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(Boston Globe)   Indiana couple gets married with tigers in wedding party   ( divider line
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3624 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Mar 2003 at 9:25 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-10 09:28:15 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Does that make them Siegfried and Siegfried now?
2003-03-10 09:31:40 AM  
I think it was Paul Provenza who sid that Siegfried and Roy prove that there's someone for everyone, because somehow one gay lion tamer found another.
2003-03-10 09:33:53 AM  
"Do you, Eileen Oren, take this man, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or OH MY GOD, IT'S GOT MY LEG!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD HELP ME --- AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!"
2003-03-10 09:34:45 AM  
"Bob would come out and help me feed all of the animals on the bottle."

Get help Bob, get help.
2003-03-10 09:39:56 AM  
Whoever rented these tigers out for a wedding should come down to Louisiana. I know some LSU fans who would pay serious money for this. I wish I were joking.
2003-03-10 09:40:03 AM  
My girlfriend would LOVE that.

Anyone know where I can get a couple of tigers?
2003-03-10 09:44:01 AM  
What's the big deal? Maybe they are baseball fans.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-10 09:47:30 AM  
"Omar, a camel tapped to be the ring-bearer, also performed his duties peacefully."
2003-03-10 09:48:41 AM  
GCD, tiger store.
2003-03-10 09:55:41 AM  
All it took was one tiger to get antsy before this ended up with the Dumbass tag.
2003-03-10 10:05:46 AM  
who cares. where the hell is strongbad?
2003-03-10 10:06:42 AM  
I don't think it's legal to marry a tiger.
Dumb headline? Or just dumb reader?
2003-03-10 10:07:07 AM  
Don't care.
What is ME's Zoo? Does this stand for something? Like Midget Eskimo Zoo?
2003-03-10 10:08:13 AM  
FLA Chickie
This would have been a tad more fun to watch: "Omar a camel toed ring-bearer, also performed her duties peacefully"
2003-03-10 10:18:40 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-10 10:21:19 AM  
Actually, Stoke, it would have taken only a poorly locked cage to get the "dumbass" tag, because apparently the male tiger did get agitated.
2003-03-10 10:23:59 AM  
That story was Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-10 10:25:13 AM  
New on FOX: "When Best Men Attack"
2003-03-10 10:37:42 AM  
", let's all do it like they do on the Discovery Channel."
2003-03-10 10:39:02 AM  
" can face forward so we can both watch X-files."
2003-03-10 10:43:10 AM  
Financial panther, eh?

Get him Sheba!
2003-03-10 10:43:44 AM  
yes, but then the tigers got wasted at the reception & ate several guests.
2003-03-10 10:50:48 AM  
I was in a wedding party and I'm a real tiger in the sack.
2003-03-10 10:51:27 AM  
When the sack includes just myself.
2003-03-10 11:08:23 AM  
I thought sigfried and roy lived in las vegas
2003-03-10 11:26:47 AM  
FLA Chickie:- Yeah, not like that Frodo loser. Always biatching and moaning.
2003-03-10 11:28:33 AM  
Oh, and by the way, where are the pussy jokes? What kind of Farkers are you? You have a bride with a huge, white pussy, and not one comment. Not one. Bow your heads in shame.
2003-03-10 11:33:18 AM  
Actually, I've just realised, the wedding had a bride with a huge pussy, but the article doesn't say it was white. It was probably orange, stripy, and desperate to be unleashed.
2003-03-10 11:35:44 AM  
It would have been cool if you could hunt them at the reception.
2003-03-10 11:45:12 AM  
"Bob would come out and help me feed all of the animals on the bottle. We went from friends to lovers."

And then after hours of love making, my lover and I would sit down and gorge ourselves on potted meat
2003-03-10 11:45:38 AM  
"All of our animals are like our children," Oren said. "Bob would come out and help me feed all of the animals on the bottle. We went from friends to lovers."

Ummm... her and Bob became lovers, or her and the animals? Or, her and Bob and the animals?
2003-03-10 11:57:15 AM  
best man in a cage? must have been hard for him to lead the toast to the newly wed couple.
2003-03-10 12:10:29 PM  
Check out the camel toe on the ringbearer.

2003-03-10 12:31:53 PM  
off subject question: How come every time there's something about duke on the front page, it's always followed with duke sucks?? I'm not a duke fan, just wondering what the story is behind it. Anyone???
2003-03-10 01:05:54 PM  
Because duke does in fact suck
2003-03-10 01:15:48 PM  
Jay_vee It was also extremely hairy and probably salivating at the chance of consuming the groom.. nah doesn't work for me.

2003-03-10 02:14:44 PM  
Get hitched with tigers?
What do they plan, I wonder,
For their honeymoon?
2003-03-10 04:07:25 PM  
The story doesn't necessarily have to be about Duke to mention that Duke sucks. I think Jive_Turkey summed it up pretty well though.
2003-03-10 05:57:30 PM  
OK, I *grew up* about 5 miles from Parker City, Indiana. My aunt and uncle once owned the Parker City Tavern. the place is smaaaaaaaal town rural Indiana with some oddities. Like a privately-owned zoo and the regional baseball park. If memory serves, it has three traffic lights (one of which is a 'flasher' only).
Do you have any idea how weird it is to see Parker "City" mentioned on Fark?
Hmmmmm. Maybe it could become Farker City!
2003-03-10 07:30:36 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-11 07:57:09 AM  
hello Apu!
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