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13161 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Mar 2003 at 1:32 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-09 01:35:48 PM  
Dammit, I knew i forgot something... did they find my vanilla dutchmaster too?
2003-03-09 01:35:51 PM  
Nothing mysterious about it. It says "Basketball player left his pot on the court."
2003-03-09 01:36:27 PM  
Wait, this can't be right. What happened to the war on drugs?
2003-03-09 01:36:37 PM  
2003-03-09 01:36:48 PM  
I mean, that's the headline right?

/Didn't read article.
2003-03-09 01:37:08 PM  
Kobe denies involvement
Kobe's lawyers protect him
Deny, Kobe, deny.
2003-03-09 01:37:51 PM  
What were all those cops doing at a Grand Rapids, MI basketball game?? Is the crime level that high in Grand Rapids???
2003-03-09 01:37:55 PM  
StrongBad: Oops I accidentally dropped some bags of Marijuana

Bubs: Oops I accidentally dropped a twenty for each one.
2003-03-09 01:38:09 PM  
I don't even need to read the article to mutter to myself - "Why doesn't anything cool like that ever happen to me?"
2003-03-09 01:38:23 PM  
That's why they call it High school.
2003-03-09 01:39:05 PM  
"why do black people smoke so weed, anyway?"
-haratio sanz (snl)
2003-03-09 01:47:06 PM  
What the fark did it fall out of?
frumunda pot.
frumunda his balls.
2003-03-09 01:50:49 PM  
Wow it actually took two reporters to get the scoop on this one. Mighty fine work ladies.
2003-03-09 01:52:54 PM  
Jinkies! Better fire up the mystery machine!
2003-03-09 01:53:37 PM  
I once found a gram of wet on the ground in the middle of campus at Temple University. Let's hear it for North Philly.
2003-03-09 01:53:46 PM  
If this isn't an official x-file, nothing is!
2003-03-09 01:55:46 PM  
If they had saved it until after the game, they might have won . . .
2003-03-09 01:55:55 PM  
hey it was for good luck. once he dropped it the game was unwinnable.
2003-03-09 02:00:26 PM  
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More like dumbass!
Who the hell goes out to play a game with a bag of weed in their uniform?!?
2003-03-09 02:01:10 PM  
And then actually manages to drop it?
2003-03-09 02:02:01 PM  
maybe the player was using it as a jock strap??
2003-03-09 02:08:00 PM  
how come this never happens to me
2003-03-09 02:09:14 PM  
So what? Someone dropped their weed. Nothing to see, move along.
2003-03-09 02:14:58 PM  
I'd be the spectator that runs out on court and picks it up and runs. HOORAY FOR POT!
2003-03-09 02:32:10 PM  
"It is a pretty unusual circumstance that we're going to try to get to the bottom of," said Kent County Sheriff's Sgt. Corey Luce."

Great English you fat doughnut eatin' cop.
2003-03-09 02:33:44 PM  
Don't forget to bring a towel.
2003-03-09 02:39:30 PM  
Back when I used to smoke a lot, I was so paranoid about my stash that I used to carry it everywhere I went, the logic being that at least if I got caught, I'd know it immediately. I had visions of cops going through my car, my dressers, while I was somewhere else. So I can sort of see how this happened. But having it on you while you're playing a B-ball game, at school? That's kind of dumb.
2003-03-09 02:46:18 PM  
"It is a pretty unusual circumstance..."

Marijuana at a basketball game? I'm sure it's the first time that's EVER happened.

Now if it had been a cricket match...
2003-03-09 03:17:43 PM  
I go to drexel and the same thing happened to me, but it was about an eigth or more... weird, maybe they just drop them places to fire the interest.
2003-03-09 03:24:18 PM  
My friend is a cab driver and he had a particularly rude and obnoxious fare one night. This young, snotty asshole was heading into his job as a waiter at a low end cafe. He was really rude and didn't tip my buddy.
A few minutes later my frind got a call from dispatch saying that the last fare left a pack of smokes in the backseat of the cab and asked him to swing by the cafe and drop it off for the waiter.
My frind glanced in the back and indeed, there was the pack of smokes. He opened it up and saw an eightball of coke. He told dispatch that he didn't find the smokes and the guy was SOL.

Needless to say, my friend and I had a great night after he got off work.
2003-03-09 03:26:02 PM  
It sounds like this kid is definitely NBA material!
2003-03-09 03:28:44 PM  
He shoots.... he scores!
2003-03-09 03:54:27 PM  
RagingLeonard: NICE!
2003-03-09 04:11:06 PM  
Who's got the Fi-yah!
2003-03-09 06:17:02 PM  
How cares who did it. In Canada, they'd remove it from the court, watch the rest of the game and then laugh all the way home, thinking about the free weed that was just scored. Why the hell do they waste your tax dollars on stuff that won't matter in the end???
2003-03-09 06:32:42 PM  
Cabes: when you get down to it, what does matter in the end? Gotta have a deamon to fight to make yourself feel purposeful.
2003-03-09 07:16:07 PM  
I'm curious what kind of weed it was. Was it a 10$ bag of mexican bullshiat, or did he have some sticky icky icky. They never mention the specifics in these marijuana news stories.
2003-03-09 08:33:01 PM  
"It reflects badly on our district," Emdin said.

Might explain why they lost, too.

Why the hell would you have a bag of weed while playing a basketball game, anyway?

I think a lot of people who get busted for weed get busted because they're doing something stupid. Like rolling down the highway smoking a joint or a bowl. Or keeping it on 'em everywhere they go.

I just stay at home and toke.
2003-03-09 08:53:46 PM  
That happened to Richard Gere once, but it was a (all together now) gerbil.
2003-03-10 02:12:33 AM  
He must be a big Rasheed Wallace fan
2003-03-10 11:48:50 AM  
they would have won if they smoked it instead of dropping it on the floor.
2003-03-10 12:26:10 PM  
"What if your house was...What if your Family was...
What if your dope was on fire?"

"Can't be. It's in Johnson's shorts."
2003-03-10 09:53:05 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

DRUUUUUUUUUGS!!! gonna shoot some 'eroine into me eyeballs now
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