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(Yahoo)   "Thomas the Tank Engine" show can psychologically harm children because it shows too many wrecks   ( divider line
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2003-03-11 08:46:01 AM  
We're all farked. It helps to remember that.--George Carlin
2003-03-11 09:28:50 AM  
Holy crap. Do these people constantly walk around with their calculators clicking, yearning to find someone to blame and calculate just how much money they can make off of it, or to fabricate the number of children who are mortally shocked to see something that isn't fuzzy and soft and nearly motionless?
2003-03-11 10:02:02 AM  
That is truly sad.
2003-03-11 10:11:37 AM  
My nephew is two. All he talks about is Cranky, Duncan, etc crashing. He loves all that crap though.
It can't be any worse than the Road Runner & Coyote stuff we grew up with.
2003-03-11 10:14:01 AM  
Of all of the obnoxious childrens entertainment out there, Thomas is one of the better ones. The worst? (in no particular order): Barney, Teletubbies and those damn Australian guys.
Thomas is cool cause he has Ringo and George Carlin do narrative work for his tapes. Besides, Clara and Annabelle have always been a fantasy of mine (nudge nudge.)
2003-03-11 10:42:05 AM  
My fantasy was always Trixie on 'Speed Racer'. Come to think of it, they were always crashing, too.
2003-03-11 11:13:41 AM  
Gordon rammed Thomas the Tank repeatedly from behind. "Stop that!" cried Thomas, who was busy greasing the...
2003-03-11 11:29:38 AM  
I'm shocked to find sexual references and innuendo in a thread about a children's television show. Shocked!

Well, no. Not really.

A favorite redundancy of George Carlin's: "young children"

Thomas the Tank is/was a boy's show. I was a little girl in frilly pink dresses so I never had any interest.
2003-03-11 11:32:56 AM  
I'd rather raise my kids to watch Speed Racer (which is on Nick) and Ultraman (cannot find tapes/show/DVD ANYWHERE!!) I restrict their cartoon viewing to the Chuck Jones/Tex Avery genre. But then again, I'm an anal retentive animator, so my kids are doomed anyway.
2003-03-11 11:46:42 AM  
My kids and I were watching "Sink the Bismark" on Saturday on one of the classic movie channels.

My five year old asked (when Edward R. Murrow was doing one of his reports) "is he a puppet? With those strings holding his head?" That's what I get for letting him watch Thuderbirds!

/yeah, doomed anyway
2003-03-11 11:53:07 AM  
Meh, neither myself nor my siblings have jumped off of any cliffs or put any gunpowder in some birdseed while growing up.
It's all relatively harmless.

...'cept for the Teletubbies. They are pure evil.
2003-03-11 12:08:14 PM  
Synopsis of article:
Show is viewed by 4 year olds.
Show shows trains wrecking all the time.
4 year olds will develop a distorted view of the safety of trains.

I don't see what all the disagreement is about. This is true. shiat, most adults will develop a distorted view of the safety of trains after viewing the show.
2003-03-11 12:14:23 PM  
Numberz, your kid is quite perceptive. Edward R. Murrow was a puppet. I would expect the illuminatia will be coming for your all too well informed child.
2003-03-11 12:16:49 PM  
Really though, I'd be scared of Brit-Rail too.
2003-03-11 12:34:52 PM  
It just occurred to me that I don't think this show was on when I was of preschool age. Which would, of course, explain my disinterest.

I think my confusion is because of a show called Shining Time Station (with George Carlin) which I recall was on public tv in the early 80's. Is there another show with called Thomas the Tank Engine?

Oh, nevermind. I don't really give a damn.
2003-03-11 12:44:56 PM  
Talking trains with faces frighten me.
2003-03-11 02:01:06 PM  

Sudie, Shining Times Station is something else, altogether. I could see how you might be confused, though.

My wife reminded me over lunch that our nephew is deathly afraid of trains now. He has been a big fan of Thomas (and still is) but my parents tried to take him on one of those steam train rides and he pitched a fit so they had to quit the ride early.

My kids, OTOH, think steam trains are the coolest thing ever. They think they'd be even better if they transformed into a tall killer robot that could blow up cities, but apparently the technology isn't quite there yet. They're hoping.

[image from too old to be available]
(wonder where her hand is? Look at his face...)

2003-03-11 02:10:11 PM  
"Thomas the Tank Engine" can psychologically harm young children because it sucks. My kids only watch wholesome family entertainment like the Red Shoe Diaries and The Jimmy Kimmel Show.
2003-03-11 02:10:17 PM  
Can somebody please explain why our children SHOULDN't be terrified of getting on a train? It took me 30 years to be fully terrified enough to avoid trains! I wish I was terrified years ago- it would have saved a lot of hassle.
2003-03-11 02:10:19 PM  
Bring back Thunder Cats!
2003-03-11 02:10:40 PM  
This guy is full of shiat.

1) he has no data he is just saying "it might"
2) There is no obvious negative stimulus that would be required for fear conditioning to occur. If it showed a train crash and then thousands of bloody mangled corpses that's one thing. It doesn't really show anything bad. For this to work you'd have to demonstrate that fear was present at the time of viewing. Which it probably isn't otherwise children wouldn't watch it.
2003-03-11 02:11:57 PM  

Thank god someone has stepped up to the plate and highlighted the violence on tv. Personally, I've suffered trauma from watching the puppets on Sesame Street. Now I'm unable to walk down the street without being afraid that someone will try to stick their hand up my arse and start mimicking silly voices.

[image from too old to be available]

2003-03-11 02:12:13 PM  
Let's let our kids watch good quality programming like pokemon and see how they turn out.

I'll stick with the wreck.
2003-03-11 02:13:30 PM  
The only thing that scared me (a movie) when I was a young tenderloin was "The Omen"... I swore Satan was going to come out of my heating vents and take over my body. Lost many years of sleep thanks to that movie.
2003-03-11 02:13:36 PM  
Ya know, I saw The Ring on Saturday night and I'm scared to turn on the TV and have that biatch crawl out at me.
2003-03-11 02:15:56 PM  
And I bet that Capt. Kangaroo made thousand of kids think that farm animals plot against their owners behind their backs, too.
2003-03-11 02:17:13 PM  
So, the show's been on the air for 20 years and they only decide to come out with information NOW?

fark off.
2003-03-11 02:19:19 PM  
Following the same logic, Baywatch can psychologically harm children because it shows too many drownings.
2003-03-11 02:19:22 PM  
I for one am certain that doing the DooBee dance on Romper Room contributed greatly to my pot habit.
2003-03-11 02:19:51 PM  
the only movie that ever scared me is "Cats Eye" with lil drew... I used to check my walls every night for little doors
2003-03-11 02:20:04 PM  
Actually, strike my earlier comment about our need to bring back Thundercats.

Grimlock and Shockwave from the Transformers will never be surpassed.

That said, even the Snorks are cooler than that gay train.
2003-03-11 02:20:13 PM  
MilkBone : oh man, I'm just going to keep watching that movie until it doesn't scare me anymore. I'm on my fifth or sixth time and I'm still scared.

I say we show The Ring to kids so they don't want to watch TV anymore, thereby making this article even more pointless.
2003-03-11 02:20:24 PM  
NuttySquirrel: Or it could make them scared of getting crushed by tons of silicone. BAN BAYWATCH NOW!
2003-03-11 02:20:34 PM  
Yeah...this is from the same lot that says Dodge Ball and Tag are gonna make our kids feel like losers. If this keeps up, by the time our little kids are 18, they wil have no REAL concept of reality. Life will give them a swift kick in the balls, and they'll have no idea how to handle it. Yay psychologists!
2003-03-11 02:21:01 PM  
Can't be any worse than SpongeBob, that's all that matters.

Steve, oh Steve, why did you leave us, when it is now that we need you the most...

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-11 02:21:32 PM  
"....and this time, we DIDN't forget the gravy..."
2003-03-11 02:21:35 PM  
And I bet that Capt. Kangaroo made thousand of kids think that farm animals plot against their owners behind their backs, too.

At least until they get to jr. high and have to read "Animal Farm".

Wait a minute...
2003-03-11 02:21:49 PM  
With the world we live in I find it hard to believe puppet train wrecks causes psychologically harm.

Overall this probably ranks about #5,983,653rd, on the psychologically harm list, somewhere below war, terrorism, WTC, the economy, and having to finish all the brocolli on their plate.
2003-03-11 02:23:39 PM  
"There is evidence that children who watch programmes that consistently portray the same image tend to think there is more danger than there actually is, he explained. "

I'd like to try to duplicate that affect on mass society but I'm too busy hiding from the terrorists.

2003-03-11 02:25:17 PM  

I remember that cartoon! Do they even air it anymore?? I don't think I've seen it in years.
2003-03-11 02:25:28 PM  
Numberz "Shining Times Station is something else"

2003-03-11 02:27:04 PM  
On the other hand, the obvious lessons from Roadrunner are 1) Don't chase after roadrunners and 2) don't trust coyotes. Not bad lessons for kids, at that.
2003-03-11 02:27:39 PM  
Does anyone else get sick of all these psychological studies? I'm pretty sure we don't need them, what with the fact we did pretty darn well before there were pshrinks telling us we have no idea what trauma we are causing our children by letting them do anything at all.
2003-03-11 02:27:51 PM  
sue ringo starr
2003-03-11 02:28:03 PM  
I say we intentionally increase the amount of real train wrecks so that instead of psychologically harming the children, it will be providing a helpful service.
2003-03-11 02:28:23 PM  
Every time I see an anvil, I scream and wail like a little biatch and assume the fetal position. Thank you Warner Bros.
2003-03-11 02:28:27 PM  
Well, after watching "Thomas and the Magic Railroad" (with Alec Baldwin, Peter Fonda, and others) with my daughter when she was a bit younger, I think people in general should be disturbed. Well, unless you want to see a funny, drug-themed movie. When nothing happens without the "magic dust" in your little pipe you know you've come to the right train station.
2003-03-11 02:28:31 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

pic of the psychologist responsible for the study.
2003-03-11 02:28:34 PM  

You forgot the most important one: If you inadvertently run off a cliff, don't look down and you'll be fine.
2003-03-11 02:29:42 PM  
Salems Lot messed me up pretty bad. I went to chirch with a guy that looked just like one the vampire/town's people. I would cower and run every time he came up to my family.
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