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(Yahoo)   Geri "Ginger Spice" Halliwell admits having "experimented" with lesbian fling   ( divider line
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2003-03-13 09:38:30 AM  
2003-03-13 09:38:43 AM  
Ginger Muffin?
2003-03-13 09:39:28 AM  
2003-03-13 09:39:38 AM  
Another story the Sun stole from The Howard Stern Show.
2003-03-13 09:39:38 AM  

2003-03-13 09:40:19 AM  
Anybody here ever heard of "The Brass Ring"?
2003-03-13 09:40:20 AM  
2003-03-13 09:41:08 AM  
Huh, me too. Not nearly enough, though.
2003-03-13 09:41:14 AM  
Yeah, right. And I 'experimented' with marijuana.
2003-03-13 09:41:17 AM  
"bumping uglies" now means what I thought it meant.
2003-03-13 09:41:18 AM  
Oh.. not the Bunsen burner sort of experiment.
2003-03-13 09:41:21 AM  
What? No (with pic)?????
2003-03-13 09:41:36 AM  
"I'm not a lesbian, even though I enjoyed eating rug."

Ummm kay.
2003-03-13 09:42:24 AM  
why is this news?
2003-03-13 09:42:31 AM  
Without pics of said "lesbian fling", I don't give a damn.

2003-03-13 09:42:54 AM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2003-03-13 09:43:14 AM  
So she did a little Ziggy-zig-ah with a chick, what's the big deal?
2003-03-13 09:43:17 AM  
don't mind the caps.........DUMB WHORE LOOKNIG FOR PRESS....GIVE IT UP loser spice.
2003-03-13 09:43:17 AM  
I'd hit it.
2003-03-13 09:43:52 AM  

why is this news?

Because my peenie demands it, that's why. :)
2003-03-13 09:43:57 AM  
30-year old my arse!
2003-03-13 09:45:12 AM  
Second Spice girl to hit the press in two days. Trend?
/runs and hides
2003-03-13 09:45:42 AM  
Can we now offically change her name to Old Spice ?

Please no more news about the Spice Girls UNLESS they are posing nude, and not in Playboy, but in Penthouse. And they must be taking all clothes off.

2003-03-13 09:46:15 AM  
Anyone catch the first episode of "All American Girl" last night? They're searching for the "real" all american girl (whatever that means) by doing auditions ala American Idol...

one of the judges is Gerry Halliwell... can someone explain to me why they would choose someone of British descent (accent and all) to judge a show like that?

the show is destined for the forgotten footnotes of reality tv anyway, I could only stand to watch a few minutes of it (and the clip of some chick doing a Michael Jackson impersonation, complete with babay-dangling... too bad one of the judges is a personal friend of Mikeys...oops!)
2003-03-13 09:46:18 AM  
Tuna Spice.
2003-03-13 09:46:26 AM  
*shuffles feet uncomfortably*
2003-03-13 09:46:52 AM  
Who was the other one? Not that I care or anything...
2003-03-13 09:47:02 AM  
Please no more news about the Spice Girls UNLESS they are posing nude, and not in Playboy, but in Penthouse. And they must be taking all clothes off.

Ok, ok. I'll post the pics of my wild weekend with them BUT I'm going to airbrush myself out of them.
2003-03-13 09:47:52 AM  
The 30-year-old singer is currently hosting the U.S. television beauty and talent show "All American Girl."

Are you shiatting me? I thought "All American Girl" was some kind of a doll. How many farking TV talent shows do we have now? Does every network have one now?
2003-03-13 09:48:01 AM  
And...? It's her life, good for her if she wants to be straight or if she wants to experiment. I can't see why anyone else would give two figs.
2003-03-13 09:48:38 AM  
News at eleven - ex Spice Girl realizes career isn't what it used to be, wonders what can be done to drag her sorry ass back into the spotlight.
2003-03-13 09:49:04 AM  
Anyone find any irony in a British Pop star being a hostes on a show called "All American Girl", or is it just me?
2003-03-13 09:49:12 AM  
Look at the positive side...maybe this will lead other girls to "experiment". Please. I'll hold the video camera.
2003-03-13 09:49:19 AM  
I second what Skinink said, adding that they best be getting some form of penetration (be it with plastic, rubber, or old-fashioned meat-tube phalli) somewhere in the photo shoot... well, if it's got Posh, Scary, and maybe Sporty... you can't tell me Sporty hasn't swam in the Sappho pool before.
2003-03-13 09:49:20 AM  
"It was somewhere between the ages of 16 and 30. It was just a drunken moment."

that's one hell of a bender
2003-03-13 09:49:21 AM  
I cought about 4 minutes of the show. I must say it's the worst thing since sliced bread pulled out of someones ass with a pickle on it.
Does anyone else think the spice girls should be locked in a cage like that guy in willow?
2003-03-13 09:50:05 AM  
I was always into Posh Spice but I think the rest are pretty ho-hum. Though I like to think all decent looking women are into munching rug on the side. It's one of my happy thoughts. :)
2003-03-13 09:50:21 AM  
If it was an 'experiment', what was the control group? Did she use any kind of scientific rigor at ALL?

And when will she publish her results (nudge, nudge)?
2003-03-13 09:50:44 AM  
And now, a brief moment of silence for a kiss.
2003-03-13 09:51:01 AM  
30 year old? Yeah, ten years ago.
2003-03-13 09:52:05 AM  
cough...*publicity stunt*.....cough
2003-03-13 09:52:06 AM  
You'll see an article in the Sun tomorrow regarding Sandra Bernhardt's fling with Jay Leno.
2003-03-13 09:54:14 AM  
Sandra Bernhardt and Jay Leno? There's a terrifying mental image.
2003-03-13 09:54:33 AM  
Did anyone see her on Conan O'Brien Last night?
She was totally hot, totally cool, and seemed genuinely nice.

I missed the whole Spice Girls thing (not a pop music guy), but she seemed like someone I would actually hang out with.

Besides, if she was open minded enough to have tried a lesbian fling , she will likely be a fireball in bed.

Didn't see the american girl thing. I hate reality TV. It's still just TV, people, nothing "real" about it.


2003-03-13 09:54:46 AM  
Dattaway: I can click those kiss links all day long....
2003-03-13 09:55:15 AM  
"I'm not a lesbian, even though I enjoyed eating rug."

Sounds like a story from when I was on the road...

A woman said to my singer "I'm not a slut, I just like to party".

Not five minutes later she was blowing him in the middle of the after-hours party room, in the presence of ~100 people.
2003-03-13 09:55:49 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

2003-03-13 09:57:24 AM  
Yeah, Leno whipped out the handcuffs. Got a little freaky with Sandra, who says he has a really big schlong.

Just reporting tomorrow's Sun news, folks, thanks to Stern.
2003-03-13 09:58:12 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
"I'm hot and Geri isn't."
2003-03-13 10:00:02 AM  
I guess this does reaffirm my my theory on the undertones of "girl power".

And c'mon, you guys wouldn't dig seeing her and Victoria Beckham playing clitty kisses?

Lying bastards.

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