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14126 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Mar 2003 at 9:18 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-12 10:27:51 PM  
"..the Web's irreverent peanut gallery, "

That's GOOD , right ?
2003-03-12 10:28:16 PM  
03-12-03 08:05:10 PM France
Behold the power of Fark.

Shouldn't your name be freedom?
2003-03-12 10:29:47 PM  
I was going to sign up for totalfark the other day, but then i noticed fark only supports paypal. So I subscribed to slashdot instead.

Cmon fark, get something other than paypal. I quit paypal and im never signing up again but i want totalfark =(
2003-03-12 10:29:55 PM  
03-12-03 10:02:41 PM Scraping-fetus-off-the-wheel
"Now if all the radio shows would own up to ripping off Fark."
I agree, to many times have I read something here
only to hear it on Bob&Tom the next day or two.
2003-03-12 10:30:01 PM  
I'm a happy little peanut.
2003-03-12 10:30:12 PM  
What the fark is a fark'er?
2003-03-12 10:30:57 PM  
They've mentioned us before. I'm very appreciative of the fact that CBS is giving us play.
2003-03-12 10:31:05 PM  
[image from too old to be available] writes just like [image from too old to be available]
2003-03-12 10:31:17 PM  
Jeff, excellent point. I certainly don't pretend o count myself among the more salient, articulate, or knowledgable FARKers here but I do know a good thing/FARKer/post when I see it. I haven't seen anyone in thread so far pay props to Leeds yet and I think it's time that someone did. Way to go Leeds! You made a point that'll have some folks at Intel asking themselves "so, just how do we make our $300 mil counter informed opinions such as this?"

/humble FARKer glad be here at twice the price (needs to splurge and get Totally FARKed)
2003-03-12 10:32:50 PM  

nice reference
2003-03-12 10:35:23 PM  
FARK - It's not news it's...quoted in the news!
2003-03-12 10:36:23 PM  
Not to burst everyone's bubble, but can anyone actually find the path to this article through normal means and not by the link provided? Methinks that CBS marketwatch is just having fun and games with fark and realizes the hit potential they get from mentioning that they read fark.
2003-03-12 10:36:27 PM  
Screw Marketwatch

where the hell is the boobie link for today?
2003-03-12 10:39:48 PM  
Man, I loved this guy in "Night Court"!

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-12 10:39:52 PM  
2003-03-12 10:40:19 PM  
Yup,I definitely call troll and you are are a bunch of very guillable people. Right at the top of the article it says "all aboard!" and then starts off with an obvious goofy title. I'm assuming the "all aboard" is possibly a reference to the common internet burn "all aboard the short bus!".

Can anyone prove me wrong? Silly Farkers... so easily manipulated.
2003-03-12 10:41:10 PM  
I'm wondering what Shawn Langlois' (author) fark tag is now :-)
2003-03-12 10:43:21 PM  
Hm...painfully off-topic, but does anyone know what happened to the scratchpad comment board? Seems there's no way to post in it anymore.
2003-03-12 10:44:24 PM  
Siggy its real, do a search for Centrino.
2003-03-12 10:45:45 PM  
The article is accessible, although not particularly easy to find. Do a keyword search (link on left side of page) for "intel" and it's the second hit.
2003-03-12 10:46:32 PM  
Shooter_28 Nice and thanks...

I still think it should be a FARK MO (Modus Operandi) to post a boobie link at least once a day.
2003-03-12 10:47:25 PM  
Hmm.. guess I was proved wrong. I've seen this done before by webmasters as a 'fun and games' kinda thing so I figured this was more of the same. Well, ignore me and carry onward fark-soldiers!
2003-03-12 10:49:07 PM  
Shut up, Jeff.
2003-03-12 10:49:24 PM  
Hmm...wonder if the Mods are going to go "serious" on us, now that we approach Respectibility. (Or, Oracle status?) Also, might ad space suddenly become more pricey? Fine lines between "Peanut Gallery," "Edgy," and "Alternative Mainstream."
I had another thought, but since I've been sippin' the Bushmills Irish Whiskey, I'll add it later (if I can remember it).
2003-03-12 10:50:11 PM  
Fark posts article on fark about farkers' comments on fark message board.

Now my head hurts

Farkocentrism at its upper limits.
2003-03-12 10:50:12 PM  
03-12-03 09:43:44 PM ZTigerX
And I bet you could still tie up the courts for a couple months with a lawsuit over it.

Wow, that was totally supposed to be in a different thread. I'm incompetent.
2003-03-12 10:50:50 PM  
Or if you want to go the long way...

go to, Click on commentary on the horizontal nav bar, click on "More Features" in the box on the left side with the heading 'Commentary Top 10 Features', and then click "Shawn Langlois' All Aboard" under Commentary in the center of the page.

You can click to it, but it ain't easy.
2003-03-12 10:59:17 PM  
Well, fine, just testing what the Fb- filter does. Don't jump all over me - scratchboard is down! Blame He Who Is Responsible!

And the denouement! "!"
2003-03-12 11:00:03 PM  
so wait a sec, isnt this just some guy who doesnt want to have to write a real article so he copies and pastes from fark thread?
2003-03-12 11:08:21 PM  

Thanks for the kind words! I think the other quotes were more typical of Fark, but I'm stoked that they included enough different posts that they were able to actually show a cross section of what we have going on here.

Some day our Fark account numbers will replace our social security numbers.
2003-03-12 11:08:34 PM  
is that all it takes to write an article for cbs market watch nowadays?

can you imagine being paid to summarize fark threads?
2003-03-12 11:09:32 PM  
Well, this might be the most humorous thing I've read in a while. Hell, what other threads are they reading? Do they know about the pickle? Who are Fark's media moles? Why didn't they quote me? I think I said "Uh huh" or something else that was completely quote-worthy. Oh well... Cool!
2003-03-12 11:13:44 PM  
Wow Fark getting onto CBS Market Watch, I feel so high class!
2003-03-12 11:15:48 PM  
fark account #'s replacing SSN's... hehe, now thats scary
2003-03-12 11:26:59 PM  
Farkers beware... we ARE being watched!!!

/like I care
2003-03-12 11:29:27 PM  
Leeds, just be glad they didn't use this quote from you:

Transmetta makes a better chip than Intel for the mobile market. It takes less juice, runs cooler (no fan's needed), it's smaller in size, and it can execute 8 instructions per second instead of the 4 that this new crappy chip from intel has.
2003-03-12 11:34:40 PM  
"....and one Fark to rule them all"

there- that should pretty much kill THAT particular horse.

way to go folks!
next thing you know, we'll all be the new neilsen rating's of... well, everything.
(another horse...)
2003-03-12 11:35:47 PM  
Where's the royalties???
I smell a lawsuit...
2003-03-12 11:36:24 PM  
The ruckus began on where Bandman confused the issue with the low-riding Neutrinos of Dimension X at about the same time that MikeMir quipped: "What a coincidence, my coke dealer's name is Centrino."

What are the odds!

/I got nuthin.
2003-03-12 11:41:15 PM  
wow. this guy printed heresay in this "news" article and didn't even pretend to research the claims that were being made on an internet BB. CBS needs to have a meeting with this hack.
2003-03-12 11:46:12 PM  
I never noticed it before, but Fark is so much funnier on CBS MarketWatch.
2003-03-12 11:47:00 PM  
It's not news, it's CBS MarketWatch!

And people are surprised by things like the dot-com bust?
2003-03-12 11:55:06 PM  
Yeah paranoidandroid, it would have been a shame. Of course when a reporter sees a typo like that, they typically put the correct word in brackets and then run the sentence. Any reporter working on today's Intel launch would know that I was speaking of instructions per clock cycle. As they and I know, this new intel chip only executes 4 instructions per cycle, whereas modern chips are now up to 8.

Evidently that's over your head though. On the bright side, you can always resort to a life of petty arguing on the internet, you have proven that no intellect is required for that.

Now go cry to momma, beyatch.
2003-03-12 11:57:56 PM  
Am I the only one offended by the fact that they are comparing FARK with the Yahoo chat monstrosity?

Y'ever actually lurked in there? Every third post is "BLAME KLINTON" , "BUSH IS EVIL" or "IT"S THE JEWZ!!"

And they really really love their ALL CAPS! makes my head hurt.
2003-03-12 11:58:32 PM  
From a long experience of lurking these threads, I can say a large portion of Farkers are quite smart actually. However, Fark is a humor site first and foremost. Why haven't I ever seen a blatent copy and paste quest for content from Slashdot? Their only goal is showing how smart they are and whoring karma.

Oh yeah, long live Fark!
-Your Friendly Forum Lurker
2003-03-13 12:00:30 AM  
quoted directly into CBS market watch...

but can I download porn faster

and they claimed that cut to the heart of the matter...

wow, speachless

Thank you, thank you. And for my next act...
2003-03-13 12:03:07 AM  
Wow. How impressive is that??? :-) I just found out about it on

Very cool I guess :-) I'm a celeb! Wahoo! 14:58 remaining.
2003-03-13 12:04:07 AM  
bah, he knew referencing fark would get him posted and that then he would get hits and look good to his boss.
2003-03-13 12:04:13 AM  
InternetSecurtiyGuard: You are a jerk.

/navin johnson
2003-03-13 12:04:21 AM  
But still, Fark isn't much different from slashdot, except of course for the "pretty" pictures and stuff..

**cough cough** boobies **cough cough*
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