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2003-03-11 11:33:33 PM  
And for all of us Real Video haters out there:
2003-03-11 11:35:02 PM  
damn, they missed Epcot.
2003-03-11 11:38:28 PM  
and now, all we need is one large enough to cut florida off from the contenental U.S. that way the genetics wont infect the rest of us so easily.
2003-03-11 11:40:11 PM  
Not to shabby... but the video is pretty lame over all.
2003-03-11 11:40:47 PM  
Is this what the Gap Band had in mind?

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-11 11:42:23 PM  
Coleslaw, great, now that song is stuck in my head.
2003-03-11 11:44:10 PM  
Thank you real video for installing your start center in my "run" directory in my registry without asking. I hate you.
2003-03-11 11:45:27 PM  
Don't we all hate real player? It's like microsoft.. it just eats away at your computer until theres nothing left.
2003-03-11 11:47:29 PM  
jeez, the gap band - what was that, 1982?
Rat [TotalFark]
2003-03-11 11:52:06 PM  
woo hoo, the gap band...reminisces about college cheerleaders doing a dance number to 'you dropped a bomb on me' back in college (circa 1983)

now, if anyone has that on video, gimme a URL now, please

/going back to bed
2003-03-11 11:52:12 PM  
26 seconds from when the bomb exploded until end of video, and there was no audible signs of an explosion. How far away was this bomb? Over 5 miles?
2003-03-12 12:21:17 AM  
All right, ya'll. Here's the advantage of being a total farker. When a doo daa gets the green light, you have to see this. So all I'm going to say is: Can't we all just get along? Posible si, posible no. I'm getting a little tired of war talk. There's a couple of billion of us on this planet.
Why the conflict?
Allocation of resources.
We (americanos) are the wealthiest people in the history of this planet.
Some punks want to jump us.
We're better than that.
Tell 'em to step off.
Get back Jack.
Just because we are America and we don't want to play games doen't mean we won't kick your ass.
Because we will.
And you can take that to the bank. In whatever kind of phony currency you want to deal with.
The price of the computer that you're reading this on is based on the dollar.
La hoja de coca no es droga
2003-03-12 12:49:34 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-12 12:54:17 AM  
Impaler, something around there. I got 5.5 ::shrug::
2003-03-12 01:31:13 AM  
Last try, mods, please delete that last attempt at ascii art. thnx.

2003-03-12 01:46:16 AM  
play play play annnnnndd stop right before the explosion..

stupid realplayer, I blame apple for this.
2003-03-12 02:28:32 AM  
suckolated on TV, so must really suck on interweb video...
2003-03-12 02:29:45 AM  
That'll teach those alligators
2003-03-12 02:29:52 AM  
real video? wtf? even msnbc has a windows media clip.
2003-03-12 02:30:23 AM  
Ooooooh. A big bomb.

2003-03-12 02:31:55 AM  
Asked about the new bomb, Rumsfeld said: "This is not small." Then he grinned.

I'm too tired to think up anything witty to say. Anyone up for the challenge?
2003-03-12 02:32:03 AM  
The mpg at the top of the thread isn't bad.
2003-03-12 02:35:11 AM  
That gave me a massive erection.
2003-03-12 02:35:27 AM  
pickle, pickle!

Only one thing came to my mind at that point.

But its NSFW, so use your imagination.
2003-03-12 02:36:42 AM  
What an anticlimax, why not just use a nuke for true "shock and awe". On a more sane note, what a bunch of stupid posturing, has Shrub been taking saber rattling lessons from Kim Jong Ill or something?
2003-03-12 02:37:04 AM  
Thats gotta hurt

2003-03-12 02:37:34 AM  
That is not nearly as impressive as it should be.
2003-03-12 02:37:45 AM  
That looked like it was at least the size of a town of 3000 people.


Dubya's penis IS bigger!
2003-03-12 02:39:00 AM  
Asked about the new bomb, Rumsfeld said: "This is not small." Then he grinned.

When I read this I got a mental picture of Rumsfeld smiling like the grinch.
2003-03-12 02:39:01 AM  
All your base are belong to us!
2003-03-12 02:39:23 AM  
2003-03-12 02:40:29 AM  
Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth shattering kaboom.

2003-03-12 02:40:51 AM  
03-12-03 02:39:00 AM Kid_Kool

Actually, I got a vision of him smiling like Donald Rumsfeld, which to me is even scarier than the Grinch.
2003-03-12 02:41:30 AM  
Nothing is as satisfying as a mushroom cloud.
2003-03-12 02:41:40 AM  
Asked about the new bomb, Rumsfeld said: "This is not small." Then he grinned.

"Neither is Iraq," he added. "This is perfect."
2003-03-12 02:41:51 AM  
Minkey: I'm anyone!

Rumsfeld said: "This is not small." Then he grinned.

...Before adding "Kiss it."
2003-03-12 02:42:01 AM  
I picture him with a his pinky pointing to his mouth
2003-03-12 02:42:07 AM  
Yep, the Iraqis are gonna think we're throwing tactical nukes at them...

I wonder what they'll launch back in desperation...
2003-03-12 02:42:10 AM

because I love you
2003-03-12 02:42:58 AM  
Why no one makes aneutronic nukes is beond me. Way more effictive and smaller.
2003-03-12 02:43:11 AM  
That's amazing! It was a decent quality real video file.

Oh, and boom.
2003-03-12 02:43:27 AM  
Well, the important thing is...

They've finally started bombing Flori-duh. Drop a few more of these MOABs and maybe some BLU-82s and FAEs for good measure, and I'll be happy.
2003-03-12 02:44:55 AM  
I didn't get any audio on the real video file. Am I alone on this?
2003-03-12 02:45:12 AM  
that is one f*cking huge bomb. damn.
2003-03-12 02:45:33 AM  
it blewed up real good
2003-03-12 02:47:26 AM  
Rummy: "This is not small".

why doesn't that line EVAR work for me?

sad and lonely
2003-03-12 02:49:48 AM  
Har har, yeah yeah, bomb Flori-DUH, clean out the gene pool, yadda yadda, can't vote, cubans, Disney, etc. etc.
2003-03-12 02:55:42 AM  
51% of Florida residents feel that George W. Bush is a greater threat to Florida than Saddam Hussein.
2003-03-12 02:58:30 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-12 03:01:13 AM  
Hey -

I just got here. Has anyone made sarcastic complaints about RealPlayer yet?

mmmmm.....realplayer. yummy.
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