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(NYPost)   Madonna posing as the human pretzel for W magazine. With pic   ( divider line
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40581 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Mar 2003 at 12:30 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-10 08:48:46 AM  
That is what 20+ years of having your legs spread wide open will do for you.
2003-03-10 08:57:57 AM  
Who cares if some old bint can bend her legs? If it's not topless yoga, forget it.
2003-03-10 09:51:54 AM  
"I'm not interested in just going to a fashion shoot and trying on a bunch of clothes. I want to blow every guy there and they all run screaming into the street for some reason."
2003-03-10 09:57:00 AM  
Does she still have that pseudo British accent?
2003-03-10 10:31:33 AM  
THIS is the inevitable outcome for a slut. Time and tide waits for no one. What was a cute and assured means of garnishing attention and feeling a sense of control via your pronounced sexuality, has soured with time and is now a pathetic and sad example of how little she really has to offer.
When she was younger she was a (no pun intended) borderline babe. Her in-your-face sexuality was attractive and controversal. Her voice is equally mediocre. The shine is off the apple now. It's embarrasing to watch a woman who is well past her prime but doesn't seem to know it.
2003-03-10 11:13:41 AM  
Any woman who can kick herself in the back of the head is A-OK in my book.
By the way, my book has lots of pictures I can color.
2003-03-10 11:18:36 AM  
Coincidentally, the article has a segment on her favorite sexual positions. She wasn't just posing, she was demonstrating. Nice spin, though.

2003-03-10 11:19:22 AM  
Madonna was hot in 1983 and 1984.
2003-03-10 11:30:25 AM  
"I can't tell you how boring it is posing for pictures"

She ought to be thanking her lucky stars anyone even wants to take her picture. Damn she always seems so ungrateful for her success.
She isn't a diva, she's a dork.
2003-03-10 11:41:25 AM  
Madonna has always been a shock jock. While I agree that these photos are another shocking attempt to garner attention, she's only 40ish. At the defense of "middle-aged" women everywhere, she is still in her prime when you consider the average life span.

But then again, what do I know? I'm over thirty, so my apple's not shiny, but it can still be buffed to a high gloss. ;)
2003-03-10 12:02:11 PM  
Sudie: apple's not shiny, but it can still be buffed to a high gloss.

Yeah...I, along with a few other fellas have "apples" of our own that can be buffed to a high gloss. I need to talk with the wife....
2003-03-10 12:33:34 PM  
what a weird farkin bird...
2003-03-10 12:33:35 PM  
I wonder how the photographer could handle the smell???
2003-03-10 12:33:51 PM  
Hi Madonna,

No one likes you. Please go away.

2003-03-10 12:34:19 PM  
Dubya says: Now THAT'S a pretzel ya gotta be careful with!
2003-03-10 12:34:24 PM  
Sudie My comments were not a chronological observation so much as reference to the milage on this particular chassis (I am not in a position of being "agist" as today is my 41st bday.)
She's made being a slutty celebrity popular and profitable (good for her). But that is a gravy train that has pulled into the station already.
2003-03-10 12:34:52 PM  
Somewhere Bush trembles and Madonna is labeled a terrorist.

2003-03-10 12:35:25 PM  
03-10-03 12:33:35 PM Pistaugh
I wonder how the photographer could handle the smell???

That is the grossest thing I have ever read.

2003-03-10 12:35:27 PM  
Human pretzel? Great, one more thing for Bush to choke on.
2003-03-10 12:35:35 PM  
"I can't tell you how boring it is posing for pictures"

[image from too old to be available]

Seems awful.
2003-03-10 12:35:51 PM  
2003-03-10 12:35:54 PM  
gotta give her credit tho - she really milked those 15 minutes...

2003-03-10 12:36:11 PM  
What a scrag. I wouldn't do her with a dead Union soldier's dick.
2003-03-10 12:36:19 PM  
I believe her next tour is sponsored by Valtrex. Even in her prime she always looked like she could use another bath.
2003-03-10 12:36:23 PM  
I'd eat it.

Oh wait thats madonna, forget it.
2003-03-10 12:36:25 PM  
She's in good shape for an old broad.
2003-03-10 12:36:31 PM  
How, exactly, do the photos shown equate to "human pretzel?"

2003-03-10 12:36:47 PM  
Is anyone really surprised she can put her feet up behind her ears? I mean...come on...
2003-03-10 12:36:49 PM  
Yeah, The smell in the room was probably enough to turn anyone into a contortionist.
2003-03-10 12:36:56 PM  
Gee I wonder if that spread-wide cunny shot is going on the cover of her new childres book?
2003-03-10 12:37:12 PM  

Madonna goes into a photo shoot for W, tells them she doesn't care about clothes (At W! That's heresy at W, isn't it?), and then starts posing as a pretzel.

I never liked Madonna much, but that is hilarious.
2003-03-10 12:38:27 PM  
happy birthday Bump.
2003-03-10 12:38:33 PM  
Three hours of waiting for new posts, and we get this?
2003-03-10 12:38:37 PM  
Who Photoshopped out the stink lines?
2003-03-10 12:38:50 PM  
What was suprising and fresh in the 80's is tired and pathetic (in a desperate "look at me" kind of way) now.

(Parenthesis are our friends.)
2003-03-10 12:39:10 PM  
I need to find a girl that can do that...
2003-03-10 12:39:41 PM  
How the heck did this get the o.k.?
2003-03-10 12:39:54 PM  
yeah what Sudie said! as someone who's looking at 39 in 7 weeks, i hate being made to feel like i can't be sexy and life is over for me.

Happy Birthday Bump!
2003-03-10 12:39:56 PM  
2003-03-10 12:40:04 PM  
I believe her next tour is sponsored by Valtrex.

That's so much funnier if you know what Valtrex is...I do, and no, I'm not a customer...

2003-03-10 12:40:40 PM  
I'd still hit it! Just to be able to say, "Hey I banged Madonna."


Happy B-Day Bump!
2003-03-10 12:40:45 PM  
i have nothing to say.

and i am saying it.
2003-03-10 12:40:47 PM  
that's just so... scary looking.

happy birthday bump... 'tis mine too...
2003-03-10 12:42:48 PM  
happy birth day bump and KillingTime.
2003-03-10 12:43:39 PM  

Where are the close up and larger pics? Do I have to by the mag?

-- Still bitter he never got a copy of that book she did with a metal cover.
2003-03-10 12:44:23 PM  
I wasn't attacking you, Bump.

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite farkers!
2003-03-10 12:44:36 PM  
Putting BOTH legs behind her head - now that would be a good skill to posess.
2003-03-10 12:44:57 PM  
She's a role model for all the untalented and marginally talented people in the world who think they'd otherwise never amount to anything.
2003-03-10 12:45:07 PM  
"Amusing" tag?
2003-03-10 12:45:52 PM  

THAT Valtrex
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