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(Fark) Boobies Can we get a headcount on the Seattle Fark Party for April 5th? It's time to get our butts in gear. Link goes to party page   ( divider line 125
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49129 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Mar 2003 at 3:25 AM (12 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-12 08:13:42 PM  
Aww..wish I could.
2003-03-12 08:14:35 PM  
Sounds cool... I live right between Seattle and Portland so I'd be willing to try, but who knows
2003-03-12 08:18:14 PM  
Do we need to wear name tags with our fark-names on them?
2003-03-12 08:28:47 PM  
Oh great, finally a Seattle party and I'll be in Vancouver. Thanks to whoever scheduled that.
2003-03-12 09:35:23 PM  
Drew scheduled it. He's supposed to be coming to Portland on the 4th and Seattle on the 5th. Any details yet? I know a lot of people who are planning on coming.
2003-03-12 11:56:51 PM  
I'm coming all the way from Texas for it.

2003-03-13 12:05:36 AM  
Any Castle Rock/Longview/Kalama etc Farkers in the house? Let's get a group together for the Portland run on the 4th, Or the Seattle run an the 5th: whichever is more convenient.
2003-03-13 03:27:40 AM  
Uhmmmm.... there's boobies at these parties?
2003-03-13 03:27:59 AM  
2003-03-13 03:28:29 AM  
Hey, there were no boobies there...
2003-03-13 03:30:51 AM  
Do not abuse the boobies tag, please.
2003-03-13 03:31:20 AM  
NOOOOOOOOOO, I LIVE IN EVERETTT!!!!! BUTT I AM IN JAPAN!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!111 wait a minute...I can just see asian b00bies while I am over here! WOOHOO!
2003-03-13 03:32:47 AM  
If SweaterGirl goes, I'll think twice...:p

Wish I could, not possible now. Have fun!
2003-03-13 03:33:00 AM  
I'd like to go, but I can't afford the gas from Seattle. Oh, wait...
2003-03-13 03:33:23 AM  
Can we have a Singapore FARK Party?
Come on Drew, do a world tour!
2003-03-13 03:33:34 AM  
I'm coming from Bend, Oregon. Should I expect alot of dorks to be there?
2003-03-13 03:33:56 AM  
I'm in Tacoma...I'd go, but no ones gives a rat's ass.
2003-03-13 03:35:27 AM  
For any that know...Drew...I think you should have a Pattaybeach Thailand party!!! I think the married men would have to stay home though...bad bad bad bad place to go if you are married...but good good good place if you are single! many b00bies...
2003-03-13 03:36:47 AM  
Errr spelling has been hi-anus today..I ment.."Pattia Beach"
2003-03-13 03:37:19 AM  
only if there is free beer will i go.
2003-03-13 03:38:02 AM  
If anyone is interested in a Chicago Fark party during the summer, I'll arrange a group outing to Wrigley (where beer will most definately ensue).
2003-03-13 03:38:35 AM  
Isn't anyone going to admit they'd hit Drew?
2003-03-13 03:38:57 AM  
can college kids go?
2003-03-13 03:39:30 AM  
Chicago = great idea
2003-03-13 03:39:37 AM  
You're gonna have to cross me off the complete Fark list.
2003-03-13 03:42:04 AM  
The boobies link is not something to be trifeled with people!
2003-03-13 03:43:16 AM  
Im In ><
2003-03-13 03:43:47 AM  

only if you go to UW.
2003-03-13 03:48:20 AM  
As Otto said on an episode of the Simpsons after walking out of a store called 'Stoner's Pot Palace', that's blatant false advertising, man.
2003-03-13 03:49:41 AM  
Unless this is an over-21 only shindig, I'll try and make it...
2003-03-13 03:51:01 AM  
Cretzal: she's coming to this Fark related event
in Kentucky...and Wil, too!

You want boobies? Come to Seattle. There will be boobies.

2003-03-13 03:51:39 AM  
You know, live-action drunken photoshop contests could kick ass.

Heck, we might even recoup the cost selling tickets...
2003-03-13 03:52:02 AM  
I'm in. If it's at a bar, though, I'm going to have to get hooked up with a fake ID. I know some of you classy Photoshoppers out there can do that...
2003-03-13 03:52:37 AM  
Even if the schedule takes us to 21 and up type places,
there will be Much Hanging Out being done at the hotel.

Quite a few folks couldn't get into the club in KY but
still had a blast partying in the rooms. So don't let
that stop ya from coming out. We're gonna have fun...
2003-03-13 03:56:06 AM  
03-13-03 03:32:47 AM Malinois

Heh, I'll be at the Portland shindig.

I should be pretty easy to spot, Red Wings Jersey, holding a Calling cd.

Guys who come dressed as Legolas get a free drink.
2003-03-13 04:04:17 AM  
You better put some farking boobies on that party page, asshat.
2003-03-13 04:09:09 AM  
masterbators of the world unite.
2003-03-13 04:13:35 AM  
bring yer bumbershoots, er, umbrellas, heh :)

I'm here in Shoreline, just a bit north of Seattle proper, so no doubt I'll be making it there.

for those who haven't been to Seattle, here's a gallery of me and some friends hanging out there:
2003-03-13 04:13:59 AM  
I'd go, but I'm heading to Vegas the next day... Maybe next time around! Or Drew should come up to Vancouver sometime!

2003-03-13 04:14:43 AM  
I would dig hitting Seattle for the Fark Party,,but alas my job won't allow it. It would only be a quick ferry ride from Bremerton but the damn shipyard wants their subs fixed NOW. So it looks like while everyone is partying,,,I'll be stuck in the engineroom of a submarine
2003-03-13 04:15:14 AM  
Sweater Girl: Still can't make it. Wish I could.

Sorry, cut my hair off 3 years ago. It was closer to a "Vedder" than anything. Couldn't do anything but pull it back or I'd look like Cousin It meets Buzzo.

Still in #fark?

PS: Good band. Excellent melodies.
2003-03-13 04:18:59 AM  
Thanks a lot. I'll be in Boise that weekend. Cock-knockers.
2003-03-13 04:20:23 AM  
Thanks, Ansiz, for the Mildewville photos. I moved over the mountains from Seattle (Tri-Cities) a year ago, and I take any excuse to alleviate the homesickness.

Hell Yeah, I'll Fark it up in Seattle!
2003-03-13 04:23:58 AM  
I got the hair SG...wrong color but we can work with it right?

Maybe I'll wear elf ears too[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-13 04:29:37 AM  
Why does my nose itch?!?
2003-03-13 04:35:52 AM  
Fark, in my very own town? The gods are with me. I'll be there...
2003-03-13 04:40:26 AM  
If Drew's buyin' (my plane ticket) I'm flyin'!
2003-03-13 05:14:15 AM  
I'd love to make it. Any excuse to get out of Federal Way... Under 21 here, too- It'll still be worth it, right?
2003-03-13 05:14:22 AM  
Chicago, Wrigley, summer, beer? Sounds good to me.
2003-03-13 05:17:57 AM  
what time? I have to work at 11:00pm but I think I could make it
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