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(Yahoo)   HBO counter-sues Tony Soprano to the tune of $100 million   ( divider line
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16345 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Mar 2003 at 2:54 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-11 02:58:33 PM  
What the!
2003-03-11 02:58:43 PM  
2003-03-11 02:58:55 PM  
2003-03-11 03:00:16 PM  
HBO is so funny! Suing fictional characters......GENIUS!

2003-03-11 03:01:21 PM  
HBO's gonna get whacked.
2003-03-11 03:01:28 PM  
...he was better in the last castle anyhow...
2003-03-11 03:01:49 PM  
No news here, this is just a dispute over salary. Gandolfini only gets $450,000 per episode and he wants $750,000. Cheap when compared to the cast of Friends et. al.

He is only two months away from having his own nuclear weapons and is trying to start talks.

His attorney says he will show up to work, but they are using an apparent problem in notifying him and a contract clause as a wedge to nullify his contract.
2003-03-11 03:02:22 PM  
April 1, 2003

Today, police in Newark, NJ make a grisly discovery when they find the heads of missing Time Warner executives left inside of bowling ball bags. There only suspet to date has been cleared when lawyers for Ted Turner presented an alibi for his whereabouts.

2003-03-11 03:03:55 PM  
ENOUGH! God, Gandolfini, get a grip. How many yachts can you ski behind, you douchebag?
2003-03-11 03:04:29 PM  
Because of this, we must invade Iraq.
2003-03-11 03:04:30 PM  
Gandolfini was grteat in True Romance as a hitman(what else) when he got mangled by a chic weilding an Elvis Statue
2003-03-11 03:04:40 PM  
"Woke up this morning, got a law-suit in my eye."
2003-03-11 03:04:43 PM  
Please ignore this link:

Click Me
2003-03-11 03:04:46 PM  
After Soprano's, he'll be able to resume his career of playing fat, out-of-shape bad guys that no one really remembers.
2003-03-11 03:05:01 PM  
Good, I hope they don't renew the Sopranos.

I am extremely disappointed in the channel's lack of reality TV's pay cable, they can have "Who Wants To Bang 100 Chicks" and "Glory Hole Surprise". They could finally show the clips of the first season of Survivor where they killed that stripper.

Definitely an untapped market.
2003-03-11 03:05:28 PM  
Alto your basses are belong to us.
2003-03-11 03:06:37 PM  
HBO is quick to release a line of Sopranos based clothing, capitalizing on this Gandolfini press. Saw this in Newsday.
2003-03-11 03:09:50 PM  
Maybe some dead fish need to be delivered so they get the message at HBO.
2003-03-11 03:10:04 PM  
2003-03-11 03:12:12 PM  
One would think that a career with less job security than being a mobster, would be being an actor who plays a mobster.
2003-03-11 03:13:47 PM  
I'm still wondering how to perfect my skills of "hemming and hawing."
2003-03-11 03:13:50 PM  
I have never even watched that show...not once.
2003-03-11 03:18:04 PM  
Shut the Fark up and get back to work you ungrateful, overpaid slacker slob!

don't hurt me Tony, im a bleeder.
2003-03-11 03:18:43 PM  
Impaler: You have PLENTY of job security as an actual mobster. What you DON'T have is LIFE security.
2003-03-11 03:22:55 PM  
Give him his 750K, but demand that he accept payment in ham.
2003-03-11 03:23:03 PM  
They estimate their losses at 100 million, eh? It would seem prudent to give him his measly (By comparison, and relative to the industry) 300, 000$ raise, then.

Even if they manage to strongarm him into doing another season at his current pay rate, he's gonna fark 'em on the next contract he's gotta sign. Don't know why they'd pull this.
2003-03-11 03:24:46 PM  
Desertfoxg: This is the last season.
2003-03-11 03:28:00 PM  
Oh, to hell with it. Just cancel the damn thing and then sit back for the premiere of the "Jamie Lynn Sigler's Boobies Show."

Pay-cable nirvana.
2003-03-11 03:31:27 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-11 03:35:25 PM  
Mods please ban SHudson311. This is not the first time he has posted that dumb a$$ link.
2003-03-11 03:41:54 PM  
Mods please ban Cywalker for not having a sense of humor. Assholes who just don't get "it" need to go elsewhere.
2003-03-11 04:02:48 PM  
U know in Canada if you don't have HBO you have to settle for CTv which is on the 3rd season. Which reminds me , tonite Sopranos season 3 ep.2 on CTv 10 pm Pacific. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.
2003-03-11 04:16:35 PM  
They could do without Tony if they would just concentrate more on showing us Meadow's tits.
2003-03-11 04:24:32 PM  
I've seen the show and it's pretty good, but I wish HBO would get back to showing movies.

I think Im cancelling and going with Starz.
2003-03-11 04:33:38 PM  
Maybe Boby Knight could cut him a check
2003-03-11 04:33:45 PM  
I love the show.....and I'm glad they offed Ralphie. I did not like him. Bring back pussie.
2003-03-11 04:35:16 PM  
OOpps Bobby I meant to say
2003-03-11 04:41:10 PM  
I have yet to see a single episode. It's kind of weird, being completely out of 'the loop', hearing these guys talk about the show, and then say 'never seen it'. Gets them quiet enough for me to leave the area. I don't give a rat's ass who this guy is. It isn't in my little world!
2003-03-11 04:49:13 PM  
I'm still recovering from the hot pic of Jamie-Lynn Sigler.
2003-03-11 04:52:57 PM  
He needs all the $$ he can get now cause of the divorce that he's goin through. And from what I've seen of him in recent pictures.. he needs a new wardrobe cause he's somehow becoming even more of a fat ass.
On an interesting note. His real life father was the janitor at my high school. Cool guy.
2003-03-11 04:54:44 PM  
What's he complaining about? He only does 13 episodes a year?
Anyone else have the sudden urge to bang Meadow?
2003-03-11 04:57:33 PM  
StubePT: It wasn't sudden. It's been there for a while. Work has been a low point today.
2003-03-11 04:59:57 PM  
Yeah, I wouldn't call it sudden either. I am male, after all.
2003-03-11 05:09:33 PM  
hahahaa selling a piece of paper on eBay, that's comic gold..

2003-03-11 05:10:16 PM  
I love mob/gangster movies...somehow, the appeal of The Sopranos has escaped me. I tried watching it...just seemed like they're on ground already covered by Scorcese.
2003-03-11 05:11:23 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-11 05:15:03 PM  
Last season sucked mud.
2003-03-11 05:35:22 PM  
$100 million bucks?? that's a lot of gabagool!

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-11 05:36:56 PM  
Last season of the Sopranos might as well be down the Piscadood.
2003-03-11 05:57:42 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
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