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(NME)   Rage Against the Machine's official website messageboard closed after 'Secret Service' intervention   ( divider line
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4794 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Sep 2001 at 6:03 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-15 06:06:01 PM  
I loathe Rage Against the Machine. How much of statement are you making against corporate America when you're signed to such a huge record label, and get played in heavy rotation? As much as CRASS irritated me, at least their actions followed their words.
2001-09-15 06:15:02 PM  
All their shiat sounded the same, anyway.
2001-09-15 06:16:24 PM  
2001-09-15 06:20:50 PM  

2001-09-15 06:21:31 PM  
Both Cheshire and Primus are very correct.
2001-09-15 06:22:18 PM  
2001-09-15 06:31:54 PM  
Just wanted to point out that although the target was an American target, there were many, many non-Americans in that building.
2001-09-15 06:38:08 PM  
crass is some really shiatty punk band
2001-09-15 06:38:25 PM  
Hey i like some rage songs, i didnt really listen to the message much, but sometimes they did have good points
2001-09-15 06:41:57 PM  
I just heard on MSNBC that the FBI is in pursuit of Whitney Houston. Seems every time she hits a high'C', it interferes with the search dogs.
2001-09-15 06:44:19 PM  
Hey man, Crass is great. Anyways, Rage sucks ass. They sing shiat like "smash capitolism" while charging goddamn 50 bucks for a ticket. What the hell???
2001-09-15 06:45:20 PM  
I can't really argue with Adamay about the good points they raised sometimes, but I really, really didn't like them, not because I thought they were hypocritical (although when I think about it, Cheshire was right on the money)... I just thought, as a musician myself, that they just weren't that good, and that they just didn't deserve their lavish record deal and all the fame they had.

That's just my opinion, though, and no one has to listen. I'm sorry if I've upset any of their fans.
2001-09-15 06:45:27 PM  
Sock_Monkee: I wouldn't call CRASS shiatty. Maybe pretentious, but not shiatty. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. *shrug*
2001-09-15 06:46:43 PM  
Whatever, I cant stand listening to thier music, if you could call it that. But then i Dont like punk. Whatever.
2001-09-15 06:47:46 PM  
Rage Against the Machine (was) full of farking shiat. You want a legit political band? Pick up a Fugazi record. They refuse to market anything with their name on it and will never charge more than $5 for a concert ticket. Let's see Rage try that. Their fans are all drunken jocks anyway.
2001-09-15 06:47:50 PM  
Hey, Katmbca, I lived in Winnipeg for a while (4 years). How are things up there?
2001-09-15 06:49:33 PM  
Word Icky, Fugazi like a MAHFAH!
They refuse to become mainstream, and the concerts they give are dirt cheap!
2001-09-15 06:53:42 PM  
RATM sucks. Those assholes need to move to Cuba if they hate it so much here.

"Hey guys, let's decry capitalism and make lots of money while doing it!"
2001-09-15 06:54:43 PM  
Never been much into crass.. I tried to like them. (shrug) I'm all about the exploited. Go Wattie!
2001-09-15 06:58:21 PM  
icky - rage also donates millions to charities and works with amnesty int'l
2001-09-15 06:59:36 PM  
RaM suKKed.

I did like Insane in the membrane, but that was about weed.
2001-09-15 07:00:13 PM  
Insane in the membrane was Cypress Hill.
2001-09-15 07:00:39 PM  
umm... wasn't that Cypress Hill?
2001-09-15 07:01:13 PM  
the statement from Tom Morello was pretty good actually.

I don't hate the band, just think the music is lame.
2001-09-15 07:15:16 PM  
Stebain, maybe get the band right before you voice your opinion on them...
2001-09-15 07:16:32 PM  
Rage sucks, no doubt about that. Fark em.
2001-09-15 07:21:24 PM  
Fugazi is pretty cool, but Ian MacKaye is a little too pretentious for me. He reminds me of Michael Stipe actually. But they're still a lot more honest and real than Rage Against the Machine.
2001-09-15 07:25:17 PM  
I actually like RAtM... but that is probably because I like punk music. Hell I still listen to Cramps, Sex Pistols, and No F/X.

But yeah I agree Fugazi kicks ass.

And also Rage donates an ass ton of their money to Amnesty International as well as a couple of other charities. They really don't keep much of the cash. And one might say they are working with in the system to bring the system down... or something like that... or they could just be a bunch of money grubbing hypocrites. I don't really care I like their stuff.
2001-09-15 07:28:28 PM  
Did somebody order order the London Philharmonic?... Possible while high?... Cypress Hill, I'm looking in your direction...
2001-09-15 07:30:01 PM  
Morello's statement amounts to: "Yeah, the bombing was terrible but other people have it bad, too, and sometimes we're the ones who did it to them." True, but so what? What's he think he's trying to do, give the citizens an enlightened perspective or something? Like we're not the only people who are suffering so we ought to be mindful that everybody has it tough and we ought to quit complaining so much and start thinking of others? SCREW HIM! Sanctimonious asswipe.
2001-09-15 07:32:29 PM  
Fozzy? the chris jericho band?
2001-09-15 08:04:55 PM  
I like the way thier music sounds but I disagree with their messages usually. Thier all about anarchy for the most part, which is just [asinine] .
2001-09-15 08:05:34 PM  
09-15-01 06:47:46 PM IckyMettle
"Their fans are all drunken jocks anyway."

Thats gotta be one of the dumbest pieces of generalized shiat I have ever heard.
2001-09-15 08:12:56 PM  
it's generally true though....

for real though
2001-09-15 08:20:58 PM  
Rage Against the Machine was a good band. For the first two albums anyway. They signed with Sony back in like 89, and it wasn't so huge then. After Evil Empire, the music kind of lost it's edge, and their third album was basically just more Evil Empire. Their last album pretty much sucked.

RATM seems to have gone the way of Metallica, ruined by money. But not nearly as bad, at least they act like they haven't sold out to hollywood.
2001-09-15 08:24:00 PM  
even if rage is a sad, corporately sponsored fake rebel band that's not very good anyway, it doesn't seem right to shut down their message board just because some people posted inflamatory messages.
2001-09-15 08:41:51 PM  
If RATM donated all of their profits to charities, that would be something. But they probably are only doing it for tax purposes.
2001-09-15 08:42:14 PM  
RAtM does, indeed, blow -- musically and politically. However, Morello as a guitarist farking shreds. Serious, serious chops (misguided as they may be).
And for all my fellow punks: Go out and grab a couple of MP3s by The Hives, especially something off Veni Vidi Vicious. I suggest "...Introduce The Metric System." Swedish garage band. You'll dig.
2001-09-15 08:44:54 PM  
Someone saw something that was not falling in line with the sentiments of the rest of America, and made a huge stink out of it. Why do some people have nothing better to do then to scream and yell and biatch until they get what they want? In this case, the closing of the RATM site? Do these people not have a JOB!?
2001-09-15 09:12:08 PM  
So, RATM are such fighters of corporations and governments that they are afraid to stand up for free speech?
I thought so.

BTW, Crass was a great hardcore punk band of the 80's. They actually practiced what they preached, squatted in wharehouses, played free concerts, etc....
Funny how they were never on MTV.
Hey I got an idea, lets package and sell radical anti-government and anti-corporation messages.
Yeah, we can charge 30 bucks a ticket and 20 bucks a cd.
Where should I park the mercedes?
2001-09-15 09:26:52 PM  
i don't care for rage against the machine, but i thought the statement was as good as what anyone else had to say on the subject. no, it wasn't deep and it didn't help sort anything out, but i doubt they were saying we should all stop feeling bad because people in other places die too. it was pretty standard, and if it had been issued by a less leftist band you probably would have read that into it. i am happy they didn't take this time to make some over the top, dumbed down political statement (as they often do.)
2001-09-15 09:34:49 PM  
But what were the messages that got the feds to shut it down? I need to know.
2001-09-15 09:35:20 PM  
The one good thing RATM did was fund the documentery This is What Democracy Looks Like (about the November 30, 1999 protests in Seattle). Other than that they were poseurs and shiatty musicians...

Also, Fugazi kicks ass:)
2001-09-15 09:54:23 PM  
You want a good politacal band? try Corperate Avenger
2001-09-15 10:05:16 PM  
Rage always reminded me too much of the idiots I go to college with. They never really know what they are fighting for, only that it is cool to be fighting for something. And that quote about us being the perpetrators of the same kind of violence.....ummmm, even though it would solve nothing, I would be lying if I didn't admit that it would give me great satisfaction to punch that person in the face. Never, and I mean never, have we ever had the specific goal of killing thousands of innocent people. Even in something as atrocious as Dresden, Germany, where we fire bombed a whole city, or Nagasaki or Hiroshima(self-explanatory), have we ever thought killing thousands of innocents would be fruitful.

No matter what anybody thought of Truman, I can guaran-damn-tee you he took several years off his life thinking about that shiat.
2001-09-15 10:30:47 PM  
pesonally, i don't care for rage against the machine. but i think what the statement was trying to say was this: now that we know how terrible this kind of thing is, we should make it clear that we don't approve of it, regardless of who the victims are. and i don't know how anyone can argue with that, although i know someone will.
2001-09-15 10:43:00 PM  
I liked rage's music but found that they were extrememly hypocrytical in there lyrics...I agree with Tom's statement...and no kkrankk he wasn't saying that. What he was saying was that Americans don't do it to other people...though sometimes we do...but that Americans are dumbed down to what is happening in other parts of the world and I completely agree with that. American children and American society in general has been raised in the manner that "if doesn't happen to you or around you then it isn't that important". Places and people all over the world and bombed and so forth all the time. I'm not saying that I'm not pissed about what happened 2 days ago. I'm extrememly pissed about it. What I am saying though is that this happens all over the world and we do, as a country, nothing about it. But all of the sudden we now declare war on terrorism? I agree with what we did, but why not sooner? Clinton definetly didn't help...but now that it happens to us we start doing stuff? All I'm saying is that Americans to open up there eyes to the rest of the world.
2001-09-15 11:06:30 PM  
you know, when I wrote that (RaM, 'insane') I thought I was being obviously silly. When I read it after your chastising, I realized it wasn't.

But hey, at least I bothered to read the article.
2001-09-15 11:12:08 PM  
Kkrankk, He isn't saying we do it to them, so we deserve it.

I read it more like 'this is terrible, no matter who causes it.'(my quotes, not his) and then a comment similar to 'this stuff has got to stop, including what we do' (again, my quotes not his)

"On Tuesday, the victims were American. But the horrible scenes that we've witnessed on TV this week are regular occurrences in other places around the globe. And too often, violence like this has been meted out by our own country and its client states. We should stand together against this type of violence in all its forms, whenever it happens, whether its done in the name of religious fanaticism, or in the names of our own domestic elite.
2001-09-15 11:43:08 PM  
You know what i think is funny. All the farking dumb
ass kids who run around wearing Che Guevara T-shirts.
They don't have a damn clue what the shiat it's about.
His face is on those T-shirts have made him one of the
biggest trends in the USA. I bet he's rolling over
in his grave. Stupid punk kids don't know what they
want. I poop on them. They need more homework or a
summer job. Teach them the REAL value of a dollar.
Spankings build character.
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