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5512 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Sep 2001 at 8:56 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-16 09:01:20 AM  
Comma instead of period after www? Try here.
2001-09-16 09:01:24 AM  
Typo in URL.
2001-09-16 10:15:14 AM  
I think that's the only way the link could have made it past the duplicate filter... old, very old.
2001-09-16 11:14:42 AM  
Yes, very old. I am much cooler than you. I heard about this long ago.

France Surrenders. Walken. Boobies.

blah blah...
2001-09-16 11:33:57 AM  
i submitted it 2x, first time i went with

some day i will leern to tipe
2001-09-16 01:00:47 PM  
click on mullet of the week, then when you get there, click on the o in of. NSTW o_O
2001-09-16 01:01:24 PM  
2001-09-16 01:26:45 PM  
I LOVE IT.... was funny the first time I saw it and it is funny now...

2001-09-16 02:33:26 PM  
I too love it.. My bro had a sort of mullet at one time..

not much mulletude thought, he is a pussy..
2001-09-16 04:08:24 PM  
It's the comments that really make this site groovy :)
2001-09-16 04:44:16 PM  
Mmmmm... nothing's sexier than a man with a flowing, blow-dried mullet. Guaranteed to get me every time. And if he's wearing one of those 'Man Whore' shirts, you won't get me off of him.
2001-09-16 08:04:36 PM  
I once knew a huy that made his kid have a mullet...
we are talking like under 4 years old.......

I guess the kid had the mulletitude ......
and the father had saggy balls.......

lame-ass pile of crap
2001-09-16 08:05:27 PM  
make that a guy.... well soft of.....
2001-09-16 08:35:50 PM  
You guys don't understand; you really don't. [Laugh] It's not about how silly and retarded -you- think a mullet looks... Women find them irresistable. You really ought to grow one. It'll change your life. I - I can't decribe how tingly I feel when I see a cherry-red camero cruise by, because I... I just know. You know how you guys felt when you hit that link to the London-Rome Escort Service...?

Tenfold. I'm all... flustered...
2001-09-16 09:29:09 PM  
Hi, my name is "Hugh Jorgan". That one cracks me up.


"Milk, it does a body good. Rock on America, rock over London"
2001-09-16 11:29:30 PM  
I knew a guy in school who had a mullet. We just called him Mullet Man. He got it cut this year so we dont know what to call him... maybe "I Can't Believe It's Not Mullet!"
2001-09-17 12:15:00 AM  
i used to have a mullet
2001-09-17 12:24:55 PM  
Oldie but a goodie!
2001-09-17 10:45:03 PM  
I never even looked at it.
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