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(Sporting News)   Get in on Fark's Fantasy baseball league today. Name: Fark Baseball. Password: fark   ( divider line
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1792 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Mar 2003 at 7:15 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-10 04:24:21 PM  
hmmmmm... I've never played these fantasy sports before. I'll check it out and see how far a person can get on dumb luck alone
2003-03-10 07:19:35 PM  
I tried to post this 3 or 4 times already. Why does it all of a sudden get in now?!?!?! WHY GOD, WHY!?!?
2003-03-10 07:21:29 PM  
Amphibian - make sure you give yourself some ridiculous guidelines. For example:

1) Any major league ballplayer whose last name is also a noun must be on your team.

2) You are not allowed to use any New York Yankees or Kansas City Royals

3) No player is allowed to stay on your team for more that 3 consecutive weeks.

I play fantasy baseball and spend my time signing players named Stubby Clapp and Coco Crisp. (These are real MLB players)

I usually don't do that well.
2003-03-10 07:22:30 PM  
Maybe if you ran as President Farkenstein you would have better luck??
2003-03-10 07:27:49 PM  
me fail webpage navigation...
2003-03-10 07:28:36 PM  
log in error. farked already. sigh.
2003-03-10 07:30:32 PM  
I got in. But look at these rules:

3 pitchers, 1 catcher, 1 1B/3B, 1 2B/SS, and 2 outfielders?

Who made that up????
2003-03-10 07:33:14 PM  
Recockulous - That's probably so when all billions of us from fark go and sign up, we can have enough MLB players for us all.
2003-03-10 07:48:19 PM  
Well, I've made my team:

shigelojoe's Pork Stars:
Jamie Moyer
Joel Piniero
Orlando Hernandez
Ben Davis
David Bell
Pokey Reese (Only because of his name, I admit)
Matt Lawton
Darin Erstad
2003-03-10 08:02:27 PM  
I am ready to play, but cant log in :(
Guess I will try again later.
2003-03-10 08:04:05 PM  
Holy mother of god. There actually is a MLB player named Coco Crisp. (real first name: Covelli) And with 1 homerun and 9 RBI in 127 at bats last year, he is a true fantasy baseball champion!

Stubby Clapp, meanwhile, played 21 games for my Cardinals in 2001 before disappearing, most likely via spontaneous combustion.
2003-03-10 08:10:11 PM  
Do these "fantasy sports" fufill the same need as those little finger skateboards that high school kids play with in study hall?
2003-03-10 08:13:56 PM  
Another league, this time on Yahoo sports:

League ID#: 164631
Password: fark
Exact Draft Time: Friday, March 14 at 1:45 pm EST

(Go to, though all the junk to get to the free league, then when you're signing up pick "join private league.")

Should still be some spaces left for a little while at least. Don't worry if you can't make the live draft; you can pick players ahead of time and it'll do it automatically for you.
2003-03-10 08:22:27 PM  
Screw this. I'll wait for ESPN's.
2003-03-10 08:25:18 PM  
It's All about Trot Nixon, that guy's my boy! Well, and Manny, too.
2003-03-10 08:38:40 PM  

I wasn't able to buy anyone. How do you have your team complete? I figured there'd be a draft...
2003-03-10 08:39:56 PM  
Who stole Trell as their goddamn username?!
2003-03-10 08:44:00 PM  

Actually, Coco Crisp was traded to the Indians from your Cards last year in the Chuck Finley deal. He's supposed to be really good, though he's still young.
2003-03-10 08:46:45 PM  
You click on the actual position of the player you want to buy and that will add them to your roster. You have to complete your roster and then click on the submit button. There is no drafting it is all done as if you were really a gm of a ball club and you have to manage your money. It's gonna be fun.
2003-03-10 08:51:53 PM  
If you want Fantasy Baseball Info - league reviews, free betting cash - I went here:
2003-03-10 08:55:38 PM  
You don't like sports? Well, that's great. Way to farking go. For the love of god, quit telling us all that you don't like sports.
2003-03-10 09:09:41 PM  
Holy mother of god. There actually is a MLB player named Coco Crisp. (real first name: Covelli)

And on the same team as Milton Bradley. Heh.
2003-03-10 09:24:30 PM  
Yeah, when I stumbled across Stubby Clapp, my jaw hit the floor. Does anybodyt remember Razor Shines from the mid 80's Expos?
2003-03-10 09:29:14 PM  
Bah, everyone knows the best baseball names of all time are Dick Groat, Rusty Kuntz, and Johnny "Ugly" Dickshot.
2003-03-10 09:42:09 PM  
OK, I'm all signed up, and I'm guessing I'm the only guy who signed Turk Wendell.
2003-03-10 09:43:00 PM  
God, I probably have the youngest team. I'm counting on "breakthrough" years here...
2003-03-10 09:52:09 PM  
Yeah right, last year 5 or 6 people bought a whole bunch of trades and changed their staring pitchers every game (pitchers being the biggest point gainers on any fantasy baseball team). I did alright, finishing in the top 15, but the top 6 had almost double the points as the 7th place person. Do yourself a favor and avoid this, it's not worth the effort.
2003-03-10 10:08:38 PM  
No thanks...
2003-03-10 10:10:17 PM  

I'm stunned! The Cardinals once had both the immortal Stubby Clapp AND Coco Crisp? That's an alarming assembly of breathtaking names.

Of course, everyone who loved 80's baseball remembers such name luminaries as Oil Can Boyd
2003-03-10 10:10:52 PM  
Oh, and Dickie Thon, too.
2003-03-10 10:14:41 PM  
Johan Santana is going to be great for the Twins this year now that Milton is out for at least 4 months. Mark it down.
2003-03-10 10:28:16 PM  
2003-03-10 10:31:50 PM  
Coco Crisp was featured i a link on Fark a long time ago, like 2 years ago or something. I think its hilarious. I have a suggestion, if you want to sign up for fantasy baseball, I have been using Yahoo fantasy for a few years, and found it pretty easy to play. That is, if you have time to do your rosters and all that jazz. It is fun, if you have at least some interrest in baseball, youll have fun too.
2003-03-10 10:38:50 PM  
I am such a hardcore met fan that i felt like i was a traitor to not sign a met. so my entire team is made up of Mets! maybe 2003 will be our year... probably not.
Rat [TotalFark]
2003-03-10 10:46:09 PM  
when did the strike end?

2003-03-10 10:51:53 PM  
Razor Shines played for the Indianapolis Indians (AAA club for the Expos in the 80s). When he would come to bat the announcer would say "at bat for your Indians, RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZZZZZZ​ZOOOOOOR RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR SHINES!!!!"

The crowd would go wild, then Razor would strike out and we would still cheer for his lame ass and try to get his autograph.

/lame childhood memories
2003-03-10 10:53:28 PM  
dammit, i created my profile
but how do i join the Fark team?
every time i enter 'Fark Baseball' it says "Name already taken. Please choose a new one."
2003-03-10 10:55:37 PM  
I'd just like to be extra baseball-geeky and point out that I won the 2nd Fark league last bring it on, challengers!

-Parma Police
2003-03-10 11:01:44 PM  
Just go to the 'Buy and Sell Players' menu thingy on the left side of the main team page.

The roster doesn't freeze until March 25th, so you can make as many trades or sell and buy as many players (whilst staying under the cap) until then. Also, that means that you won't be able to see anyone else's roster until then.

And it's shigelojoe, by the way :P
2003-03-10 11:03:12 PM  
never mind, i figured it out

but these players are way overpriced....
either that or they don't give you enough to start with
i'm gonna have the worst infield ever
2003-03-11 12:12:51 AM  
You know, if I was a baseball player, I'd change my last name to Kickme just so I could have "Kickme" on the back of my jersey.
2003-03-11 01:57:34 AM  
It's the year of the Braves!

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-11 08:26:10 AM  
new Yahoo League. It's a monster.. 30 players per team, and a max of 20 teams.

League ID#: 166762
Password: fark
Exact Draft Time: Monday, March 17 at 11:45 am EST.

Should be TONS of fun.. sign up while there's spots left.
2003-03-11 10:21:37 AM  
I like ESPN's better too. Will there be a fark league? I am soon to be unemployed, so I won't be joining my offices. sniff sniff wimper.
2003-03-11 10:40:05 AM  
ESPN's costs money though :P
2003-03-11 11:46:44 AM  
so nobody's setting up a plain-jane fantasy pt league (like Sandbox's scoring, for instance)? I think I've got one more team allowed in Yahoo -- anybody interested in something like that? Not crazy about those "GM" leagues like the Sporting News offers, and both leagues set up in Yahoo so far are roto league variations...

OR if anyone's interested in a head-to-head league, I've already got one that could use another owner or three. Email me on that.

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