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(Bank of Canada)   As a service to Canadian Farkers, search the Bank of Canada for unclaimed bank balances   ( divider line
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5677 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Mar 2003 at 7:35 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-12 07:37:34 AM  
2003-03-12 07:37:44 AM  
2003-03-12 07:39:22 AM  
Damn, no free money for anyone that I know in there.
2003-03-12 07:39:32 AM  
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!My Boobiesing!!!I am so smart!I am so smart!S-M-ART!!!
2003-03-12 07:40:14 AM  
Okay maybe I ain't!My first article to appear on Fark!!
2003-03-12 07:47:41 AM  
/insert nelson style laugh i hope for obvious reason

oh i'm good *pelvic trust*
2003-03-12 08:00:18 AM  
gees! I havent found any of my friends in the list, yet.

It would be good if the list was sorted by decreasing amount.
2003-03-12 08:00:58 AM  
It's not even real money

2003-03-12 08:03:41 AM  
There's $2,700+ sitting in a name VERY close to mine. One digit in the first name is transposed, and I have a pretty uncommon name (growing up, our Surname was the only one in the phone book).

I'm gonna see if anybody else claims it. If not, I'll claim it and donate it to Farkistan relief efforts (read: more Boobies).
2003-03-12 08:12:20 AM  
Well, here's a game to delay actually doing something useful. Try to find as much money as you can on this site! Woo hoo!! I shall never get anything done.

$2700, eh? Let the hunt begin!
2003-03-12 08:12:41 AM  
damn... no free money for me today.
2003-03-12 08:20:33 AM  
2003-03-12 08:21:24 AM  
Vinegar Jones: Don't celebrate too quickly. Yesterday I got my Boobies and 100+ comments before they scooped it away to that great garbage pail in the server. Can't really blame them apparently it was a repeat repaet repeat ...
2003-03-12 08:22:45 AM  
Wow. Grandad left a few hundred bucks lying around?

That's was not like him at all!
2003-03-12 08:26:28 AM  
Right, that's enough of this for me.
2003-03-12 08:26:51 AM  
Yeah but even if they take it away. I still got that coveted 1 posted in my profile!!!WooHoo!!
2003-03-12 08:27:37 AM  
Damn, Jorg, how'd you find that one?

Here's a question for debate: is it ethical to claim funds that you likely could, but that you know aren't yours?

Example: funds have been sitting idle since June '89. I'm pretty sure they're not mine. Should I claim them?
2003-03-12 08:33:29 AM  
You could'nt you'd need the matiching S.I.N. to claim them or adequate legal evidence that it's yours.
2003-03-12 08:34:00 AM  
Dogfather_jr: Damn, Jorg, how'd you find that one?

If I tell you, everyone will know! Which doesn't matter as I got bored with trying to find other people's money that I can't have. :) I searched a few common names, such as Jones, then I noticed a couple of trust entries and thought, "Trusts have lots of money." So I started searching on "trust" and came across that one. Found several in the $7,000-10,000K range as well.
2003-03-12 08:40:11 AM  
I keep getting a "File . Unspecified error " whenever I try and search. poo.
2003-03-12 08:41:19 AM  
Vinegar Jones: Sorry to be such a wet blanket but if they remove the posting, they also will remove the "1 posted". Better take a snapshot of it while it's there.
2003-03-12 08:46:45 AM  
You could'nt you'd need the matiching S.I.N. to claim them or adequate legal evidence that it's yours

Apparently not. All you have to do is fill out the claim form and sign it. The bank will confirm the signature to the Bank of Canada. If the bank does not confimr your signature, and you can't provide documentation, then all you have to do is
send the Payment Authorization form you have received from the financial institution along with a note explaining your situation
2003-03-12 08:52:52 AM  
Hmmm. VinegarJones got his "1 posted" this week. I got my "1 posted" this week. VinegarJones got married June 15, 2002. I got married June 15, 2002. However, I do not have any pins in my jaw. Yet.
2003-03-12 09:13:00 AM  
Jorg I can't help with the pins. But I'll buy you some pickles!!!MMMMMMMM!!!!

I got married in a greenhouse. Seriously!
2003-03-12 09:32:50 AM  
Bah. It's Canadian money.

[lighten up I'm kidding]

[Obligatory "please dont tell me to die" tag]
2003-03-12 10:00:07 AM  
2003-03-12 10:00:20 AM  
Look up Wayne Gretzky. Seriously.
2003-03-12 10:01:36 AM  
I got nothing.
2003-03-12 10:04:57 AM  
HA! It's farked now. Way to go Bank of Canada.
2003-03-12 10:08:59 AM  
This is old has been around for years!
2003-03-12 10:15:21 AM  
I'm not retarded enough to have any unclaimed money.
2003-03-12 10:15:35 AM  
It's working fine for me. Of course it's old. But it's new to Fark.
2003-03-12 11:03:11 AM  

2003-03-12 11:38:14 AM  
$171,655.99​20002573 101.htm
2003-03-12 11:38:39 AM  
somehow all of my lost money is ***missing***
2003-03-12 11:42:32 AM  
2003-03-12 11:47:43 AM  
that is cool. I found $764 for my wife!
the account had been dormant since 1988.

maybe I'll get some sort of finders fee.
*nudge nudge, say-no-more*

thank you, fark!
(and VinegarJones)
2003-03-12 12:00:46 PM  
hehe check this out, just do a search on "unclaimed" and 2 on that page are for about $30,000...
2003-03-12 12:37:50 PM  
2003-03-12 01:05:49 PM  
2003-03-12 01:07:11 PM  
Thought I'd closed that tag
2003-03-12 01:09:40 PM  

Thanks! I found an acct at Scotiabank that I'd forgoten just made me $18.56 richer. Well, not quite, as I've always had the money in theory, but you get the idea.
2003-03-12 01:16:11 PM money for me, but my Dad was pleased to know he had $230 he hasn't touched since 1985..not bad
2003-03-12 01:38:03 PM  
John Candy

This one won't be claimed anytime soon.
2003-03-12 02:30:22 PM  
Cool! My mom and dad have $10.44 waiting for them!! Woo Hoo, it looks like I will get an inheritance after all!!!
2003-03-12 02:32:03 PM  
Puckhead Do I get a finders fee too?LOL...I'll take 10%. Or a pizza.
2003-03-12 02:33:10 PM  
Alright lay some lovin' on me!!!!!
2003-03-12 03:12:48 PM  
VinegarJones - isn't Articles: 1 posted reward enough today? *lol*
besides I had only found $ for Mrs Puckhead. I would imagine it is already spent :(

(does Domino's deliver across 4 provinces?)
2003-03-12 03:41:10 PM  
Dominos may deliver across 4 provinces. But I bet you don't get the 30 minutes or free deal.
2003-03-12 07:27:11 PM  
Wheeeee! $53.23 Canadian!
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