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(Yahoo)   Intel will unveil Centrino, which is the company's first processor tailored to mobile environments. Cue the music... Fark on the run... Fark on the run   ( divider line
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2003-03-12 10:05:26 AM  
This makes my head hurt. ouch. . .
2003-03-12 10:09:05 AM  
Cool, but will it run Maniac Mansion?
2003-03-12 10:09:51 AM  
for some reason, Cintrino reminds me of an alternate demension from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...i can't remember what it was....

years ago.. wow
2003-03-12 10:10:03 AM  
Hope this deals with the heat dispersion problem. the P4 laptops are hotter than hell.
2003-03-12 10:10:47 AM  
feh ... techie shiat ...

/ what does poster mean by fark on the run ?
2003-03-12 10:12:02 AM  
speaking of laptops... I want one.. but I wanna know what kind is cheap but also decent to use.. if anyone wants to give me computer advice feel free... (off topic I know)
2003-03-12 10:12:57 AM  
Umm, nevermind.
2003-03-12 10:13:06 AM  
Centrino? And AMD is working on the Opturon . . . I guess you eventually start running out of names that aren't completely gay, huh?
2003-03-12 10:14:25 AM  
What a coincidence, my coke dealer's name is Centrino
2003-03-12 10:15:04 AM  
I got nothin.
2003-03-12 10:15:44 AM  

I think the residents of the dimension were called the "Nutrinos" and the all drove flying cars and had blue hair.
2003-03-12 10:16:40 AM  
Reads less like a news story and more like a press release
2003-03-12 10:17:31 AM  
Centrino is NOT a processor. It's a notebook form-factor with 3 parts - the CPU, the chipset, and Intel's wireless system.
2003-03-12 10:18:03 AM  
Yeah .. it's Yahoo news. They generally don't write anything original, they actually do just pull straight text from press releases, official statements, etc
2003-03-12 10:19:04 AM  
The only reason I even care about this in the slightest is that they're unveiling it today at Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC, they hired Barenaked Ladies to play in the evening and I won tickets.
2003-03-12 10:20:47 AM  

If you want a laptop i would suggest a winbook or twinhead.
2003-03-12 10:23:07 AM  
"Now I can check my e-mail in the shower,and surf the internet from my car!"

/too much GTA3
2003-03-12 10:23:07 AM  
2003-03-12 10:24:28 AM  
Dorf11 - Thanks for pointing that out, when I first read it I thought it was saying that there was an integrated on-chip 802.11b, which would be really amazing. Now it's just blah
2003-03-12 10:26:01 AM  
These new SbB girls are better than a few days ago. I can't wait to see them in monchrome green.
2003-03-12 10:26:07 AM  
And there are a lot of great games for it too! Like Zork, Breakout, um....... Super Breakout.......

2003-03-12 10:28:11 AM  
Yeah, the Neutrinos were from Dimension X, basically a story bit thrown in to give the Shredder fight stories a little more flavor...
2003-03-12 10:31:50 AM  

I love that Drunk Gamers "switch" ad. Pure genius.

2003-03-12 10:32:41 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-12 10:34:49 AM  
I thought the CRUSOE processor was intended for this purpose.

Collywobbles I wasted so much time on that game; along with "Zac McKracken vs. the Alien Mindbenders" and "Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe" Oldschool LucasFilm stuff ruled!
2003-03-12 10:35:10 AM  
Intel's new chip will be called semprini.

Wow, can't believe I got that past the filters.
2003-03-12 10:36:51 AM  
ewwy its intel
2003-03-12 10:37:16 AM  
Rasputin - The WLAN module isn't onboard the CPU, but to Intel it's integrated. IIRC, 3rd party manufacturers can only license the entire Centrino form factor(?). But it seems like a good design for saving power without annoying the user too much.

2003-03-12 10:38:45 AM  
These are words never to be used again on these forums:

2003-03-12 10:41:27 AM  
Where is that link again ?
2003-03-12 10:42:51 AM  
M.C.PeePants:I loved the oldschool Lucasarts games. Many hours did I waste away on Monkey Island. However, I have yet to see a game that lives up to Sam & Max Hit the Road. There is a sequal in the works that I anxiously await.
2003-03-12 10:43:09 AM  
/british accent
2003-03-12 10:43:33 AM  
But can I download pr0n faster with it, and fap off with more joy and less keyboard cleaning? No? Then bugger off.
2003-03-12 10:46:07 AM  
61B50N - Thank you
2003-03-12 10:48:04 AM  
Dorf11, totally right. The processor is a "Pentium M" (which I imagine started out as a typo that stuck somehow). "Centrino" is purely a brand name assigned to systems with that processor, a specific chipset and a specific 802.11b wireless controller. There's precious little new technology here. The one great thing about it - seriously decreased power consumption - is fairly unheralded in all the press I've read about it.

Of course, you'll use a lot less power when you apply 3GHz design technology to 1.3GHz processors. I think they're finally learning from Apple.
2003-03-12 10:48:36 AM  
Bandman, the alternate dimension on turtles was called Dimension X
2003-03-12 10:50:11 AM  
SuzeQ320, go to Target-Sale and on the link bar on the left hand side, pick Desknotes. They are made by ECS and use a desktop processor. I have a AMD 2100 laptop with 256 MB of RAM and it rocks. The only downside is that the battery is external..
2003-03-12 11:01:27 AM  
Is that headline a Sweet reference?
2003-03-12 11:04:45 AM  
This is what those "work-altering" commercials were about? Disappointing. :(
2003-03-12 11:09:58 AM  
"Support for the faster but less widely used 802.11a and 802.11g networks will follow later this year, Intel said in December."

Dude! Yeah, 11a is a bust but the final IEEE draft standard for 11g won't even by out until May or possibly later! 11b is going to be dead in the water as soon as the big boys like Cisco support the official 11g spec.
2003-03-12 11:17:06 AM  
I think they are all flooding the market.
2003-03-12 11:19:57 AM  
is it queue the music or is it cue the music....


oh, boo Intel, yeah AMD and all that other techie shizzle.
2003-03-12 11:28:47 AM  
2003-03-12 11:30:45 AM  
Windows sucks. Get with OS/2.
2003-03-12 11:33:52 AM  
well, for space saving reasons [and prolly not to confuse braindead DJs], consoles have it listed as cue...altho when it comes down to it, they both mean the same thing...
2003-03-12 11:35:04 AM  
2003-03-12 11:39:05 AM  
sawry for the slightly offtopic post up there...i was still finishing reading up the cnet, /., and anand articles on the centrino machines. overall, looks like a step in the right direction as far as battery life is concerned, which seems to be the biggest advantage you get outta these...i'll still stick with my ibook for the time being tho...
2003-03-12 11:40:07 AM  
Cue, without a doubt. Thanks for discussing. :)

(While the two words do share a lot of definitions, cue has meanings specific to music as well as a separate definition "to signal or prompt")

2003-03-12 11:40:48 AM  
Mandrake, you are so the man. Thanks for the link!
2003-03-12 11:41:02 AM  
Reviews of the new centrino laptops

Dells got new D series latitude laptops out also that are really cool looking especially the D600.
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