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(ESPN)   UCLA upsets overrated #1 Arizona. Duke sucks   ( divider line
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2978 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Mar 2003 at 6:46 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-13 06:49:17 PM  
w00t! Duke does suck.
2003-03-13 06:49:46 PM  
2003-03-13 06:50:20 PM  
Cool; I wonder if this affects Arizona's chances for #1 in the NCAA tourney
2003-03-13 06:50:43 PM  
Steve Lavin has one more game before he gets fired...woooo
2003-03-13 06:51:12 PM  
Duke sucks more than that N'Sync kid and Celine whats-her-name. I got nuthin.
2003-03-13 06:51:33 PM  
What's "Duke"? Duke of what?

2003-03-13 06:52:26 PM  
And yet Steve Lavin is still dead man walking.
2003-03-13 06:53:27 PM  
duke of SUCKDOM!
2003-03-13 06:53:58 PM  
Wow, a very probable Championship contender loosing in the first round of their conference play.... that's just sad...

Also, I agree, Duke does suck. GO TERPS!
2003-03-13 06:54:41 PM  
Go Bruins!


I don't know.

I want all that money I spent in college to add up to something.
2003-03-13 06:54:47 PM  
Wow I didnt even know it was B ball season, You move to Japan and WHAM your out of all the loops, Cats still have the better record.
2003-03-13 06:55:32 PM  
Arizona will still be #1 seed in tourney.
2003-03-13 06:56:16 PM  
This is friggin unbelievable.
2003-03-13 06:57:30 PM  
Wow. UCLA sucks this year.
2003-03-13 06:58:02 PM  
I hope they win the PAC 10 title just so Lavin can go out with a smile...

On another note, I FINALLY got an article posted...Very proud.
2003-03-13 07:00:07 PM  
2003-03-13 07:01:52 PM  
UCLA is overrated.
2003-03-13 07:02:52 PM  
Well god farking damn.. I'm right again.. UK Wildcats finish the season #1

Whooooooaaaaaa C-A-T-S CATS! CATS! CATS!

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-13 07:03:49 PM  
UK = best.
2003-03-13 07:04:12 PM  
Absolutely meaningless. Lute has never like the Pac-10 tourney anyway, and had even mentioned prior that it would be nice to get his team a few extra days' rest before the real tournament.

Duke hoovers like a 80s bond trader.
2003-03-13 07:04:35 PM  
the red wings will win every chamionship, every league and every free double cheeseburger at some greasy restauraunt, because they are the red wings.

and i said so.
2003-03-13 07:06:36 PM  
Cakennedy: Not so meaningless for Cockroach Lavin. If they can beat Arizona, they can certainly win the conference tourney. Then, with his luck, they'll probably wind up in the Sweet 16 again.

2003-03-13 07:07:38 PM  
03-13-03 06:50:20 PM Ouroborus
Cool; I wonder if this affects Arizona's chances for #1 in the NCAA tourney

Everything I've heard says my 'Cats are guaranteed a #1 seed no matter what.

Oh well. The games that matter are one week away. Here's hoping the damn war coverage doesn't block out the b-ball.
2003-03-13 07:10:05 PM  
PowerSlacker: excellent point; it was not of course meaningless to UCLA. Hey, I hope they do go to the big dance, just to make Lavin's post-bruin life all the worse.
2003-03-13 07:18:31 PM  
YES!!! As a UCLA grad I would really make a big deal about this, but the team still sucks this year and will now get crushed by ASU.

That said, Arizona is still the best Wildcats in the country. It was true in '97 and its true today.
2003-03-13 07:21:26 PM  
I predict those "extra days of rest" that Lute wanted will cost his team a #1 seed.
2003-03-13 07:21:35 PM  

Lets see...

UK Wildcats, 20 Straight Wins

Arizona Wildcats, 1 Straight Loss

UK Wildcats, #1 RPI

Arizona, Not #1

UK Wildcats, Soon to be #1 in Nation

Arizona, Nope.

UK Wildcats, Undefeated in RPI's strongest conference

Arizona, 3 in-conference losses in the less than mediocre Pac-10

So.. Arizona is better? How do you figure?
2003-03-13 07:22:03 PM  

Wow I didnt even know it was B ball season, You move to Japan and WHAM your out of all the loops

That's why they call it March Madness: easy to remember. I wonder what Dick Vitale would look like as a Japanese cartoon....
2003-03-13 07:23:02 PM  
It would be great to see the committee stick UCLA in the play in game.
2003-03-13 07:25:05 PM  
You know what, we don't care. Lute has always hated the Pac-10 tourney and thought it a waste of time. We play each other all year, and make it known who the best teams really are. Doesn't make sense for us to, after our seed is set, beat up on each other and potentially hurt our good players right before the big show.

We're still the best team in the nation. We're still going to mop up in the NCAA Tournament. And, we didn't get any of our players hurt. I'd call it a win for us.

Plus, now it's possible that a < .500 team will get into the big tourney. Here's to mediocrity!
2003-03-13 07:25:12 PM  

Arizona is a lock for the #1 seed out west.. who else would you give it to?

The only problem with this loss is, you don't want the rest, you want your team going in strong, hot as hell and ready to play.. Coming off a loss and having extra days off usually kills teams come tourney time.
2003-03-13 07:25:15 PM dare you put this down as "cool". I live in Westwood, graduated from the U of A in '01, and now I'm gonna have to listen to shiat from all my UCLA alum friends FOR LIFE!!!! (oh yeah, Duke sucks.)
2003-03-13 07:25:28 PM  
Both sets of Wildcats were pretty much destined to get a #1 seed no matter what happened in their respective conference tourneys. What this does do is make it an easier choice in deciding who gets the #1 place on the S-curve--> easier bracket for the Ky Cats. Let's just hope this keeps the Bluegrass Cats from taking any games for granted.
2003-03-13 07:25:36 PM  

B-ball? The Dodgers are still playing Spring Training games. Wake me up when it counts for something.
2003-03-13 07:27:23 PM  
03-13-03 07:21:35 PM Fb-


Arizona, 3 in-conference losses in the less than mediocre Pac-10

Less than mediocre Pac-10? I'll read that to mean != mediocre, therefore the Pac-10 is solid. Which it is. They consistently beat the shiate out of each other all year and do better in the Tourney than the -- ugh -- SEC.

RPI? Hah!

Oh, and by the way,

2003-03-13 07:28:05 PM  
Not to pick nits Fb-, but Arizona's three losses this year are to LSU, Stanford, and UCLA. Only 2 conference losses. But you are right, the Pac 10 is down, down, down this year. As big a Pac 10 homer as I usually am, I can't argue with you at all about it.
2003-03-13 07:28:31 PM  
Oh, and by the way Fb-...last i checked, LSU wasn't in the two losses in-conference.
2003-03-13 07:31:13 PM  
Man this is the last straw, I am transfering from UA!

(actually I was going to anyway hehehe)
2003-03-13 07:31:22 PM  

RPI hah?

RPI is what the NCAA uses to seed teams, and is considered by many to be the best measure of a quality team.

And yes.. the Pac-10 is doo-doo..

Conference rankings go like this..

2003-03-13 07:31:59 PM  
2003-03-13 07:32:25 PM  
2003-03-13 07:33:24 PM  

That's still two huge losses in a shiatty conference that the UK Wildcats don't have!

Stupid fark.
2003-03-13 07:36:48 PM  
UK Wildcats, #1 RPI

Arizona, Not #1

Ratings Percentage Index

CARMEL, Ind. (AP) -- The Rating Percentage Index (RPI) has been used by the NCAA since 1981 to supplement the selection of at-large teams and the seeding of all teams for the NCAA Tournament. This list is an independent duplication of the RPI without input from the NCAA, which does not release the RPI to the public. It is derived from three component factors: Div. I winning percentage (25)%, schedule strength (50)%; and opponent's schedule strength (25)%. Games against non-Division I opponents are not used in calculating the RPI.

Copyright 2002 Collegiate Basketball News Co.

Through March 9

                         Div. I& nbsp;   Sched.
                        Record    Strength
                         W   ; L Rating Rank   RPI
  1. Arizona        &nb sp;    25   2  .5942  2 0  .6652
  2. Kentucky        &n bsp;   26   3  .5838  26&nbs p; .6576

Come back next week, maybe we'll be able to help you out.
2003-03-13 07:36:55 PM  
Fb-: The Pac 10 isn't that bad. Forget what the conference ratings say (since they're padded by garbage preseason schedules), how many Big East teams would have a .500 record in the SEC? Syracuse and Pitt, maybe. Arizona, Stanford, and Cal would go .500 in the SEC. And besides, I wouldn't be surprised if UK picked up a loss in the SEC tourney as well.
2003-03-13 07:37:20 PM  
Wow, there's hope for ASU yet!

[image from too old to be available]
Kyle Dodd, so happy about UofA's loss, he could pass a stone.

2003-03-13 07:38:33 PM  

Figure in this evening's loss and the numbers come out quite differently.

I wouldn't expect you to be able to do the math though.
2003-03-13 07:39:13 PM  
Victoly: Losing to UCLA won't help Arizona in the RPI though...
156. UCLA 9 18 .5636 47 .5015
2003-03-13 07:39:32 PM  
UofK...unparalleled tradition. Yes, the Bruins blow this year and they have had some down years...blah...blah. But hasn't UCLA won 11 titles to UK's 7?
2003-03-13 07:40:34 PM  

The numbers don't lie.. you can speculate all you want.. hell Saluki fans can speculate that they are the best team in the country if they want to.. I'm just giving you the cold hard numbers.. the Pac-10 is a shiat conference.. ranked #7 overall in men's division 1 basketball.

As far as UK losing a game in the SEC tourney.. I don't see it.. if you've been paying attention, you'd noticed that they've handled every team in conference quite easily.
2003-03-13 07:41:15 PM  
Pac10 may be down this year, but they are doing better than I predicted at the beginning of the year.
Besides, I think a lot of people think the conference is down because the big team (UCLA) is absolute crap. It happens quite often...
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