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(Mainichi Daily News)   Swimsuit store offers peephole viewing service into dressing rooms   ( divider line
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30426 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Mar 2003 at 8:08 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-07 08:12:02 AM  
In other news, Candlemart now offering gloryhole service.
2003-03-07 08:14:01 AM  
Right - I'm booking tickets to Japan now - Pervert's paradise
2003-03-07 08:15:28 AM  
Oh the comments this article is going to generate. This almost makes having to be awake Friday morning.
2003-03-07 08:15:49 AM  
Professional dressers. How nice.
2003-03-07 08:16:27 AM  
Dear sweet Lord.

She didn't want to be in the more sleazy kind of sex business, just the gloryhole kind.
2003-03-07 08:17:07 AM  
"Sometimes, the guy will get really excited and my face or hair gets covered with the fruits of his labors."

two things.... what sort of labor is He doing if SHE gives the handjob... and also, just why is her face and hair getting covered if its *just* a handjob?
2003-03-07 08:17:11 AM  
Huxman: I'm going with you.

*Goes back to surfing*
2003-03-07 08:17:50 AM  
Ashcroft: "Due to the perversions revealed in this article, I have asked President Bush to sign an executive order to ban Japan. The bombing begins in five minutes."
2003-03-07 08:21:57 AM  
ya know, everything we invent here in the US gets done cheaper and more efficient in Japan...

/packin' my bags
2003-03-07 08:22:14 AM  
Gentlemen, Gentlemen, Gentlemen...everyone Knows that Pattaya beach is perverts paradise! Check it out in google...ITS the Bizomb yo!
2003-03-07 08:23:09 AM  
god bless Mainichi News...

if I'm ever feeling like America is farked, I can just read WaiWai and realize that other nations are far more farked up.
2003-03-07 08:23:37 AM  
For the true perverts, there's a Western Sizzlin' with glory holes just outside the salad bar.."Just look at the way she spreads her croutons..."
2003-03-07 08:24:00 AM  
Japanese like something more sneaky, like.. Pearl Harbor
2003-03-07 08:25:01 AM  
FAKE swimsuit store, that is. I figured, given that it's in mainichi, that it was an actual store. How disappointing.
2003-03-07 08:25:50 AM  
Holy crap Blackneto

2003-03-07 08:25:56 AM  
I'd have to agree with Cretzal. We stopped there while I was in the Navy and wow you could buy anything there. By the way, prostitution is illegal there...unless you pay the proper bribes.
2003-03-07 08:26:21 AM  
GloryHoles and Changeroom voyerism together at last....????

So she didn;t want to get felt up but taking a money shot on her face is ok? only in japan....

soooo. anyone know how much a flight to tokyo would cost :P
2003-03-07 08:26:45 AM  
SuicidalGoat, some guys can go the distance....
2003-03-07 08:26:58 AM  
That last bit about the fruits of his labors was so matter-of-fact, I almost fell out of my chair. I am so there.
2003-03-07 08:27:47 AM  
"Japanese like something more sneaky, like.. Pearl Harbor"

Or in this womans case... Pearl Necklace
2003-03-07 08:28:53 AM  
Hey there Stevarooni You should know about the soapies then, ne? I'd buy that for a dollar! And I aint lying!!! WWEEEEE GOD BLESS THAILAND!
2003-03-07 08:31:31 AM  
Does anything normal ever happen in Japan? Judging by links like these, everyone there spends their time buying schoolgirls knickers, drawing tentacle rape hentai, frequenting underage prostitutes or ejaculating over pretend swimsuit shoppers.
2003-03-07 08:31:49 AM  
off topic... put up weener links... I love the weeners
2003-03-07 08:32:39 AM  
"As Michelle is a peep box, the woman on show gives no inkling of being aware that customers are leering at her. "


In other news, my high school bathrooms had a peephole that was actually in the design. A vented hole at the top of the girls, that peeked directly into a stall. Sick pervert contractor farks.
2003-03-07 08:33:04 AM  
The women there are waaaaay to emotional...I should know cause I got one....but then again...thats not really answering your question...

//goes back to reading more tentacle porn hentai
2003-03-07 08:33:10 AM  
Any pics?
2003-03-07 08:33:22 AM  
Suze The description of one poking at you through a "doggy door" doesn't do it for ya?
2003-03-07 08:33:34 AM  
yes SuzeQ320 there has been a lack of weeners lately!
2003-03-07 08:36:04 AM  
In other news, my high school bathrooms had a peephole that was actually in the design. A vented hole at the top of the girls, that peeked directly into a stall. Sick pervert contractor farks.

...and you know this because? ;)
2003-03-07 08:37:43 AM  
would you see on of these?

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-07 08:38:34 AM  
I see nothing...
2003-03-07 08:38:37 AM  
damn check out the unit on that guy..... hhehe
2003-03-07 08:39:38 AM  
I really hope that's not safe for work... In other news there seems to be lots of ninjas here...
2003-03-07 08:39:43 AM  
jeebus chrimmus Ninja_Pancakes thats the last thing i want to see at 5:30am whilst lit on martinis!!
2003-03-07 08:39:50 AM  
Seriously, when is the official unveiling of the "Japan" tag?
2003-03-07 08:41:26 AM  
Or one of these?

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-07 08:41:51 AM  
Thanks Ninja_Pancakes...I may never sleep again
2003-03-07 08:43:03 AM  
I surrender, you are the truely evil ninja, Pancake. YUK
2003-03-07 08:43:55 AM  
BTW, my sweet and inocent sister sent me those photos. I think she hates me.
2003-03-07 08:45:06 AM  
"innocent" sister... yeah right.
2003-03-07 08:45:21 AM  
In other news, Aarkieboys secret image store has been desecrated
2003-03-07 08:45:30 AM  
What the fark is Ninja_Pancakes showing? I seee nothing!11 >_<
2003-03-07 08:46:11 AM  
Human evolution has stopped.
2003-03-07 08:46:36 AM  
03-07-03 08:45:30 AM Cretzal
What the fark is Ninja_Pancakes showing? I seee nothing!11 >_

Praise the lord then ,)
2003-03-07 08:46:50 AM  

Me and her both :)
2003-03-07 08:46:54 AM  
I have to admit, I read the article without a whit of suprise or astonishment. They certainly have some....eclectic tastes in the Far East...
2003-03-07 08:47:08 AM  
Did any one read the links on the left hand column? Here are just a few samples. How did the NY times miss these articles?

No sex please, we're family

Moral decline sees increase in child abuse, mothers sleeping with sons

Masturbation diddling with married life

Broker's arrest offers peep into white sex slave trade

Sex friends singing let's get physical

Exhibitionists to strip off inhibitions on invisible ferris wheel

Panty cam rides high-tech wave of success

Well-hung Swede shoots down gal's drive for sex queen crown

Bondage beginners shouldn't beat about the bush

Old fellas savor the ins and outs of a porno actor

Holes in the Net blamed for surge in suicides

Sucking away for huge hooters in the land of itty bitty titty

Ranny floss inflation bums out buyers scraping by

Stuffing hits the fan in Hello Kitty spatter

Schoolgirls selling panties open avenue of danger

Louis' leathers lure lasses into luxurious lunacy
2003-03-07 08:47:58 AM  
2003-03-07 08:48:11 AM  
It cant be THAT bad...I mean...I have seen ye'ol spewing whole (tubgirl) and ye'ol gaping anus (Goatc.exs man) so how worse could it actually be?
2003-03-07 08:48:19 AM  
Haha, I have to go read those ASAP
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