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(Some Gal) Boobies berbabe Maria from Deutschland (not safe for work)   ( divider line 88
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84338 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Mar 2003 at 8:16 PM (12 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-11 06:55:23 PM  
I'm so glad I get to look at these before they get farked.
2003-03-11 08:19:06 PM  
*fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap*


Another kitty bites the dust.
2003-03-11 08:19:42 PM  
Show your patriotism! Us good ole american girls to kill kittens!

French fries, belgium waffles and german uberbabes are un-american.

2003-03-11 08:19:51 PM  
seen one, seen them all

blonde, big boobs, airhead.......whats new?
2003-03-11 08:20:43 PM  
Nice pictures, but 263x400? Come on now, that uber sucks...
2003-03-11 08:21:05 PM  
here's the obligitory..

2003-03-11 08:21:17 PM  
ehh... why do they all have male names?
2003-03-11 08:21:52 PM  
Now THAT's something I'd like to do a little cuddliness on!

(Apologies to Polanski's butt-rape victim)
2003-03-11 08:22:06 PM  
Yeah, no more foreign chicks.

We need to freedom fap!
2003-03-11 08:23:03 PM  
I wouldn't mind breaking through her zeigfreid line if you know what I mean.
2003-03-11 08:23:04 PM  
Kinda boring.
2003-03-11 08:23:09 PM  
Ich würde es schlagen!
2003-03-11 08:23:21 PM  
2003-03-11 08:23:27 PM  
Big saggy boobs are better when they come from foreign countries.
2003-03-11 08:23:41 PM  
Das ist gut. Ja?
2003-03-11 08:23:45 PM  
Olsson I believe thats the photographer that did those chicks up, or I just killed some kittens over a shemale *caugh*
2003-03-11 08:23:49 PM  
thats better
2003-03-11 08:24:30 PM  
/fap fap fap

Mein himmel!
2003-03-11 08:27:44 PM  
Dude, look how much bigger her right nipple is than her left nipple. What's up with that?

2003-03-11 08:28:14 PM  
I like her because she has boobs.
2003-03-11 08:28:19 PM  
(snicker) Looks to me that the Admin(s) are FARKin' with FARKers just to liven' up a Tuesday. First a "Weeners" link submitted by "Some Guy" then a "Boobies" link submitted by "Some Gal." Careful with your fappin' boyz, these masculine-named "Boobies" are probably tranz!!!

2003-03-11 08:28:51 PM  
This is SO better than the weeners gallery.
2003-03-11 08:28:59 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-11 08:30:17 PM  
Kittens go kaput all over the world.
2003-03-11 08:30:37 PM  
Hier findet Ihr eine Auswahl hochwertigen Bildmaterials bisheriger Shootings mit professionellen Fotografen, bei denen ich mich auf diese Weise nochmals für ihre tolle Arbeit bedanken möchte.
Adressen der Fotografen findet ihr auf meiner Link-Seite.

babelfish 3===> - - -

Here you find a selection of high-quality pictorial material of past Shootings with professional photographers, whom in this way again I would like myself to thank you for its mad work. You find addresses of the photographers on my link side.
2003-03-11 08:32:19 PM  
Kittens may die tonight... But not nearly as many when we get a good redhead post again...
2003-03-11 08:34:54 PM  
Asshat cheeseburger eating beer belly boy saying she's too fat and out of shape to hit in 3.... 2.... 1....
2003-03-11 08:35:06 PM  
mmm redheads
2003-03-11 08:37:56 PM  
btw what the fark is up w/ her right nipple?
2003-03-11 08:38:56 PM  
Ich würde es schlagen nicht.
2003-03-11 08:39:14 PM  
Ich ben ein Deutschlander...

they did a good job of downplaying that her right nipple is huge, almost twice as big as the left, which is already big.

very nice, though...I would have her as the mother of my children.
2003-03-11 08:39:38 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-11 08:40:52 PM  
Half-acre nipples? Ok, but I won't enjoy it! Yeah, right.

That's some cute gash.

2003-03-11 08:42:12 PM  


2003-03-11 08:42:25 PM  
"Dude, look how much bigger her right nipple is than her left nipple. What's up with that?


*ahem* nip-picking?
2003-03-11 08:50:27 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Verrry interesting, but I'd still hit it.
2003-03-11 08:51:00 PM  
I love women.
2003-03-11 08:51:58 PM  
Wow. A boobies link AFTER I get home from work. Neat.
2003-03-11 08:54:58 PM  
that will get my schnitzel jumpin any time...
2003-03-11 09:00:46 PM  

Why's she playing with her caulk? (say it out loud)

Oh, silicone. So much for the joke, then.
2003-03-11 09:04:14 PM  
I meant:

[image from too old to be available]

Verrry interesting, but I'd still hit it.
2003-03-11 09:05:59 PM  
Heiliger Strohsack! Die Titten sind ungerade....aber ich würde es sofort "schlägen."

Wenn ich mich recht erinnere, jedesmal Sie onanieren, Gott einen Kätzchen töten...
2003-03-11 09:06:41 PM  
yeah, whatever that writing means...
check out the Boobies on that one!
2003-03-11 09:07:49 PM  
kde users: check out urlgallery for kde. great for pron browsing....
2003-03-11 09:09:32 PM  
Damn I wish my nipples were that big

/obligatory reference to another fark article from today
2003-03-11 09:09:49 PM  
I just had dinner, but these were quite tasty.

Mucho gracias!
2003-03-11 09:10:30 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

The German flag of FAP.
All they do is go fap fap fap to pictures of German chics. Amazingly, there is no feline population
2003-03-11 09:10:57 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-11 09:14:42 PM  
Is that a stormtrooper's rifle?!?! I'D HIT THAT!
I'm such a geek! ;)
2003-03-11 09:20:41 PM  
Eh...she's okay, but give me Amy Acker any day!

[image from too old to be available]
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