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(Mercury News)   Naked man who punched out windows, stabbed himself to death with glass shards may have needed psychiatric assistance   ( divider line
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4108 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Mar 2003 at 8:58 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-09 06:20:43 PM  
Wow, ya think?
2003-03-09 06:48:25 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-09 07:44:34 PM  
Best use of the obvious tag in a long time...
2003-03-09 09:04:49 PM  
"What's the frequency, Kenneth?"
2003-03-09 09:06:19 PM  
That reminds me, I have to check my meds. Thanks for the great quote MC
2003-03-09 09:06:19 PM  
No shiat!
2003-03-09 09:06:24 PM  
Wow, ya thi- oh, someone already said it.
2003-03-09 09:07:55 PM  
"Obviously this man was in crisis."
We have a winner.
2003-03-09 09:08:06 PM  
Maybe he did need help, but not anymore!
2003-03-09 09:08:32 PM  
yea we could slap "every body hurts" in here to also, if we want to start an rem theme.
2003-03-09 09:10:02 PM  
whatwever gave them that idea.......
2003-03-09 09:10:09 PM  
I saw something like this during Mardi Gras last week. But it took several people to acheive the same performance.
2003-03-09 09:11:32 PM  
this thread sucks
2003-03-09 09:12:08 PM  
i had an article posted and i never even farkin knew it
2003-03-09 09:14:33 PM  
Wastepaper Jetpack: Troll much? Or is this your first time?
2003-03-09 09:14:37 PM  
note: it wasn't this article
2003-03-09 09:15:32 PM  
my name in bold, i can die a happy man

lets have sex
2003-03-09 09:22:16 PM  
How come whenever somebody gets naked they're branded "psychotic"?
2003-03-09 09:26:56 PM  
Is it wrong that I laughed out loud at this mans plight?
2003-03-09 09:27:23 PM  
Cheery link, makes me want to score some PCP.
2003-03-09 09:27:26 PM  

Perhaps it's in combination with "stabbed himself with glass shards" that makes a complete diagnosis...
2003-03-09 09:27:55 PM  
Reminds me of a game we used to play at work. It all started with someone saying "So, there's this dead guy".

Other people would have to try and figure out how he died by only asking Yes or No questions. The first and second questions were always, "was he naked?" and "did his ass hurt?"
2003-03-09 09:28:31 PM  
I was in a mental hospital about 4 years ago. My father came to visit and he was visibly nervous. Always using humor to break the ice, he said "Wow, is it hot in here, or is everyone just crazy"
2003-03-09 09:29:51 PM  

You were in the mental hospital, or you just worked there?
2003-03-09 09:30:40 PM  
What does a guy got to do to get an article posted? I have submitted a few including one about a police doc biting a man's wiener off.
2003-03-09 09:32:04 PM  
Bad slip. That was police dog.
LMAO at myself.
2003-03-09 09:32:59 PM  
He's part of the fark community...... im guessin he was a patient there
2003-03-09 09:33:04 PM  
2003-03-09 09:34:28 PM  
Best use of the 'Obvious Tag' ever.
2003-03-09 09:35:59 PM  
Am I banned yet?
2003-03-09 09:38:32 PM  
Greasedninja: If you do come up with an article about a police doc biting a man's weener off, I guarantee* that it'll get approved.

*"Guarantee" not actually guaranteed.
2003-03-09 09:41:25 PM  
Hmmm... saved the taxpayers a bit of money. I like it when these problems work themselves out.
2003-03-09 09:41:45 PM  
I was in the mental hospital, too. They called it a "young adult group", but everyone there was either cutting themselves or cutting others. When you need to wait for hospital workers to use their key cards to open the thick plastic doors, I think it is safe to assume that you're not walking into a good place.

They didn't let us have forks. Only spoons.

We broke the plastic spoons in half.
2003-03-09 09:44:50 PM  
Guy was probably a PETA member!!!
2003-03-09 09:46:34 PM  
I was going through a divorce and tried to light myself on fire, I forgot the lighter after I poured the gasolin over my head. I ran to the house to get the lighter, but by that time the pain from the gas in my eyes and nose was too much, so I jumped in the pool. When I got out, I realized that there was much more to life than I had thought.

Can I be a Fark moderator now?
2003-03-09 09:49:11 PM  
BigHonky: You have a pool?
2003-03-09 09:49:17 PM  
Wow, someone used the obvious tag correctly.
2003-03-09 09:49:53 PM  
Seriously. I was a patient of a couple fine psychiatric wards. And it's never very funny. For me it was more self induced then organic. I'm an alcoholic/addict. I'm sober now. But that took me to some sad places.
2003-03-09 09:50:01 PM  
not anymore, I lit in on fire.
2003-03-09 09:51:16 PM  
...of all the ways to die, why would you pick burnination of your head? It would be an agonizing way to go.
2003-03-09 09:53:10 PM  
Head and pool, seperate incidents.
2003-03-09 09:53:18 PM  
I think being married increases your tolerance for pain.
2003-03-09 09:54:41 PM  

I'd guess that rational thought is rarely involved in suicide.

Personally I'd take sleeping pills or something...effective and painless.

Not that I ever considered anything like that, of course!

2003-03-09 09:57:21 PM  
2003-03-09 09:59:20 PM  
People, why waste time commenting on obvious posts when WALKEN IS ON CNN.COM!?!
2003-03-09 09:59:21 PM  
divorce has to be one of the biggest causes for men to have mental breakdowns
2003-03-09 09:59:55 PM  
Meeting, moving in with and then marrying my wife probably saved my life. And she knows it and dangles it above my head. Kidding. At least about the second part.
2003-03-09 10:01:02 PM  
I'm sorry for laughing at your stories. I really shouldn't, considering my dad commited suicide.
2003-03-09 10:01:56 PM  
also I like the man shows steps on how to be a good husband

1. Get Married
2. Enjoy Honeymoon
3. Wait to die
2003-03-09 10:02:53 PM  
Sykotix2001: That's okay. I am laughing at your story, too.
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