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(SFGate)   Doctors sue KFC, claiming the grill marks on grilled food cause cancer. The plaintiffs face two obstacles: They already lost a similar case against McDonald's, and they're all idiots   ( divider line
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2009-09-27 05:36:04 AM  
When are people going to evolve to the point that we realize that eating animals is not only cruel, but also unhealthy? This is especially true since the majority of animal food the average consumer eats involves animals penned up in small cages where they fight each other to the death because of the confinement,

Ding for lack of making sense. Livestock folks make money on animals. Having the animals shred each other means they make less money. Therefore, you know of some incompetent folks (thus, not indicative of the entire industry) or are wrong.
2009-09-27 12:28:25 PM  

SeamusFerrell: This is especially true since the majority of animal food the average consumer eats involves animals penned up in small cages where they fight each other to the death because of the confinement,

This is absolutely false. The confinement, at least in chickens, is done to prevent them from tearing each other apart. Chickens are brutal, stupid, territorial animals that will start to attack and kill each other if kept together.

Damaged animals cost money. That goes exactly opposite of what a for-profit industry wants to do.

Now you want to see some real animal cruelty, watch two hens peck and claw each other to death.

being fed excrement because it is cheaper,

In addition to being stupid, chickens are also filthy, with a poor digestive track. They are scavangers, and will peck in their own droppings for undigested seed and grain.

But to claim that they're fed excrement is PETAphile-grade bullshiat.

Now, the feed does contain parts of other animals. Fishmeal, beef, and pork scraps, etc. Feed is high in protein, and proteins come mainly from other dead animals.

and just being raised to be fatty so that the farmer makes a few extra dollars because the animal weighs more. Nevermind that the additional weight is all fat.

Partially true. Fatty meat is also tasty. Which is why Americans prefer a good marbled cut of beef over a much, much leaner buffalo steak. You make them too lean they wouldn't be as tasty, and people wouldn't eat as much.

There are plenty of logical and true arguments that PETAphiles could make against commercial farms, but they seem to favor bullshiat and propaganda instead. I wonder why?
2009-09-27 02:46:45 PM  
This just in;

The presence of carcinogens does not mean that food causes cancer. It means it will increase your likelihood of developing cancer by some small amount.

It's about probability, people.

So, when you eat lunch, you have to look at that grilled chicken and say, "This will increase my chance of getting cancer by 0.005%. Do I want to have this?"

Then you say, "Well, the steak for just 5 dollars more only increases my chances by a further 0.0001%, I should just skip the bland chicken and go for it with the steak. The obesity caused by eating rich foods like steaks is infinitely more damaging than the harm caused by the effing grill marks. Maybe I should just have something less fattening and not give a crap whether it's got grill marks."
2009-09-28 06:09:57 AM  

Tainted1: Vampire_Blues: Plaintiffs Have Masters Degrees...


I thought they had GED's in law.

More likely in marketing.
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