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(The Southern Illinoisian)   Lost bear finds its way back home. Angry to find its porridge eaten while gone   ( divider line
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2003-03-13 10:15:22 AM  
"Tara Richerson and her friend, Stanton Broadway, created T-shirts with a picture of a bear and the words "Pope County Bear Watcher" on the front, and bear tracks on the reverse."

And in about a year they'll be on the 10 cent table at a local garage sale with the "Where's The Beef" and "Can You Hear Me Now" t-shirts.
2003-03-13 10:16:42 AM  
Oh yeah and... Stanton Broadway?!

I thought I saw him hanging drapes on the Christopher Lowell show once.
2003-03-13 11:25:19 AM  
"They're just making a big joke out of it," Swallows said. "But there are some people taking it seriously."

I'll bet Ms. Swallows knows joke when she hears one.
2003-03-13 12:31:52 PM  
I heard the bear was raised Mormon, I don't blame it for running away.
2003-03-13 12:32:01 PM  
The Southern Illinoisian?
2003-03-13 12:38:36 PM  
Seems to be a typo...

2003-03-13 12:39:14 PM  
See what happens when we let Hoosiers into our state...they can't even spell right.
2003-03-13 12:42:05 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-13 12:47:49 PM  
If you raised a bear in your home with a bunch of puppies would he act like a puppy. I hope so cause that would be sooooo cute.
2003-03-13 12:49:02 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-13 12:53:40 PM  
I've actually been to Golconda, IL.
My wife and I call it Glaucoma because there's nothing to see.
2003-03-13 01:08:03 PM  
If someone can keep a bear as a pet, I want that tiger I asked for in fifth grade...
2003-03-13 02:42:03 PM  
That story reads like it was writen by someone going senile.

Reid and other writers at The Southern Illinoisan had other bear-related tales. Just a few days before the bear was hit and killed, a writer named Wanda Barras reported about a black bear who took up residence in a home near Devils Kitchen Lake. The bear was tear gassed and chased from the home, which was vacant and used for corn storage.

Another news brief reported that in 1970 a young bear got into a chicken coop owned by a farmer named Raleigh Kelley of rural Carbondale. The bear was captured -- after treating itself to a chicken dinner -- and released back into the Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge.

More than a year later, in September 1971, Reid reported a black bear cub had been sighted by two residents in the Hurst-Bush area on separate occasions.

Reid himself was involved in another bear incident, though the bear wasn't a live one.
2003-03-13 02:57:35 PM  
Holy crap, that's where I'm from.
2003-03-13 03:07:31 PM  
So my hand slipped and I spelled Illinoisan sue me.
2003-03-13 04:08:18 PM  
I was raised in DuQuoin Ill and have grown reading the Southern. I don't know why that is important, I just wanted to share.
2003-03-13 11:03:58 PM  
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