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(   Job-seeking woman steals the identity of a prosecutor in an attempt to blame her three convictions as the result of identity theft   ( divider line
    More: Dumbass, identity thefts, New Jersey, real-time, local news, letterhead, prosecutors, Lydia Thorton, quarterbacks  
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2009-09-11 07:33:37 PM  
Yo dawg I heard you liked identity theft...
2009-09-11 09:31:55 PM  
"as the result of identity theft"
"(on identity theft"
2009-09-11 09:32:58 PM  
minus the parenthesis...
2009-09-11 09:36:09 PM  
If there was ever a place for the irony tag, this is it!

Full disclosure:
I didn't read the farking article, but I read subby's headline like four times.
2009-09-11 09:38:44 PM  
Perhaps not ironic (I'll leave that to the police) but it's in that galaxy somewhere...
2009-09-11 10:01:37 PM  

My current home town made fark.
2009-09-11 10:24:34 PM  
Jesus Christ.

Forging someone's signature is not identity theft.

Stealing someone's credit card is not identity theft.
2009-09-11 10:36:54 PM  
Now that she's committed a crime, she'll never find work again.
2009-09-11 10:55:50 PM  
Well, if she got busted, maybe she could be appearing here...

on the Friday TSG MUGSHOT ROUNDUP. Used to be a regular feature on Fark.

/so completely disappointed
2009-09-11 11:17:56 PM  
Using must subby the new syntax be.
2009-09-11 11:32:51 PM  
English, motherfarker! Do you speak it?
2009-09-12 01:04:21 AM  
FTA"Thorton has been charged with forgery and uttering a forged document."

How exactly do you utter a forged document?
2009-09-12 01:25:21 AM  
Utter: to put (as currency) into circulation; specifically : to circulate (as a counterfeit note) as if legal or genuine

/To quote e lo, "English, motherfarker! Do you speak it?"
2009-09-12 04:17:44 AM  

MattyFridays: Jesus Christ.

Forging someone's signature is not identity theft.

Stealing someone's credit card is not identity theft.

Identity theft:
[image from too old to be available]

/Hotlink provided by CREEP
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