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(NYPost)   Madonna posing as the human pretzel for W magazine. With pic   ( divider line
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40581 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Mar 2003 at 12:30 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-10 01:14:03 PM  
Hrm... age isn't a big deal, at all... Madonna has some talent, and, every third blue moon, actually uses it. ...but it's the plastic face thing that makes me wonder... it looks to me like she's starting to show early symptoms of Michael Jackson syndrome...
2003-03-10 01:14:35 PM  
Jesus makes the baby Madonna cry.
2003-03-10 01:14:48 PM  
I'd hit it, but then again I've hit things that would make Ron Jeremy run scream from the room so that's not saying much.
2003-03-10 01:16:10 PM  
Hi I'm Madonna LOOK AT ME!! LOOK AT ME!!!

look at her, I wouldnt even let that attention craving celeb slut give me a rimmer...
2003-03-10 01:16:26 PM  
I have to ask...How old is that picture in your Bio?
Just Curious. ;)
2003-03-10 01:16:41 PM  
Lmao Dattaway
2003-03-10 01:17:43 PM  
Hey, hey, hey... watch those insinuations about Valtrex!!

Valtrex was prescribed for me when I had the shingles. I wasn't too happy watching all of the ads on TV about it treating herpes. While I know shingles are in the herpes family, the last thing I want to think of is actual herpes.

And no, no herpes here!!

Happy Birthday Bump....
2003-03-10 01:17:54 PM  
It seems she was trying out for the new show on ABC:

'I'm a Celebrity... Who Farted?'
2003-03-10 01:19:34 PM  
Rinse, Do Not Repeat. Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuunnn!
2003-03-10 01:20:26 PM  
good point Flossy!
2003-03-10 01:20:37 PM  
I think I may have killed some kittens over this once upon a time:

[image from too old to be available]

Though, in the words of Rodney Carrington, her pootie-poo probably looks like an old catcher's mitt by now...
2003-03-10 01:20:48 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-10 01:23:00 PM  
Sudie That one was taken in '91 while in SF for a MacWorld convention. We were touring Alcatraz coming up the ramp when the soon-to-be Mrs. Bump snapped that. I still have the beard & hair (chopped the mullet down tho.) And lost the Eric Estrada sunglasses YEARS ago...
2003-03-10 01:23:51 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Yeah, you wouldn't hit that.

ah ha ha HAAAAA ha ha
2003-03-10 01:26:51 PM  
cold sores are considered a form of herpes virus too, AuntofDogface. and no i don't get those either. i thought shingles was a reoccurance of chicken pox, so now i'm wondering if chicken pox is a form of the herpes virus also. a lot of medications are prescribed for things other than what they're advertised for. i'm on anti-malarials for lupus. lupus has nothing to do with malaria.
2003-03-10 01:28:37 PM  
shiat... With all the comments here no one can say a few good words about her?

I say that I hope my wife has such a physique and flexiblity at her age as Madonna does unlike over 80% of the "soccer moms" driving mini-vans.

Well, aside from her whoredom she had the talent to keep her image unique and broke away from the total skankyness that permeates todays pop culture.

Madonna can be compared to Catherine the Great however for the rest of the pop sluts (e.g. Ms. Spears and compeTITors...)we are more likely to see them in the 5 dollar donkey show for an album cover since they have no power of re-invention. More coke anyone? Nuff said.
2003-03-10 01:28:58 PM  
Damn, Avixxen2... sorry to hear that; one of my Mom's best friends had lupus. Good luck, and here's hoping for a cure.
2003-03-10 01:29:07 PM  
"Lupus??!! - is it Lupus??!!!"

2003-03-10 01:29:29 PM  
oh please... who HASN'T seen Madonna like this.
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-10 01:29:47 PM  
Hit it I would....oh a rented mule, I'd hit it.
2003-03-10 01:30:09 PM  
Avixxen2 what anti-malarial drugs? I have had the wonderful experience of taking Lariam.
2003-03-10 01:30:55 PM  
Oh, I probably hit it with the help of 2 quick shots of vodka and a Sobe Adrenaline.
2003-03-10 01:34:27 PM  
Happy Birthday Bump and K.T.

Birthday wishes are a much better way to use a thread than talking about madonna...
2003-03-10 01:34:56 PM  
Yup, avixxen, cold sores are in the herpes family, as well.

I had enough to deal with when I had the shingles... those ads just grossed me out!

I had to take anti-malarial drugs when I lived overseas. Don't remember the name of them, but they left an awful aftertaste!
2003-03-10 01:35:28 PM  
Madleaf, I think you have that backwards...having largely defined the genre, the others are simply trying to ape her success in it... Madonna is simply the Tiamat of SkankPop.(tm)
2003-03-10 01:36:09 PM  
I thought that pic was surprisingly devoid of any sexy grey. Of course, some men dye. But vanity is unbecoming in a man. :)
2003-03-10 01:36:33 PM  
Do we need a new tag?
2003-03-10 01:37:37 PM  
one word..

2003-03-10 01:37:38 PM  
I HAVE hit it.
2003-03-10 01:38:46 PM  
Russ - SkankPop, that's good.
2003-03-10 01:39:03 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-10 01:39:41 PM  
Fark, home of the racists and LIARS.
2003-03-10 01:43:40 PM  
Cobol - if this is because of my posting of the Whitey Album cover, I do apologize.
2003-03-10 01:43:51 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I'd hit it.
2003-03-10 01:44:38 PM  
thanks Russ!
LOL! i must have missed that episode Bump! that was from Seinfeld right? btw i think sudie and i have the same taste in men, i too was admiring your pic when i saw it a couple of weeks ago.

Motherfunker, Lariam isn't that the one that made some people have psychotic side effects? ~not implying you're psycotic.

the stuff i take is hydroxychloroquine, also know as plaquinel (sp?)

and yes AuntofDogface, it has a nasty aftertaste. though i do have to say misqutoes don't like me much!
2003-03-10 01:45:32 PM  
Is it that impossibly difficult to believe that some guys wouldn't ƒuck her? Really? Maybe years ago back when I'd sport wood for anything with 2 legs and tits, but honestly, no I would not hit it. She's too transparent and looks rather diseased laden. Perhaps I will now be "branded" a homosexual or a liar in some books. After all my dick has gone through for me, I owe it the respect of not getting warts all over it just so I can drop gob. Perhaps I'm just too old...
2003-03-10 01:45:51 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

But I wouldn't hit that.

/farking scary shiat.
2003-03-10 01:49:15 PM  
R3- HUH? Dont know what you mean.
2003-03-10 01:49:30 PM  
Russ - SkankPop? nice...

As far as her driving the genre? Nope, have to disagree.

Bubble Gum Pop has been around since the early 80's. She was a singer geared toward teens and that was able to grow up with her fans in a more stylized way then any of the others before or that will come after her.

Rather a moot point to say she's Tiamat of Skankpop... Does that make Vanilla Ice the abomiable snowman of rap?
2003-03-10 01:50:13 PM  
Cobol - good. Stay that way.
2003-03-10 01:51:08 PM  
Bump The popular misconception is that men are brainless walking genetalia, commonly upheld and preached by those that fit the bill ^_^
2003-03-10 01:53:41 PM  
Wow. That was a sight of Madonna that I DID NOT want!
2003-03-10 01:53:50 PM  
Avixxen2 you missed that one? It was when George goes to the pregnant fortune teller who smokes and gets mad at Elaine...

BTW - I was NOT being insensitive toward your situation, pls don't misunderstand me. I was just "free associating" as I frequently do here on FARK...
2003-03-10 01:58:03 PM  
"Bubble Gum Pop has been around since the early 80's"

Uhhh, earlier. Winchester Cathedral, Lollipop, Sugar Sugar, etc... all were in the 60's.

Now I'm sure there was stuff even before that, so I expect an old FARKer to bring up stuff from the 40's and 20's.
2003-03-10 01:58:45 PM  
Avixxen2 i thought shingles was a reoccurance of chicken pox, so now i'm wondering if chicken pox is a form of the herpes virus also

Chicken pox (Varicella) is indeed in the herpes family.
2003-03-10 01:59:30 PM  
Avixxen, it's already proven that you and I have the same taste in men. ;) And you don't look 39, btw. Good luck with your treatment.

I keep losing my internet connection, so excuse me while I go beat the cable man outside to a pulp.
2003-03-10 01:59:38 PM  
Motherfunker, Lariam isn't that the one that made some people have psychotic side effects? ~not implying you're psycotic.

Yes, that is the one. I had to take it (once a week for five months) on a trip to Ecuador last summer...paranoid, dark, bloody, psychotic dreams. In some people it does worse, glad to hear you aren't taking Lariam.
2003-03-10 02:00:38 PM  
Hey Farkstick... Sorry I missed you guys on Saturday. I know MandM filled you on the story... believe it or not, things actually got WORSE!!

*sorry for the threadjack*
2003-03-10 02:01:44 PM  
MadLeaf: mileage may vary, but in my book there's a huge difference between BubbleGum and SkankPop. You could take your pree-teen daughter to a Tiffany concert way back when without having to worry about answering really ugly awkward questions, let alone dousing the entire stage/mall/venue with hydrogen peroxide afterwards. BubbleGum never really went anywhere near where Madonna took it.

Nope, she's a demon, "set loose on Earth, to LOWER the STANDARDS." (/Hick)
2003-03-10 02:04:51 PM  
i was going to give madonna a 10 for flexibilty, but then i wondered how flexible one had to be for that and tried it. it's not hard to do lying down. so she's not any more flexible than i am, and i have joint problems.....

You guys are ignoring this to talk about Lupus? Shame on you Fark.
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