyone who thinks that the D&D movie was "spectacular" has got to have a few screws loose. I mean, it had a wayens brother in it!
2001-09-17 08:57:10 AM  
1) "Spells vs. Prayers - a Clash of World Views"
He seems to be confused about Science and "Magic" and btw, if Christ walked on water and healed the sick, does that make him a "witch"?
2) TOTALLY agree with Rebbic - what kind of idiot calls the movie "Dungeons and Dragons" spectacular? My daughter and I laughed our butts off at the hokey script and bad effects and over acting.
2001-09-17 09:38:36 AM  
I'm a ninth level chaotic evil Christian with a sword of lightning +3 to hit +2 damage, when I wear my cloak of invisibility you asshole heathens can't see me.
2001-09-17 09:39:13 AM  
see, the ladders take you up to heaven and the chutes take you down to hell, so let's ban it
2001-09-17 09:40:54 AM  
So, sitting around, playing a fricken GAME equates to "anti-christian world views" and "using magic", but going to a large gathering of people, eating something they say symbolizes the flesh of a guy who's been dead for 2000 years, and speaking gibberish ISN'T?

Uh.... okay. Whatever, dude.
2001-09-17 10:43:22 AM  
Freddy:The game's as boring as your DM makes it. And let's not start talking about the great unwashed pseudo-elite, 'cause the net is crawling with them :)

Now Richard Garfield and his 3rd edition crap? *THAT*'s a child of Satan.
2001-09-17 11:24:37 AM  
My lvl 1 Half Orc Diviner will take care of CHICK... er wait...

Half Orc Diviner... *goes back to farming potatoes*

Silly gal...

It is a GAME... just like monopoly, but you accaully get to think...

But thinking must be bad...

oh so back to the potatoes..
2001-09-17 11:45:14 AM  
Yes, but only if he is an intelligent Christian human, not a fundamentalist or a conservative, 'cause it takes a brain to play D&D and as we all well know, CFs and CCs are lacking in the cognative awareness and logic departments (I belive it's from the brainwashing)
2001-09-17 12:01:21 PM  
The Gideons are passing out little New Testaments at my school today. I was thinking of standing on the other side of the sidewalk and handing out some of the more comical Chick tracts.
2001-09-17 12:24:19 PM  
So, if Christians can't play D&D, what can they do? They obviously can't make movies, or television shows, or music, or music videos. They can't be politicians, doctors, lawyers (obviously), bankers, insurance salepersons, writers (unless they right about Christian stuff), competitive buisnesspersons, car salespersons, exterminators, scientists... I could go on, but I think I've made my point.

The way Mr. Schnoebelen makes it sound, the less diverse information and opinions you encounter, the better Christian you are. Does that mean that education is bad for the soul? I also gather that he is of the opinion that only the Christian religion could be correct in its beliefs, meaning that all Muslims, Buddhists, Shintoists, Mormons (since he calls them a cult), etc. are all going to hell. Now, I would say, sharing narrow-minded views like could just as easily cost you your life, depending with whom you share them.

I wonder if he knows that so-called "born again Christians" kind of miss the mark if they are baptised more than once? Doing so more than once is actually not very Christian, because it shows that God must not have gotten it right the first time.
2001-09-17 12:46:07 PM  
This just in....

The Taliban just came out against the never-really-popular role playing game, "Dungeons and Dragons". Alleged essayinst William Schnoebelen is reportedly proud, stating, "For once, religion is showing it's ability to destroy the freedoms of the average man in the name of a holy cause."
2001-09-17 12:48:47 PM  
first, anyone notice the "new classes and permutations added were all either Diablo II or Diablo Expansion Set characters? shows this guys level of research

2: moral contradictions- listen to Chick, everyone's morals are more screwed up than D&D ever did, most people skip the alignment section because it is too restricting or don't try to enforce it
2001-09-17 01:01:09 PM  
Though, I doubt anyone was really surprised but what that article said

If they're any girls there I wanna do them.

That summoner video is the single greatest example of the average AD&D game, at least the ones I played.
2001-09-17 01:03:01 PM  
oops, it should be "by what that article said"

heheh, I attack the darkness, that video still cracks me up
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